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So simple yet so wonderful Perfectly captures a dog s point of view. The beagle s name, I find out from the book s website, is Georgie And the little girl in the blue jumper is Grace A is for apple pie, and B C and D are the verbs Grace uses to bake it, cool it, and dish it out After that, it s all Georgie, finding a crumb on the floor and then obsessing over that fat pie, plotting and pining in a realistically single minded puppy way Alison Murray s text is cool and simple and perky, getting around the tricky letters so smartly that I had to go back and look what did she do about X Full review on Pink Me [Download E-pub] ⚇ Apple Pie ABC ♐ When An Apple Pie Arrives Piping Hot On The Kitchen Table, A Little Pup Does Everything From A To Z To Get His Paws On It He Ogles It He Pines For It But Will His ABC Antics Land Him A Slice APPLE PIE ABC Is A Delicious Twist On Traditional Verse Brought To Life By Alison Murray S Simple Words And Whimsical Illustrations Sure To Delight Readers Of All Ages, It S A Book To Savor Again And Again A small black and white dog desperately wants a piece of apple pie in this alphabetical story It all starts with a girl making A for apple pie and a happily sleeping dog But as soon as the pie is in the oven with B for bake it, the dog is very interested in the pie Then the pie must C for cool it and D for dish it out Though the girl gets to eat some pie, the dog must make due with just a crumb But after that one delicious crumb, he just can t stop thinking about eating pie This cheery picture book mixes the alphabet with an alphabetical storyline robust than in other books that try this technique Readers will love the many ways the dog tries to get pie and then the very satisfying and delicious conclusion.Murray has created a book that really works the alphabet into the story Even without the alphabet as part of the book, this story and the writing would stand on its own That s something that can rarely be said about an alphabet picture book The writing is kept very simple and solid.Murray s illustrations are a treat in this book They have a natural, old fashioned quality to them that makes the book warm and inviting Add the apple pie element, and you have a book that feels like a classic picture book yet still has a modern perspective too.A delight of a picture book that will satisfy yet leave young readers eager for seconds Appropriate for ages 2 4. Just when I was thinking, who really needs another alphabet book I picked up this delightful read A stalwart review of the letters of the alphabet accentuates a gleeful plot line with both simple text and illustration each adding to the fun about one character s dogged determination to get some apple pie An impressive picture book and quite a lot of fun. I grew up with the Kate Greenaway book so I was predisposed to like this one too The illustrations are charming, the block print feel of the pictures gives this version its own old fashioned flavor Lots of great details, like the dog s tail twirling in a circle of anticipation before he makes a break for the pie. What a fun, inventive addition to ABC books I love how each letter helped tell the story of the little dog s attempts to eat an apple pie Nice change of pace from each letter simply describing an object, for example The illustrations are cute as can be Thank you, Professor Nana, for recommending this ABC book The illustrations have a classic feel and draw upon the pacing of the alphabet to tell the story of a dog who tries to be good But who can be good when their is hot baked apple pie so near and so accessible. 7 5 18 Read with Naomi Julia. Title Apple Pie ABCAuthor Alison MurrayGenre Alphabet ABC BookTheme s Alphabet, DogOpening line sentence A apple pie Brief Book Summary Apple Pie ABC is an alphabet book about a little black and white dog begging for a piece of freshly baked apple pie Once the dog has a crumb of the pie, he cannot stop thinking about it Eventually he succeeds in getting the pie and he eats so much that it puts him to sleep Professional Recommendation Review 1 CCBC Cooperative Children s Book Center Choices, 2012 It s unusual to find an alphabet book that tells a good story, but together the narrative and artful illustrations in Alison Murray s picture book do just that Murray s stylized prints, in a subdued but striking palette of red, orange, and blue with splashes of yellow, black, and white on cream, show a small girl making an apple pie, and her small black and white dog, who longs for a bit, a bite, or every last crumb Each alphabet letter is presented like a quilt block on a page in which the narrative details the dog s continuing quest for the coveted pie with a significant word or phrase that starts with the letter featured When the pie is done, the dog must L leave without it but later is Q quietly determined to return Y yum yum Z zzzzzzzzz go to sleep and dream of it Terrific word choice in the brief text, and delightful images of the dog in action and his interactions with the often admonishing girl, add to the fun of this handsomely designed, appealing volume Honor Book, 2012 Charlotte Zolotow Award CCBC Category Concept Books 2011, Disney Hyperion, 24 pages, 16.99 Ages 2 5 PUBLISHER Disney Hyperion Books New York , PUBLISHED 2011 Professional Recommendation Review 2 Janice DeLong Children s Literature With letters large enough to be seen by a group and white space aplenty to encourage focus, Murray presents her story through letters and simple phrases following the chronological order of the alphabet A smiling young lady and her mischievous dog are introduced on the first page as the child is shaking delectable cinnamon on the about to be baked crust of an inviting apple pie As the letters progress through B, C and D, child and pet watch the baking dessert with anticipation However, our little cook has a different idea about the end result than her pet does Leaving the aromatic dish to cool proves to be the undoing of both dog and pie almost Just in time, the child returns and prevents a catastrophe at the paws of her four legged friend At this point in the story, a teacher, parent, or librarian might introduce foreshadowing and prediction by having the young audience guess whether or not the dog will get a piece of pie Although there are some words such as miserable, ogle, determined, and underneath that will be beyond the reading level of beginners, the context and vivid illustrations provide ample opportunity for well informed guessing In this reviewer s experience, the ending is a bit unrealistic, but it does provide fertile ground for discussion Of course, this title begs for a treat of apple pie to be baked as a delicious culminating activity to the shared read 2011 orig 2010 , Disney Hyperion Disney Book Group, 16.99 Ages 2 to 6 PUBLISHER Disney Hyperion Books New York , PUBLISHED 2011 c2010 Response to Two Professional Reviews Both reviews discuss the illustrations and how they are simple enough to keep children interested They discuss also discuss how the mischievous little dog brings humor to story Overall, I agree with each of the reviewers I feel that they did an accurate job describing how the text flows yet at times can be a little above the age level for potential readers Evaluation of Literary Elements The simplicity of this book makes it very reader friendly for children of all ages It uses each letter of the alphabet to describe the feelings of the dog toward the apple pie While some of the words will be above the age level of the readers, it will expand their vocabulary Those who have dogs will be able to relate to the mischief that the dog goes through for the pie Consideration of Instructional Application This book would be ideal for preschool or kindergarten classroom Students could practice prediction as they read through the story thinking about what the dog is going to do next Once they read the story, the class could recreate the book by writing the letters and drawing pictures to describe the letter.