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It has the fantastical quirkiness of Alice in Wonderland, the uniqueness of Willy Wonka, the magic of Never Never Land, along with a sprinkle of the darkness gothic wonder from Tim Burton and the other worldness of Neil Gaiman s Coraline, and then some But at the same time it is an unparalled universe, or parallel universe make that, Tooniverse that is all its own.You want to know what is going on with this character as he wakes up and finds himself in this new alternate reality, feeling quite disoriented and a bit like he fell down the strangest rabbit hole known to man or cartoon, for this matter The main character, who christens himself Gemini, really pulls you in as you discover this new world he is thrown into It is a fantasy type world where everyday is Saturday morning, the popular time for nonstop cartoons He becomes a cartoon version of himself, so to speak, although he is actually dubbed an Outsider Lucky for him, this means he has even power than the toons around him do.You won t find Bugs Bunny here or The Famous Mouse as Gemini sadly discovers , but you will find many loveable characters as you embark with Gemini on this adventure He at first views it as a fun experiment type virtual world which is partly true but then he starts to see the bigger picture He realizes that they are real, just like him and they do feel courage, fear, pain, love, loss and other emotions.Science fiction and fantasy fans are not the only ones who will love the world of Toonopolis, as it will pull in anyone who loves an adventure read epic and it works really well to remind you of that childhood joy you found in a really good story Toonopolis has it all Great references to some of your favorite cartoons, childhood stories and movies that you loved as well as amusing jokes about the current trends in books and what people like to read about Bloodthirsty vamps Anime Superheroes and annoying sidekicks It s all here Sidenote There is even some hidden love for fans of a certain video game which is my all time favorite one now that you mention it that involves a talking frog, time travel, a silent type as the leading character and a tomboy princess, as well as a couple magical worlds of its own are you a fan Please comment below New Game Plus option on my blog Back to the world of Toonoplis, you will find yourself smiling and laughing along with the characters In the cartoon world, there is a fun mix of tongue in cheek humor, puns, parodies, and plays on words.The back story is also very enthralling to follow, as you get an inside look at this experiment i.e, how and why Gemini was thrown into this world and what he does doesn t remember This could be very dangerous for him and adds a serious undertone to his adventures that shows there is at stake than meets the eye and makes the read even into one of those books that you just can t put down.This is a great place to visit and you will find yourself wanting to return to this world to hear about the character s adventures and this very unique creation that is the Tooniverse Luckily for you too, as there will be to come in the Toonopolis Files. 4.5 out of 5 StarsThis is a book for all ages It almost reminded me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons where, as a child they were silly and fun, and as an adult you looked back and thought how did I not notice all of these references and double entendres You may not get all of the jokes and pop culture references at certain ages, but it s an amazing story anyways Jacob Grenk is the only one who can be used for an experiment by The Agency and sent into Toonopolis to do their bidding Only one catch, when Jacob enters Toonopolis he has lost his memory and has no idea who he is, or why he is there.Taking on the name Gemini the only thing he can remember, he sets off with his trusty guide, Jimbob the Talking Eggplant, to find his memories and to get home.I started this novel immediately getting feelings of Alice Through the Looking Glass , Wizard of Oz , Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Cool World Funny enough, I quickly realised that I was getting those vibes for a reason Where am I was the question that jumped out of the boy s mouth He didn t even have time to wonder how the mirror could hear him since it had no discernible ears How should I know the mirror retorted I m just an antique looking glass The young man suddenly had an idea inspired by a story from his childhood about a young girl who, like himself, found herself in a strange land full of bewilderment It was with this thought in mind that he decided to run headfirst into the mirror A loud thud and his rump landing on the grass were all he earned for his bright idea Ow shouted the mirror What in the world did you do that for I guess I can t travel through you, huh The boy rubbed his head He rose to his feet gingerly The rainbow colored walkway was made of oddly shaped rectangular rocks with rounded edges Or so he thought He knelt down for a closer inspection and found the pathway to be made of a plethora of PEZ candies Follow the Rainbow PEZ Road, said a cheery voice behind him These kinds of silly throw backs and pop culture references are riddled throughout the book and made me laugh all the time Sometimes, these sorts of things make me wonder on the shelf life of books as, there may be a day that people don t understand the references any..but, it won t be while I m still around There are video game references, Well, we don