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EBOOK ⚧ Batman: The Long Halloween â Taking Place During Batman S Early Days Of Crime Fighting, This New Edition Of The Classic Mystery Tells The Story Of A Mysterious Killer Who Murders His Prey Only On Holidays Working With District Attorney Harvey Dent And Lieutenant James Gordon, Batman Races Against The Clock As He Tries To Discover Who Holiday Is Before He Claims His Next Victim Each Month A Mystery That Has The Reader Continually Guessing The Identity Of The Killer, This Story Also Ties Into The Events That Transform Harvey Dent Into Batman S Deadly Enemy, Two Face Well, this is a rarity.I honestly can t remember the last time I re read a book Granted, this was a graphic novel, which is generally a quick read anyhow, but usually my cup overfloweth with new reads leaving me with little interest in re reading stuff Back in August when I was scheduling my reads for October a.k.a spooky book month , I was perusing my shelf for some frightening fiction when I came across Batman The Long Halloween Given that I haven t read this one in about eleven years, I figured it was time to revisit my at the time favorite Batman story.Over the course of one year, beginning on Halloween night, the story follows a new serial killer in Gotham dubbed Holiday He or she has been murdering those connected to the Falcone crime family and true to his or her name, is doing so only on holidays Batman, District Attorney Harvey Dent and Police Commissioner James Gordon form a trio with the goal of catching the crazed killer.After the urging of editor Archie Goodwin, Loeb and Sale picked up where Frank Miller left off with Batman Year One telling the origin story of one of Batman s most infamous adversaries, Two Face The story of Harvey Dent will always be a tragic one and while I ultimately prefer Christopher Nolan s version within the 2008 film The Dark Knight, it is clear Nolan borrowed heavily from this story there are even panels that could be storyboards for the movie.I really love this story The art is gorgeous given its dark and moody presentation and the writing is some of the best I ve seen in my experience reading The Caped Crusader It s good to know that nearly eleven years after I first read the book, it still holds up as my favorite Batman story There were rumblings that in 2019, we could see the release of the long awaited animated adaptation, but it doesn t look like it s on the table for next year Here s hoping we get it soon then again, you could just watch The Dark Knight DC may not get the live action films right, but they rarely go wrong when it comes to the animated division. I believe in Gotham City The Long Halloween deserves its hype It s a classic Batman story and belongs among the greatest like Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Killing Joke I have to say, this is probably Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale s best work Loeb s writing is incredible It definitely draws from Frank Miller s Batman Year One with its sense of noir, crime drama, mystery, and the addition of light horror But largely The Long Halloween is, as the cover blurb says, an epic tragedy Because we see Batman and Captain Jim Gordon fail, and most of all, District Attorney Harvey Dent descend into hell and madness The story itself follows the serial killer Holiday and the tangled web of the Maroni and Falcone crime families What s most fascinating and tragic is to watch Bats, Gordon, and Dent affected and irrevocably changed by Holiday and the destructive mafia war.Like Loeb s writing, Tim Sale s artwork here is the best I ve ever seen I really believe he draws Batman and his world better than anything else Dark, angular, gritty, dramatic Deep colors and brilliant use of light Some of the rare artwork I d love to have framed on my wall There s also a fantastic visual contrast between Bruce Wayne and Batman Bruce, although big and tall, is similar to Clark Kent Amorphous and stoic, or emotionally haunted by his past as we see in one scene Batman, however, is this gigantic looming figure with long sharp ears and sprawling cape, rippling muscles, growl and scowl He s monster than man, and it s brilliant to see This is in my top 5 favorite Batman stories It s also one of the subtlest, a sort of cousin to Batman Year One, with the addition of mystery and some horror The story is riveting, the dialog is solid, and the artwork is incredible If you re new to Batman or a longtime fan, you have to check this out. Batman Me What 3 stars is good It was way better than sucky bookBatman Me For reals Bats Are we going to go there This book had some draggy parts that bored me, but it did have Poison Ivy, The Riddler, The Joker, Catwoman and The Scarecrow..so it had some good stuffbut what the hell was with Soloman Grundy He had no place in the frigging book Plus the art made you look hot.Batman Me Now you are gonna grope me Me I could go for that Batman image removed censored Me Ok weirdoAre you really my husband in disguise If I met anyone that had never read a Batman book, this is probably the one I would recommend This is the quintessential Batman story The volume revolves around mobsters being murdered on each holiday and takes place early in Batman s career It s a vehicle for Harvey Dent s transition from Gotham City district attorney to Two Face Dent along with Captain Gordon and Bats puts Detective back in DC comics attempt to figure out who s the killer.It features most of Batman s rogue s gallery where the heck did Solomon Grundy come from before they went super mega villain In this respect, it shares the same vibe as Batman The Animated Series relatively simple stories sans other superheroes, aliens, Omega Sanctions, etc.