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Love the illustrations but don t love the story and a few of the author s word choices After reading it to 2 classes today, I m changing my rating to a little bit higher I think I was afraid children would be afraid by some things in the book, but only about 3 kids all 1st graders said they were afraid out of about 45 students. Frangoline and the Midnight Dream by Clemency PearcePearce, C 2011 Frangoline and the Midnight Dream Chicken House, an imprint of Scholastic.Audience Children 4 Frangoline is a good girl all throughout the day, but when nighttime comes, she sneaks out of her bedroom and into the outside world to explore Despite many warnings and opportunities to turn around and go back to her room safe and sound, she continues to run wild But, before she knows it it s no longer fun and games as she faces her biggest and scariest challenge yet Will she safely make it home Or will she be taken by the creatures of the night Class Activity This story incorporates multiple Halloween elements What with the dark, spooky illustrations like eyes poking out of darkness, crows, bats, owls, jack o lanterns, black cats, rats, a graveyard, a full moon, ghouls, ghosts, and skeletons, the creative activities are endless Learning traditional Halloween themes by reading this book as an introduction provides a wonderful foundation for discussing the different elements in the book that make it spooky Building off of that discussion, students can engage in individual projects to make their favorite Halloween character out of construction paper, googly eyes, etc and present in what ways their character is spooky. #Free Pdf æ Frangoline and the Midnight Dream Ö Good Girl Gone Bad An Adorably Dark Picture Book About The Naughty Midnight Exploits Of An Impish Litttle GirlDuring The Day, Frangoline S A Perfect Little Angel But In The Darkest Shadows Of Night, When All Good Children Are Sleeping Tight, This Little Imp Dons Her Jet Black Cape And Makes A Break For It Out The Window, Across The Grass, Screeching Like A Banshee, Twirling Like A Dervish The Worried Moon Looks Down, Warning, Little Ones Should Be In Bed You Can T Tell Me What To Do I M Frangoline She Says But When Frangoline S Dancing Antics Wake The Dead And They Chase Her To The Tippy Top Of The Church Steeple, How Will She Escape And Will She Learn Her Lesson For Every Parent Who Has Faced A Fight At Bedtime, And For Every Child Just Beginning To Assert Her Independence, This Is An Adorably Dark Storybook About A Sweet But Wicked Girl The Perfect Rhyming Halloween Read For All The Little Angels With A Little Devil Inside Frangoline is a girl who is good during the day but loves to sneak out of her bedroom at night to explore the world and the creatures in it As Frangoline runs wild, the wise moon looks on, reminding her that children should be in bed at night, not out having adventures But Frangoline does not heed the moon s advice, instead doing as she pleases Unfortunately, her nighttime fun wakes the dead, who come crawling out to see what all the noise is about Suddenly being outside in the dark isn t so fun and Frangoline longs to be in her safe bed Will she escape the dark creatures of the night You ll have to read it to find out.Frangoline and the Midnight Dream is a sweet little picture book that would be perfect to read during Halloween With charming illustrations and a fun, rhyming story, children and adults alike will have a good time following Frangoline on her midnight adventure Pearce s word play and use of rhyme gives the story a great flow and it almost seems to bounce along the page with Frangoline Though I enjoyed the story, the illustrations were my favorite part They are super cute and a little dark but in a non scary way This might be a good book for the child that likes to avoid bedtime It also stands alone as a fun read If you like your picture books a little spooky, definitely pick up Frangoline and the Midnight Dream. Review via Cracking the Cover Frangoline and the Midnight Dream evokes that spooky feeling people get a hankering for this time of year There s just the right amount of darkness here without it being too scary Much like the children who will be reading her taleFrangoline is impish and stubborn and cute all at once.Rhythmical text gives Frangoline s story a bouncing feel that helps tie it into humorous and exciting illustrations It s the perfect treat for your own little ghost or goblin. This is cute Halloween read with some charming illustrations that both my kids and I enjoyed reading It s about a little girl who s really good during the day and at night after midnight she becomes opposite of what she s like during the day One night on Halloween, she doesn t listen to the warnings the moon keeps giving her about the choices her makes and she ends up learning her lesson, at least for that night It s not that she s bad, she s just a bit adventurous and wants to do whatever she wants It s appealing rhyming words, engaging illustrations and that fun, exciting Halloween feel the story has, make this a book I d recommend picking up for Halloween. Anna and I read this in the library Pearce plays with language, mostly rhyme and creates a vivid picture of a child who is strong and confidentto a certain point I thought the point where Frangoline becomes a less confident in her night time escapade beyond her bedroom window was a little too quick and easy given how confident she s been so far.The real pleasure in reading this book was the illustrationsNot sure it s a book I d read in schoolmight beappropriate for reading with parentsgeared towards bedtime theme I saw Rebecca Elliot speaking at the Federation of Children s Book groups, conference and since I didn t win an original piece of her artwork in an auction, I did the next best thing and bought a book she d illustrated This is a rhyming book about a little girl who is always good and neat until midnight strikes and she puts on a velvet cape and goes outside, causing havoc This would be a wonderful book to read aloud to children, 4 It s a lovely wish fulfilment book for children, and the illustrations are beautiful I loved it. Sassy Frangoline slips on her cape and heads out into the night Perages 3 5 Recommended return return Frangoline is a cute, little red head who is a good girl during the day Then when it s bedtime, Frangoline does not want to go to bed She becomes naughty and will do exactly as I please The moon is worried about her, but Frangoline says she will be fine During her nighttime antics she disrupts, the owls, nighttime creatures skunks, bears, rats, etc and Frangoline is not afraid of any of them Then as she gets to the cemetery, she wakes up the ghouls and then truly becomes scared Frangoline knows she has gone too far She is truly sorry and promises to go to bed and be good at least until tomorrow night return return While this story seems to be about bedtime preschoolers and parents will be able to relate It had a decidedly gothic vibe to it and will be a perfect book for October It is not necessarily a Halloween book, but it does have ghosts, ghouls, pumpkins and bats The moon is a full moon and the colors lean heavily towards purple, black and dark blue Frangoline stands out on all the pages because she has bright red hair One review said the font was distracting, but I think it reflects a crazy, scary nighttime mood Having read it, I think it s cute and it fits the gothic mood Frangoline is a little bit naughty, but she is a brave girl return return I would put this book on a Fall or Halloween display for preschool 1st grade students I don t think emerging readers would be able to read all the words, but it would make for a good read aloud either from parents or teachers After story time crafts could include making paper moons, pumpkins, bats or Frangoline herself as she wears a cape and has bright red hair It also sets a bedtime mood There is an AR quiz for those students who want to take one It would also be a good book to illustrate the concept of fiction for those students having their first book genre lessons.