t have any other leads Maybe if we pick one of these quests, we ll get lucky Jimbob held out a piece of paper I like the first one Gemini turned to face Jimbob and snatched the paper out of his hand, saying, Let me see that sheet He read aloud the first quest on the list Questgiver Bramaid Hanna Reward Ten silver Quest Slay five giant rats in the cellar of the Suckling Pig Enough talking, cried Leothas It is your turn Gemini smiled So, what you re saying is that you can t attack me again until I attack you Some magical force is making this fight turn based What happens if I just don t attack you back Leothas looked stunned He retreated from his attacking stance into a thoughtful one He had one hand on his hip and rubbed his chin with the other I don t know I was always taught to take turns attacking I don t know any other way to fight Yeah, good luck with that With a smirk, Gemini dropped his wooden sword into the dirt and walked up the road References to certain franchises Toonopolis is constantly changing The well known those other worlds are, the rigid they become, like Tolkien s Middle Earth Or they become mixed up with so many different minds involved that they don t even make sense any, like the Marvel Universe To movie quotes By the way I m pretty sure I m in love with Jeremy Rodden for this quote thrown in from one of my favourite movies Jack waved at Gemini By kids Have fun storming the castle Gemini had to travel through all of the different Toon realms from Supercity to Animetown to Camenot and picks up some wonderfully hilarious companions on the wayMiss Fire from Supercity Let s see if we can fight fire with fire, the superheroine said and hurled balls of fire at the wraith drake The fireballs landed several yards away from Phantasm I guess Miss Fire s not a misnomer, said Jimbob Miss Fire whirled on the eggplant with fire literally in her eyes Sorry, my mistake I misspoke I was misadvised by my brain Wan Wan from Animetown Yuki cleared his throat I want to help Gemini looked sideways at the albino, who clearly was not a fighter Take Wan Wan with you The mechanical Akita barked in agreement He is than just a pet He can help you Yeah, he can fetch us the newspaper and pee oil onto our enemies, Jimbob asserted Yuki smiled and whispered something into Wan Wan s ear A panel on the robot dog s side opened and a missile launcher appeared and pointed toward Jimbob Ooh, Jimbob said, retreating backwards And Hawk from Camenot What s his problem asked Angel in an uncaring tone We seek to destroy the shadow sorcerer, but we have no leads, m lady, said Hawk Ooh, m lady A gentleman, eh Whatcha doing later, Sir Knight Angel asked with a wink Serving my lord, Sir Goodypants, and assisting Sir Gemini in his quest to defeat the shadowy menace, Hawk answered Angel looked disappointed A paladin, huh No use barking up that tree And of course, who can forget Jimbob the talking Eggplant He just sucks it up Cows, crops, people He sucked it all up Jimbob made a little whimper Gemini thought at first that he was scared After a glance at his purple companion, he realized he was trying to hold his tongue Just get it out, Gemini said Jimbob shook his head Come on, just say it The shadowy figure sucks blurted Jimbob Feel better Jimbob nodded his head, I also love the tongue in cheek humor throughout the story because, being a Cartoon universe, nothing is ever as it seems Gemini pointed to the sign Wouldn t trolls be out of place here I mean, they re not really gothic or creepy They seem like they d fit better in Adventure Realm or Camenot Unless Jimbob began You re all probably fat, and I could beat you all up cried a voice from under the bridge Crap, said Jimbob What is it asked Miss Fire An Internet troll A small creature leapt from under the bridge onto the pathway at the base of it.Gemini saw a teenager about his own age wearing a T shirt decorated with a frowning yellow face He had greasy black hair, fingernails that were painted black, looked as though he might have been crying You re all ugly and stupid, said the troll Gemini stared at it Are you the grumpy old troll that lives under the bridge The troll s eyes lit up at Gemini s reaction No, Dora, I live with your mom This is a fabulous story that will have you laughing out loud CONSTANTLY I love the world that Jeremy Rodden has built, I love his characters and I CAN T WAIT to read the next instalment in the series I highly recommend this book to any lovers of Comedy, Cartoons, Video Games, Movies, Pop Culture, etc SO PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS #BOOK ⚣ Toonopolis (Toonopolis Files, #1) ¸ Toonopolis Is A Cartoon City That Is Home To The Thoughts And Ideas Of All Sentient Beings In The Universe As The Center Of The Tooniverse, It Acts As An Other Worldly Rest Stop For These Creations Gemini Is A Teenage Human Boy Who Is Thrust Into Toonopolis Through His Father S Scientific Research Program He Loses Part Of Himself In The Process And Immediately Begins A Quest To Regain His Lost Memories With The Help Of His Tooniverse Guide Named Jimbob The Talking Eggplant After An Altercation With A Mysterious Shadowy Figure, Gemini S Mission Is Changed, And He Begins A New Quest To Defeat Shadowy Figure And Protect Toonopolis From His Nefarious Destruction Along The Way, He Meets New Friends, Discovers Just How Diverse And Strange Toonopolis Is, And Learns Lessons About Compassion, Forgiveness, Redemption, And Being True To Oneself Wonderful read if you like cartoon worlds Irony is spot