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Look up the word horrid and the cove of this book is next to it, as in DO NOT READ IT It s useless, stupid, idiotic, screwed up and a waste of time I will not be reading any books in this series.FIRSTBeing a fan of all things angel I can certifiably say that this book does not represent anything angel what so ever The characters are poor, the story line is horrible, the chapters are too short and make almost no sense, and the writing in general is all wrong Absolutely everything is wrong with this book.SECONDI really can t tell who the bad guy is, the counts trying to kill her or her dad cos at some point I think it s her dad And who the hell is she in love with because I think she falls in love with any guy who bothered to look her way Unfaithful much she was really easy And what the hell was with her and the dead girl And is it just me or is it that she seems to have issues with everyone in the book at some point or the other And what type of a boyfriend is Logan because you want a book so bad you openly flirt and kiss another girl in front of your girlfriend That s just stupid an fifty levels.THIRDY all did read that she was an angel because I really thought I imagined that You can run really fast and are super strong, but at the first sign of danger you scream like a little girl Really I m really glad that she isn t a guardian angel, if she was yours, you re better of putting a gun to your head because you d be officially screwed.And LAST Was there really any suspense or action in this book I couldn t tell because it was like three pages then she got saved And then she goes on to feel all shaken up cos she was taken for a few minutes I read books where the heroine is tortured and almost killed and they don t do half the things she did when they escape Put her in a dipper and call her baby, that s what she is.even if you re bored and this is the last book on the planet, go watch some cartoons on T.V, at least you d know it s meant to have no plot and be completly stupid Be sure to beat up the friend who recomended this book to you p Ok so I am on the fifth book of this series and let me tell you granted by the other reviews yes the first book is a bit slow but stick with this series because the others are absolutely fantastic I can t believe people are complaining about this book I am really enjoying the series and I really don t want it to end The books are also fairly cheap and I think that the short chapters are good because when you finish one you instantly want to read another I understand for you angel lovers out there this book isn t that much about angels so if you think it is I suggest you read the book open mindedly because there isn t that much angel literature So if you are an open minded reader and want a different and unique read with a bit of romance then this series is definitely for you Also if you don t like the first book and don t want to read the rest then no harm done because the first book is FREE P.S Thank you Addison Moore for writing such an amazing collection of books READ EPUB ☪ Ethereal ♹ Sixteen Year Old, Skyla Messenger Is A Dead Girl Walking When Her Newly Remarried Mother Moves The Family To Paragon Island, To A House That Is Rud To Be Haunted, Skyla Finds Refuge In Logan Oliver, A Boy Who Shares Her Unique Ability To Read Minds Skyla Discovers Logan Holds The Answers To The Questions She S Been Looking For, But Logan S Reluctance To Give Her The Knowledge She Desires Leaves Her Believing Logan Has A Few Secrets Of His Own Skyla S Bloodlines May Just Be Connected To The Most Powerful Angelic Beings That Roam The Earth, And The She Knows, The Danger She Seems To Be In Suddenly An Entire Faction Of Earthbound Angels Wants Her Dead, At Least She Still Has Logan, Or Does She Do not read this book One of the worst book I ve ever read and that s saying something because I ve read awful books but this tops those books The reason I dislike this book so much was because it was plot less all the book was about Skyla thinking two guys are hot and not knowing which one hotter and which one she wants to sleep with All the characters ever thought about or talked about was sex having sex or thinking about having it.I seriously don t even know why the author tried to add a paranormal aspect to the book she should of just made it about stupid teenagers sleeping around and girls with low self esteem I Hate YA novels that focus 80% of the book about sex If I wanted to read about sex I would have read a Erotica or PR novel which have way better written plots and sex scene then what YA authors come up with PLEASE YA AUTHORS STOP FOCUSING ON THE RELATIONSHIP ASPECT OF A BOOK TO MUCH AND FOCUS MORE ON THE PLOT Another thing I disliked was that Skyla had no backbone she listened to everything Logan said and hanged around him like a dam puppy Idk about y all but I hate characters that come off needy and who need to constantally reasured that they are important and that they are loved by the MH main hero Bah waste of.99 centsP.S did not finish could only get 3 4 of the way done So if the book got better after 3 4 of reading it idk and I don t care MORE REVIEWShttp paranormalromancefanatic.blogs I think I m way too much of a cynic to read YA novels I just started to read Ethereal and I can tell it will have a bunch of cliches So far we have our heroine feeling an instant connection to a gorgeous, mysterious, rich guy She is a virgin and he used to be a player What s up with that Why do all heroines have to be virgins It s the 21st century and authors still keep sending the message that if a girl is not a virgin she is a slut Whatever Oh, and there is another gorgeous guy who probably likes her too so I m sure a love triangle will develop soon Again, why the need to add a love triangle Even with all these initial red flags I will give Ethereal a try because the writing is well done REVIEW UPDATE Nope I can t do it Besides the myriad of cliches in this book the plot doesn t make any sense People keeping secrets just for the sake of having a plot doesn t work for me There has to be a reason why the secret is being kept and I couldn t fathom why Skyla s father kept her heritage from her and I honestly don t feel like reading the rest of the book to find out Also Skyla s infatuation with Logan is just too annoying I find Ethereal too silly for me but I guess it s perfect for younger readers. Ethereal is a book that quickly establishes itself with vivid characters, snappy descriptions and pacing that holds the readers attention enough to keep turning pages The plot s supernatural aspects as well