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I received a copy of this for free via Goodreads First Reads. I got this book in the giveaway through Goodreads First Reads I was not obligated nor paid to write a review The author signed it and sent a matching bookmark along with the book, which was very nice I absolutely loved the story It is unique in every way, which is incredibly hard to find nowadays There is an ongoing suspense throughout the book that keeps you interested, and the world and concepts built are very well done.I was not crazy about the characters A lot of the main characters act childish to the point of being annoying, so you end up not caring very much about the characters as much as the story The only characters I felt a connection with were Mana, who came off as a general badass, and Neil, who sort of shined towards the second half of the book Everyone else just seemed immature.Another thing, I was not aware when I started reading this that it is book 1 of a series While that in itself is okay, there seemed to be no closure at all I understand that there is a continuation coming in the next book, but I still believe each book should have rising action, climax, and conclusion For this book it was of an anticlimax and no conclusion If this was done, I would happily give this 5 stars. The book follows Marian after her father has died and new guardians take over her home and her fathers business They are some shady characters and Marian is out to figure out what is going on Two other main characters are introduced fairly early, Simon the son of the guardians and Neil his poor friend All great characters and I liked the story, but I was a bit disappointed with the second half of the book because while it had been following the young girl during the transition of new guardians taking over her home and her father s business, the second half there was a great split in terms of the story and where the characters were going I understand the intended connection, but it didn t entirely work for me Following Neil was interesting and there was a whole new set of characters to meet, but the way things were written it felt a bit disjointed I m thinking the second book will pick up with Marian and Simon after they were kidnapped And if that be the case it would feel to me that things would have made sense being split within the same book For instance every other chapter or so split between the two story lines I ll continue with the story either way because I am curious to see where things go There isn t a great ending It just sort of stops The extra chapters may help, but I ll get to that with the actual book.This was another free book from I was very impressed to not have found an error until after that point Being a free book, I have come to expect a few errors here and there, and this one has the least amount of errors I ve seen with ebooks Big plus As I write this the second book is also free, so I got that the other night Hoping it will wrap up some loose ends that were left hanging in the end of this book Another book that does not actually end at 100%, it was like 94% with a few bonus chapters from the next book Since I was able to snag the second book while it was free I didn t bother with reading them now. The Night Watchman Express kept me interested throughout the book This is the book that doubters of Indie publishing should read, it shows that there are Indie books which can be and are of a high quality In fact better than some main stream books I ve read What is it about Well it s a historical fantasy but not the sword and sorcery variety It is what I would call of a realistic fantasy The main character is an heiress whose life is turned upside down when her guardians come to stay Relegated to the attic, while her new aunt and uncle enjoy the trimmings her inheritance pays for, a governess suddenly appears who tames the wild creature the girl has become in her grief The guardians have an important project which depends on a hidden device This project has repercussions for not only the girl and their family but also a mysterious island The book poses a few questions, which are all satisfactorily explained through the book Who is the Governess Where did she come from What is the device the guardians are looking for What is the project The book is extremely well written and I truly cared about the characters The fact I glared at my husband when he stopped me reading to get my attention says it all When you read this book you will be drawn into a story that will melt reality away Go on buy it, you know you want to Ceri ClarkAuthor of Children of the Elementi The fast pacing of this book is immediately apparent in the opening chapters Miriam, a young girl from a wealthy family, is orphaned when her industrialist father dies Enter the Marchpanes, her assigned guardian and business partner of Miriam s father The Marchpanes, under the firm control of the vicious and witchy Mrs Marchpane, move into the mansion and immediately set out to gain control of the family money and company They get rid of Miriam by putting her in the Night Watchman Express, a mysterious train headed to a sinister place called Devil s Kitchen where kids are thrown into forced labor and become subjects of nefarious experiments The story is a mixture of fairy tale, mystery, and adventure story reminiscent of Nancy Drew and the Magic Tree House A good read for a young adult reader. A delightful story I must say I was wondering how I would enjoy this book Being friends with Alison I thought I had better like this book or else I don t know what I ll do What a pleasure to find that I not only enjoyed it but loved it.This story while it has a very unique mystery is character driven The focus being Miriam in the first half and Neil a minor character initially becomes the focus in part two The children are the central focus of the book while it s quite obvious the adults are up to no good Miriam s governess being an exception though she herself has many a secret I enjoyed the story very much Alison has a lovely writting style I found myself absorbed in the trials of the children waiting for when they d take the evil adults down I can t wait to read the two sequels Delicious and rich it reminds me of the classic children s books I used to mow through and still keep on my shelf for a comfort read Secret Garden and The Mysterious Island come to mind High adventure Peril If you need some steampunk in your life and are looking for a little Jules Verne or Jack London flavor, you ll really enjoy this book. WOO HOO Worth every minute of the wait Miriam s comfortable world is thrown into chaos when her father dies and his so called business partners, Virgil and Theodosia Marchpane move in and start to take over the mansion They ve brought along their spoiled son, Simon, and his friend of modest means, Neil Upon the horrid realization that Theodosia is intent on moving Miriam up to the attic and installing Simon in her room, is not going down without a fight She throws things, she curses, and is relegated to her room for days with only bread and water.Mysterious, steampunky elements appear twelve silver circles set in the stones near the shore, a seemingly magical night train that inspires strange dreams, and Miriam s own secret possession her old fashioned Crown Phoenix manual typewriter, which takes on a larger aura.Miriam overhears Virgil and Theodosia s whispered business dealings She reads their private papers and learns of shocking details The Marchpanes hate her snoopy ways and hire a governess to keep Miriam in line.Enter Manalapata Postulate, a character every bit as trippy as her name suggests As Miriam s new governess, she has a hypnotic hold on everyone for instance, the very racist Theodosia cannot recall saying yes to hiring Miss Postulate, who is the color of dark chocolate, yet Theodosia s signature s on the contract At first Miriam rails against her new governess, but soon Miss Postulate, or Mana, not only turns Miriam into a proper lady, she has also, to Theodosia s horror, charmed young Simon and Neil When Miriam asks Mana why she s being so nice, we wonder too Most everyone has a nefarious motivation that is big fun trying to figure out Miriam is much than she seems as well.Danger lurks, and finally, the kids learn that Mana has been taken Upon trying to rescue her, Simon and Miriam are whisked away on none other than the Night Train that inspires fearful dreams.Part two brings us to the island of Lampala where Miss Postulate grew up She s been kidnapped and Neil is determined to search her out and save her It is here that DeLuca crafts her most original setting and language, a testament to her vivid imagination and prowess as a storyteller Neil is charged with watching a native girl, even impossible than Miriam ever was, and the earlier plot is echoed in his own creative ways of bringing Riki around The serious task is to rescue Mana, who they find hanging in a cage off the edge of a cliff I admire DeLuca s quirky sense of adventure, and expertise at weaving together all of the mystifying threads without dropping any Her prose is gorgeous Tweens and middle graders will love this series, as well as teens and even adults I look forward to reading book 2. ^Ebook ⇰ The Night Watchman Express ⇲ An Underground Factory, A Terrifying Laboratory, And The Eerie Whistle Of The Night Watchman Express Miriam Has Only Her Guardians Son For Company, And She And Simon Dislike Each Other From The Start But They Must Find A Way To Trust Each Other, Or They Will End Up On The Sinister Night Watchman ExpressFull Of Danger, Suspense, Betrayal, And A Hint Of Romance, This Steampunk Adventure Is For Readers Of All Ages