on. I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway Toonopolis Gemini follows the adventures of Gemini, a fairly nondescript boy in bright fuchsia pants from our world who has been sucked into a land of imagination via a shady government experiment Toonopolis is the land of cartoons, where it s always Saturday morning and characters imagined by humans live and play until either their creators die or they become TMed and move on to a permanent residence elsewhere They are sorted by category, with separate settlements for anime, video game characters, racy late night cable cartoons, and so forth As a human visiting Toonopolis, Gemini is an Outsider, which gives him the ability to manipulate the cartoon world in ways a normal cartoon could not kind of like Neo in The Matrix instead of knowing Kung Fu, he knows how to keep his eyes closed while running off a cliff in Toonopolis, you don t fall until you notice you re in the air He s on the hunt for another Outsider named Shadowy Figure, who has been murdering cartoon characters and causing general mayhem There are some cool twists to the worldbuilding that I d rather let you discover for yourself.For the most part, each chapter follows the same pattern Gemini travels to a new corner of Toonopolis, the reader gets a rapid fire series of jokes about the topic of that realm, Gemini meets a character who helps him push the plot along, and he moves on to the next realm It makes the chapters feel a little formulaic, but it keeps things fresh and it keeps that pacing fast This isn t a book about character development or a complex plot it s a vehicle for the author to riff on cartoons and related media and winking at classic characters and stories without violating T.M.The comic style is very much an anything for a laugh approach The first major gag happened right after Gemini entered the cartoon world Rodden had just introduced us to the character, so a cartoon mirror walks up to him out of nowhere to give an excuse for a physical description in the tropiest way possible the main character checking himself out To rattle off a few other representative gags, in the Superhero world, we meet a bear themed hero and his sidekick, Little Dipper A pun In the video game world, Gemini picks a quest off a job board and gets bullied into a turn based battle While traveling through the sewer, we meet Poot the Sentient Fart Cloud, who has a heart of gold and the stench of a butt In the anime world, background characters catch a glimpse of a girl s panties and have spontaneous nosebleeds, and Gemini has to decide between dubs and subs Fight scenes are full of cartoon physics.My main criticism is that we never stay in these realms long enough to get past the surface level humor, so I felt like many of the jokes were low hanging fruit But they came fast and enough of them landed that I had a good time reading this one The other issue is that most of the characters were kind of bland and didn t really have much of a schtick this is setting based humor, not character based The stand out character was Gemini s guide, Jimbob the Two Foot Tall Talking Eggplant Jimbob was crass, irreverent, and sarcastic, making him my kind of dude and the highlight of the book for me There s a moment where he s worried about going for a swim because salt water can suck the bitterness out of an eggplant, so Gemini gleefully tosses him in.The humor most reminded me of self aware postmodern cartoons like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Tiny Toons, and Bonkers There s not a lot of depth here, but you ll probably find something to laugh at. I ve had this for a while and have been meaning to read it for such a long time and then the other day I just decided to read it because I was looking for something funny Needless to say there were quite a few funny parts in the book.There are so many funny references in this book that it was so awesome If you watch older cartoons then you will notice a lot of these I thought it was really fun going through and spotting the different references.The story line was really interesting and it was nice and simple which is good because I wasn t really in the mood for something with a heavy story line I just found it really entertaining which was great.The main character Gemini, was interesting It s always interesting to read a book from a male point of view He was also funny which I really liked As were his companions, such as Jimbob the eggplant.I really whizzed through Toonopolis Gemini as it s a whole lot of fun and has a really entertaining story line If you re looking for something funny and different then definitely check out Toonopolis Gemini. It was an enormous privilege to read the first in a fantasy YA series by Jeremy Rodden, an impressively creative individual who has created a toon world where it s always Saturday morning.How can you not like a book with a talking Toonopolis guide named Jimbob the Eggplant He has hands that appear whenever he needs them Reminds me of Veggie Tales, but Jimbob s a much wittier vegetable.This genre of YA is not something I d normally pick up, but I was pleasantly surprised It has humor, style, clever banter, and fabulous character names I think I ve found something to advertise to my sopho boys that they might gasp enjoy.This would be a fabulous teaching tool for middle or high school English As far as figurative language goes, Rodden weaves devices seemlessly throughout the text I spotted personification, allusions, irony, paradox, similes, puns, hyperboles, idioms, cliches, and