as mundane ones ensnared me so quickly I read half the book within two hours and finished it not long after Ethereal has an irreverent tone in both narration and dialogue that is entertaining to read while reaffirming Skyla s general disposition The tragedy and upheaval ingrained in her back story has left her surly, defiant and sarcastic in ways of coping with her unhappiness Skyla didn t strike me as an atypical teen in that respect and shared her frustration towards various situations that arose throughout the book.The supernatural premise that will fuel the series is introduced enough to make readers aware of what they can expect while leaving mysteries to be explored later on There s genuine appeal and novelty to the mythos that finds ways to distinguish itself from other series in a similar vein Already I m fascinated to see where the story is leading and what will come of the characters in it. This book was FREE for kindle on , and a colleague had recommended it to me based on the fact that I occasionally read YA fantasy romance Based on reading the book, I assume the reason they could offer it for such a reduced price is because it was written by a teenager and they didn t bother hiring an editor Disclaimer I have no idea if this is true this is merely based on the fact that the quality of writing in this book makes Stephanie Meyer look like William Shakespeare In addition to being a weird rip off of the Mortal Instruments Vampire Diaries Twilight and probably many other YA novels I haven t yet read the book is riddled with grammatical errors, full of plot inconsistencies, and is challenging to follow due to jerky, uneven writing The characters are pretty much 2 dimensional stereotypes, many of which are simply not believable Oh yes, and there are some randomly placed weirdly religious moral overtones woven throughout the plot score some points for Twilight.That said, I do confess to reading the whole book in 4 hours straight because I had to know how it ended I think if someone bothered to do a second draft of this where they polished up the writing, filled in the plot holes, gave the characters depth, and changed some of the details a bit so that it didn t so closely resemble YA fan fic, this would have the potential to be a decent book The steaminess is there, the super powers are cool, and they hint at a deeper mythology and some good over arching story lines mysteries Doubtful this will happen, however, since apparently in its current, shoddy draft format, it has already been developed into an 8 book series Synopsis with mild spoilers ahead In this book a girl named Skyla Messenger nope, not making this up moves to Forks a small rainy town in Washington state Elena Gilbert Skyla, is blonde and very beautiful She is invited to join the high school cheerleading squad without so much as a tryout and then is picked on by a trio of jealous mean girls due to the fact that she immediately catches the attention of both Salvatore brothers blond haired Logan and dark haired, brooding Gage Oliver cousins who live together like brothers Let it also be noted that Damon Salvatore Gage has a large black raven at his command who often spies on Elena Skyla Skyla falls in love at first sight with Jace Logan, who is so hot he resembles a hyper masculine angel view spoiler BTW, in addition to an immediate, inexplicable attraction, part of the reason they are so intrigued by each other is due to some mind reading abilities in case there weren t enough Twilight references in here already Clary Skyla then finds out from Jace Stefan Edward Logan that there is a secret race of angel human hybrids called Nephilim and that she is one of the most powerful of all for a better version of this plot line, see the Mortal InstrumentsSeries Of course this means Clary Skyla has demons sent after her and that she and her male counterparts seem to randomly manifest a variety of super powers whenever it is convenient to the plot hide spoiler First of all I want to say, anyone who has been in an abusive relationship probably might want to skip this book Parts of it can be triggering the review might be triggering It contains men trying to control women through speech and gestures, as well as objectification It also has implied rape and dehumanization Also on top of all this a huge topping of abelism The men in this book like to violate a woman s bodily automomy on multiple levels and it s shown as being sexy and romantic It s dangerous is what it is This book has zero romance in it It s all what I like to call lustmance Lustmance is when the characters fall in love with each other seemingly instantly and all they do together is make out Nothing romantic goes on No little in jokes, no little nice things Just I MUST see him and then sexy time That s IT 90% of this book is just them having excuses to make out and the story what little there is of it suffers for it.Also this book is highly misogynistic It LOVES to have women at each others throats and call them bitches all the time The author even pulls the I MUST be jealous of other women who are even LOOKING at my man Not only that on a few occasions the main two guys fight over Skyla as if she were a stake a piece of meat Even the main character is about as stupid as a brick She does things to seemingly try and get herself killed She has no backbone and everyone has to save her Not only all the times women have been called crazy in this.As for controlling, the men like to do this neck grabby thing Having been near borderline abuse I know that this is the place men grab women to control them, like people pick up cats and kittens It s disgusting and horrible and not romantic at all Not to mention Skyla is pinned up against a pool table and a wall on two occasional All of this is shown to be sexy When it s just men dominating women Especially when the main character is talkling about I don t object I don t resist If it was romantic why are you even thinking about resisting and objecting As for the implied rape, well that comes in later view spoiler when she is told that if the bad angels get their hands on her she ll be bred like a dog in a kennel hide spoiler Am I the only one who thinks Skyla is a slut Even that, I could forgive, but she s shallow too She s a shallow slut In the beginning of the book, she already shows indecision about Gage awesome and Logan sucks view spoiler She spends the majority of the series jumping around between the two of them, changing them as often as a normal person changes underwear And they let her It s fairly ridiculous and inhumanly annoying DO NOT READ hide spoiler I have just one thing to say