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Crum, S 2011 MineNew York Alfred A Knopf Starred Review Publishers Weekly 2011 Starred Review Kirkus Reviews 2011 Starred Review School Library Journal 2011 School Library Journal, Best Books of the Year, 2011 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award winner, 2012.Wordless.This is an adorable little book as far as wordless books go, but I am biased to books with only pictures I personally am just not a fan However, this story clearly illustrates a young child acting out because she thinks absolutely everything is hers It s cute to see the child throw tantrums and make a mess, then to end up being on the receiving end when her younger sibling starts to behave the very same way This book could be used to discuss sharing and getting along with pre k and first grade students Very nicely illustrated This one I don t think went over so well during story time They sat and they listened as I tried to narrate this nearly wordless picture book about a set of toddlers and a dog learning how to share The pictures were too soft and pastel and insubstantial and I think everyone was just a little lost by the plot, as in so what that the dog and babies were playing with toys and romping in the water bowl I don t think it was the favorite of the night Probably much better received if read one on one. Very cute, very funny book about sharing or not and first friends I love that we are down on the floor with the toddlers and only see the adults from the knees down. this is so cute This is a book I ve been meaning to review for a while I first read it as a hardcover picture book and fell in love with it I recently got the board book as well, and fell in love with it all over again.In Mine, a toddler who has trouble with sharing learns not only to share, but to make friends with both the baby and the dog.This delightful picture book is almost wordless the only two words that appear are mine and woof from the dog.Shutta captured the childlike joy of play and copying something silly such as dropping toys into the dog s water bowl and enjoying the splash, after the dog did that first , as well as the desire to have something be your own I love how Shutta shows the natural openness and kindness of children who haven t been hurt.Patrice Barton s style is warm and soft, almost fuzzy, reminiscent of Shirley Hughes She captures the emotions of the two children and the dog so beautifully, with expressive faces and body language The illustrations look like watercolor, gouache, and pencil, with shadow grounding the characters and the toys on the ground, and lines to show motion like throwing a toy A cute, expressive little dog appears in almost every image, and will be fun for little readers to see what she he is up to.There is such a lovely sense of play and fun in this book, and the ending is sweet and heartwarming It may encourage co operation, friendship, and play Highly recommended. In Mine , a nearly wordless picture book by Shutta Crum and Patrice Barton, two small children and a puppy try learning to share The story begins on the end papers, as two adults, unseen from the waist up, bring the little ones, a baby who does not yet walk and a slightly older toddler, to a pile of toys, inviting them to play together The dog sits scratching his ear beside his water bowl a short distance away Though there is a lot of action to come, everything involved in the story appears in this very first image, which sets us up for the scenes that follow.After the title page, the older child begins staking her claim on the toys Mine, mine, mine, she says, as she snatches up each of them The baby and the dog each get a hold on something, though, and begin to wreak havoc While the dog chews a ball, the baby throws a star fish shaped stuffed toy across the room into the dog s water dish The toddler is upset at first, but changes her tune quickly when she realizes the fun of dumping all the toys in the dog dish By the end of the story, both kids are soaked, as are the toys, but they have become friends and learned that sharing doubles the fun of a playdate.I think the great thing about this book is that kids who can talk can tell the entire story themselves, without any help from an adult Everything they see in the illustrations is something they can likely name, and the story is something they can relate to, so it would be easy for them to put their own words to the pictures The facial expressions and body movements of both the children in the story also make for some laugh out loud funny moments, and really portray all the mischief and movement of little kids on the go. For a book that only has two words, Mine is a delightful telling of two siblings, their dog, and an argument over their toys Of the two words, I bet you can t figure out which one plays an important role in the story Insert grin here It s a tale as old as time Sharing It isn t easy, it isn t fun, but we all must do it In this tale by Shutta Crum, two siblings have to learn this lesson the hard way When the baby reaches for a toy, the toddler grabs it away and tells him, Mine The scene is repeated throughout the story until, as all good stories do, the story ends with a happy endingthe knowledge that sometimes sharing can be fun A simple story, yet stunningly crafted, Mine is a great story for toddlers It relates to children in an easy to understand, truly elemental way One of my favorite illustrators out there, Patrice Barton, who is an amazing artist, brings the story to life I thought it was adorable and can t wait to share it with the kids this summer at my library.Book DetailsPublisher Knopf Books for Young ReadersDate of Publication June 14, 2011 of Pages 32ISBN 978 0375867118Originally published on Two young children are playing with toys The older, a little boy, begins collecting the toys as he informs the other child, which I am to assume is his baby sister, that those toys belong to him The little boy even takes the ball away from the dog and exclaims Mine Eventually a stray toy makes it s way into the hands of the baby sister who gives the toy a toss It lands directly into the dog s water bowl The little boy witnesses this and a moment later, dumps all the toys into the water dish By the end of the story, both the children and the dog are rolling around, having a good time sharing and playing with the toys.The illustrations by Patrice Barton are nicely drawn and clearly depict the action and events of this story that contains only one word mine The reader can immediately sense what the book in trying to convey This is a good book for young children who are beginning to read and may help in teaching the concept of sharing. The lively, humorous illustrations digital pencil sketches carry the story in this nearly wordless picture book The two toddlers and the puppy in the story have a wonderful time, and you will, too. ^READ EPUB ✐ Mine! ⇬ Have You Ever Had A Toy You Really Really Liked Have You Ever Had A Lot Of Toys You Really Really Liked Have You Ever Said MINE If So, This Book Is For You Enjoy This Adorable, Playful, Picture Based Book About Two Very Young Children And An Adorable Dog Navigating The Troubles And Triumphs Of Sharing