onomatopoeias.The allusions were amazing A mention of Scooby Doo or Rainbow Brite made me wistful for childhood There are nods to novels like The Wizard of Oz, when Gemini must walk on a Rainbow PEZ road to get to Toonopolis and the Sorting Square a little Harry Potter in the mix Not to mention, references older teens and adults would get like X Filesreminded me of Shrek because only the older crowd understands certain jokes.Description was superb Rodden found so many different adjectives and verbs that I was amazed another thing I could stop while reading in front of my class and say, Look at that diction I hardly noticed repetition Two words I did notice use a few times were confrontation and wisp, but they were both important to the story and necessarily repeated There were two sentences with two verbs used in a row one that should have been taken out but was forgotten , but it did not disrupt the flow of reading very much As far as accents go, you ve got the gambit gangster, New York, Irish, British I loved the diversity of characters Some mythical Greek creatures appear, but also brand new ones that Rodden has created The reader sees talking objects everywhere In cartoon land, as long as something appears to be real, it doesn t really have to work.Early on, one of my favorite parts was when Gemini had to visit Professor Rabit to learn about the Laws of Cartoon Physics That way, the Outsider Gemini will succeed through the various lands Adventure Realm, Supercity, Animetown, Camenot and I can t continue because half the fun is discovering the names for yourself Even though I loved Jimbob he truly has the best lines in the book , I appreciated Sir Hawk s character because he represented the chivalry of medieval times The word paladin was even introduced and I saw wince and consternation which are two vocab words my students had last weekstrange coincidence Animetown was hilarious to me the slow motion fight scenes, the word kawaii I used to live in Japan , the way characters heads and eyes grew two sizes bigger when they were surprised Gemini s adventure is sliced by reports from Agent Mimic who is running Operation Gemini from the human world on planet Earth Parts of those reports were confusing to me I got the idea that Gemini Jacob Grenk was the Agent referred to, but I couldn t figure out why he would have been given a list of targets from the Agency to destroy It s possible the overall plan for the operation comes out in book 2 I liked the idea that humans and cartoons had a direct effect on each other s worlds and that when a creation rebels against its master, the human goes a little crazy.There was a pretty big plot twist toward the last quarter of the book where Gemini learns something interesting about himself and why he must face Shadowy Figure I m pumped about reading the second book to see what happens to all the characters By the end, I felt proud of the bond between Gemini s gang and wanted them to go on another adventure together I hope we see of the same characters again, as well as some new ones The Kindle copy of this book is only 99 cents a bargain for a book you ll find hard to put down.A delightful read that will make you laugh out loud, root for the good guys, and wish you had a talking eggplant as your sidekick. Disclaimer I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review I have since given it to my 9 year old daughter who has read it 3 times and refuses to give it back Someday, if I m permitted, I will read it myself Until then, here is the Book Report Ninja did for her Third Grade Final Project.Book Report on Toonopolis by Jeremy Rodden Ninja Tyler 3rd GradeThe title is Toonopolis Gemini The author is Jeremy Rodden The setting takes place in the Tooniverse The Tooniverse is a world full of cartoons on a big planet that Gemini got sent to It is very crazy and chaotic I don t know when the story took place It is almost always summer in Book One.The main characters are Gemini, Jimbob the talking eggplant, Hawk the knight, and Ms Fire the Hero There is also Wan Wan a robotic dog Ms Fire can throw fireballs from her hands Gemini is a human boy who can pull things from C Space Hawk the knight is Sir Goodipants best warrior Sir Goodipants is a Rogue Jimbob the talking eggplant is Gemini s Toonopolis guide Wan Wan is a transforming robotical Akita.My favorite character is Wan Wan because he s cute and he can turn into a giant squirrel and a horse He has a rocket launcher in his back and was made by an inventor name Yuki Wan Wan lets Gemini pat his head like he lets Yuki Wan Wan doesn t usually let people do that He always puts a band aid on people who get hurt.Toonopolis is about a human named Gemini Gemini falls into the Field of Dreams He meets a talking mirror there and a animal that is a mixture of kangaroo, rabbit and duck At the sorting square they have a problem sorting him and don t know what to do They take him to the Master Sorter, Henry He looks inside of Gemini and says he s an outsider An outsider is a human They go to Grayscale Village The Village was black and gray and they saw a squirrel woman running around in circles three times Four of her fingers have turned black She was screaming because a shadowy figure was taking the color away from everything Gemini tells the squirrel to calm down and says he ll defeat the shadowy figure.Gemini goes to Stick Tent City The people in Stick Tent City are stick people and one of the stick people s town gets absorbed by the shadowy