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I liked it quite a bit, but the end was a bit too pat and rushed. Although she claims her life is not a fairytale, the ending was rather Disneyesque. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I was hoping given the setting. The idea of a child knowing only the world of a Thai womens' prison being suddenly sent out into an unfamiliar world was intriguing. I did enjoy the characters and the writing, but I think the world of the story was the big problem for me. For a start, I don't know a lot about Thai prisons but I don't imagine they are particularly nice places, but everyone in this prison was helpful, kind and extremely honest, both inmates and wardens. The plot relied a lot on coincidence and the ending is wrapped up extremely neatly. (and with an awful lot of forgiveness on the part of the Grandmother). But I did like the character of LuchiAnn and the idea of her confusion at feeling Thai but looking American. I just think the story and supporting characters could have been thought out a little better. I LOVE this!!!!! It’s so good. Anyway, I thought it was so interesting and I never got bored, some of the parts you get really exciting. The end wraps up perfectly. A. J. Paquette, PLEASE write a sequel! This is one of the best books EVER! 5/5 stars! It's nice to read a young adult novel that isn't full of teen angst. I rather enjoyed this book. I LOVE this book!!! This is an amazing story about a girl who grew up in a woman’s prison, in Thailand, but when her mom dies it is time for Luchi Ann to discover the world. This is a book you can read over and over. There is the right amount of mystery and adventure. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a great story!!! Nowhere girls is a modern fairy tale full of adventure and mystery. It begins in the faroff land of Thailand about an American girl born and raised in a Thai prison. The actual prisoner, her mother, has died and now Luchi is set free on a quest to find out who she is and where she belongs. In the mix with the fear of the unknown world and how to navigate is her need to tread carefully because she must keep herself and her mother's secrets safe. Set free from the prison, so much is a new experience: living without bars, riding in a car, meeting new people, experiencing a river, making a purchase, spending money, riding an escalator or elevator, the feel of air conditioning, the use of a computer and phone, and much more. With very few clues she begins to unravel who she is and where she belongs. She is mature and serious beyond her 13 years, yet she is as innocent and naive as a small child. it is easy to relate to her desire to shed her past and reinvent herself. She learns that denying who she is exacerbates dangers and takes her further away from solving the mystery of who her father is, what her mother feared and hid from, and how to find her family. As she travels, seeking her place of belonging, clues slowly lead her toward her future. This delightful tale gracefully interweaves the language of Thai culture and etiquette and is chock full of moral lessons and insights into life. It is divided into three parts: Departure, Deliverance, Discovery. Beautifully written with a heroine who will stick with the reader long after the last page is turned. A.J. Paquette does an excellent job of weaving a story about a young girl who grows up in a Thai prison where mother is being held. When her mother dies, Luchi must find her way to America where she has heard she might have some relatives. The simple story of return is marked with the unique voice of a young girl who is sensitive and kind and discovering her way in the world. A beautiful, tender book. I really wanted to like this bookthe story started with an interesting (if a bit unbelievable)premiseand one of my daughters is Thai. But I was continually frustrated by the small miracles that kept saving the heroine. Yes, she was chased by someone with a hypodermic needle. (Chasing hersure. But where'd the needle come from? He was driving down the highway.) Although she'd lived for 13 years in prison, seldom seeing the outside world, she was more aware of the dangers in that world than most 13yearolds ... but only when the plot demanded. She showed all the money she had (which no one stole during the 13 years her mother had been in prison? Come on!) to two people and, of course, one stole it. She managed to stow away on a tankerand she wasn't raped or imprisonedinstead, because of a chance encounter she ended up in a large stateroom.(Where no one thought to ask her if she had a passport? Of course, all stowaways carry passports ...) And the ending was the miracle of all miraclesfrom being alone in the world she ends up with a caring grandmother and a (reformed within a day) caring grandfather. Who, by the way, is rich. The scenes of Thailand, although brief, were good. But the plot .... I'm sorry. Unbelievable. In so many ways.