figures black orbs Gemini goes to Underwater City next and helps an Octonoid Princess He frees her people from the Candemon The Candemon wants Princess Polipo to be his wife Gemini tries to free her people and father so that he can defeat the Candemon.In underwater city Princell Polipo guides Gemini and his friends to the Cave of Dispair In the Cave of Despair an ancient evil creature Gumthulu sleeps and feeds on fear and suffering It has slept there ever since Princess Polipo can remember Gemini and his friends go into the Cave to get to Licorice Lagoon where they travel to the Candemon s castle made of Toffee.In the cave of Despair Gemini takes a already lit torch from C Space and uses it for light Jimbob takes the evil Gumthulu s eye from his socket and Jimbob yells Yoink On Candy Island they find the Candemon When Gemini starts to fight the Candemon the Candemon spits a wave of marshmallow at him And then Gemini realizes his left foot was stuck in the marshmallow The Candemon realized that Hawk shot some arrows into his gummy bear torso The Candemon stood stunned and then after they landed, Hawk and Miss Fire helped Gemini.At the end of the book Shadowy Figure and Gemini return back to earth The Shadowy Figure is the bad side of Gemini in another form Gemini learned that fighting bad guys who absorb cartoons was much harder than he thought.I think I d like it if Gemini would get back home in a safer way than traveling back from Tooniverse from the Shadow Lands I think the ending could be a little better so it would be father and son together again. In the first line of the acknowledgements page of Toonopolis Gemini author Jeremy Rodden thanks his family and especially his mother I would also like to thank Jeremy s mother I have a feeling she s a pretty cool lady I think she probably let Jeremy watch cartoons and movies, let him play video games, and encouraged him to read anything he could get his hands on I suspect he still does all of those.Jeremy is a scholar of imaginary worlds and he knows that in those worlds anything goes He s filtered that scholarly knowledge through his crazy I don t mean that in a bad way brain and given us this great book.Jeremy s cartoon world is meticulously detailed and terrifically humorous From the moment you enter Toonopolis with the book s protagonist, Gemini, you begin a journey like no other Every character you meet will remind you of someone in a movie, book, cartoon, comic book, video game, or even a family member or friend, but they will also have a unique quality that only Jeremy can assign to them.A young man, Gemini, is unsure of who he is and what he s doing in a strange place called Toonopolis His memories are lost He can t remember anything that happened before this moment but he knows something just isn t quite right The book follows Gemini on his quest to find out who he is and what he s doing there Along the way he makes many great friends and a few enemies What s a great adventure without enemies, right Toonopolis is indeed a strange place full of fascinating characters By characters I mean, cartoon characters.Gemini realizes he s a cartoon character himself, but he has a feeling there s a real Gemini in the real world He needs to find a way to make sense of all this while living in a very non sensical world As the quest unfolds, the characters travel from one section of Toonopolis to another each as unique as the characters in the book A description of Supercity, a comic book section, is spot on Supercity looked like the drawings in a comic book All the building lines were very sharp and outlined in black It also seemed to him if he focused on one building or one vehicle in the street that it would become brightly colored while the scenery in the background became duller The action, the comedy, the quest, the characters themselves, and the unique sections of Toonopolis make this a terrific book But wait There s Jeremy has an intimate understanding of how the cartoon world works and he s happy to share the details with you Want to find out how cartoon characters can just pull random items out of thin air Want to know why they don t fall to a horrible death when they run off a cliff All will be revealed as you read this book.Toonopolis Gemini is a classic tale of adventure, friendship, determination and honor told in a Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Groucho Marx sort of way You ll love it Before I go, I want to acknowledge the terrific illustrations by Cami Woodruff You ll find it hard not to skip ahead to the next chapter just to see what Cami s done next This book is hilarious While not a genre I typically read, I ll be snagging the sequel when it arrives and it better arrive, because this one left plenty of openings for a sequel There are so many jokes, puns, and ironic statements throughout the story, between a collection of characters you d normally never see together on the same page, much less working together My favorite characters are Wan Wan because he s adorable , and Gemini, because of his almost endless enthusiasm as he dives headlong into a world unlike anything you ve ever seen.Best of all, despite its often child like feel in the descriptions, the scenarios, and the ease with which conflicts are concluded , there s a thread of seriousness woven throughout that asks the question, Is anything really what it seems And if not, who does that make you In the case of this book, it s an entertaining, cartoon like story that is ultimately about discovering who you are.