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Not the best, but not the worst either It s rare that I dislike both leading characters in a NR book, but it happens I enjoyed every word that wasn t about Tate and Matthew s wack relationship. This is probably one of my favorite Nora Roberts books The villian was certainly a man to fear I had no idea that this book had 2 different time frames and thought it a bit strange that the story started out with a 19 year old and a 25 year old For Nora Roberts readers you know that her main characters are generally in their late 20 s early 30 s It made sense when the story shifted 8 years later I really enjoyed this book The other Nora Roberts books I have been reading lately, although enjoyable have been falling a bit flat It is probably due to the fact that they were books written in the 80 s and early 90 s You can definitely tell how much she has grown in her writing by reading her books written then and books written closer to today This is a story of treasure hunters, Matthew and Tate They are searching for Angelic s Curse, a necklace owned by a witch Claiming all those who seek it for wealth will be cursed Matthew s family, the Lasseters believe in this curse and fear the necklace When Matthew s father was murdered when he was 16 because of this necklace he planned to dedicate his life to find it and pay back the man he murdered his father I think what I enjoyed most about this book is I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book There is a love story, which goes without saying for a Nora Roberts book, action, adventure, anger, danger, and a little bit of magic Books like this one is why I love to read Read ⚓ The Reef ♿ A Marine Archaeologist And A Salvager Join Forces To Search For A Legendary Treasure In This Novel That Takes Readers To The Depths Of The Caribbean And The Heights Of Passion And Suspense FromNew York Times Bestselling Author Nora Roberts Tate Beaumont Has A Passion For Treasure Hunting Over The Years, She And Her Father Have Uncovered Many Fabulous Riches, But One Treasure Has Always Eluded Them Angelique S Curse A Jeweled Amulet Heavy With History, Dark With Legend, And Tainted With Blood In Order To Find This Precious Artifact, The Beaumonts Reluctantly Form A Partnership With Salvagers Buck And Matthew Lassiter As The Beaumonts And Lassiters Pool Their Resources To Locate Angelique S Curse, The Caribbean Waters Darken With Shadowy Deceptions And Hidden Threats Their Partnership Is Placed In Jeopardy When Matthew Refuses To Share Information Including The Truth Behind His Father S Mysterious Death For Now, Tate And Matthew Continue Their Uneasy Alliance Until Danger And Desire Begin To Rise To The Surface I bought this book at the airport because I had finished my other book and had forgotten my second book at home I knew it wasn t going to be the great American novel, but Nora Roberts, for what she does, usually delivers with a good beach read plane read.I have read some Nora Roberts in my day and this was definitely one of my least favorite Well, of course I had to finish it I mean, it s so easy to read and I bought the freaking book But most Nora Roberts books, I want to go back and re read This one I just wanted it over with the first time I couldn t even get myself to finish it when I was home sick.The characters, particularly the evil villian, Silius was just entirely too much of a stock character even for evil villian Nora Roberts style I mean really Give me a break.While I get that the story was broken into three sections past, present, and future, and knowing the first portion was past I got the point that the entire story wasn t going to take place in that time frame, and the relationship of the main characters was going to grow into somethingadult Reading of a 19 year old s crush on the 25 year old family friend was just awkward to read And unrealistic, if I am allowed to object to that in a Nora Roberts book.If you are looking for a beach read or airport read, move along and pick up a better Nora Roberts book like say any other one that must be out there. I loved all the information about diving wreck hunting and scavenging The ocean and adventures were beautifully described and it made me want to buy a boat and take some scuba diving lessons Marla and Ray were a great couple and wonderful parents Buck was a great crotchety old man and Uncle and I was glad that his character came around after the shark incident Angeligues curse and the fabled necklace gave the book the right amount of magic and wonder Really, the only thing that kept this book from being five stars was the two main characters They had the exact same problem that I had with the main characters on Black HIlls and their stories were way too similar Young girl falls in love with boy Boy dosen t feel he is good enough and decided that the best thing for her is if he breaks off the romance so that she will go to college and do what she loves, which she does Then they meet later in life and he decided that he must have her and begins to court her even though she is still upset with him Neither of these guys feels any remorse for breaking the girls heart and they are pushy and demanding. I really needed a mindless break from work and literary reading I have been doing lately and nothing soothes me quite like a Nora Roberts book The problem I have read all of her books and don t normally reread.I made an exception and revisited the first ever NR book that I read stolen off my mom s shelf in 1998 at the young age of 15 The white sand beach and palm tree on the front cover enticed me to enter the world of Tate, a 20 year old woman who is in college to become a marine archaelogist, and Matthew, a 24 year old wreck diver who is in search of a lost treasure in the Caribbean Their paths cross along with Tate s parents and Matthew s uncle as they spend a magical summer searching for gold and the elusive necklace known as Angelina s Curse The summer ends in tragedy and heartache but, when the treasure hunting team gets together eight years later, will the magic and the romance be rekindled I love this book because of it s marine theme with an added bonus of the vivid imagery that makes me think of my days living and diving in the Caribbean Soothingly predictable, good guys win, love conquers all, with a happy ever after ending I remember why this book set me on the path of a 10 year love affair with NR s books An added bonus is that I just started her newest novel and it s nice to compare how her writing has grown as her career progressed without losing the magic that I find in her stories This isn t my favorite NR book by a long shot if you re new to her work I would suggest starting elsewhere but it is a solid romantic suspense read that entertains from cover to cover. One of my favorite Nora Roberts books of all time It has all the elements that make a great romantic suspense for me 1 a treasure hunt 2 real nasty villain and 3 H h who are reunited after being torn apart.The young adult love of Tate and Matthew tears your heart out, especially after all that Matthew has had to live through To have their dream of the Marguerites treasure and happily ever after torn apart by one of NR s nastiest villains, Silas Vandyke, really made the first part of the book a real tear jerker But fate, and Nora Roberts, had another destiny in mind for our young lovers.When Tate and Matthew are brought back together after eight years, Tate is a muchcontrolled, analytical, cynical person Having obtained her degrees and with a top reputation, she is not longer starry eyed and sees Matthew through the prism of the pain he caused her She is so wrong, yet refuses to see that Finally, Matthew tells her the way things really were and they work together to bring and end to Vandyke and save the Isabella and its treasures. Full of adventure, love, emotions, suspense, action, and experiences for me to live through I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It s gonna be shelf worthy and something I wouldn t mind reading again I loved the characters and how well this was written I could see it so clearly in my mind Passions and science, give and take, and a perfect ending that I can live with Great for reading any time Great for the snuggle in, lazy day, escape book It pulls you in without you realizing it and has you feeling everything Enjoy My second Nora Roberts book and I loved it just as much as the first.The chemistry between Matthew and Tate was sweet as young adults and then evolved into something fiery and substantial after they re united not without drama along the way, of course I liked both Matthew and Tate individually, as well as a couple, and enjoyed reading about their lives during their time apart I thought this gave a lot of depth to their characters.I enjoyed the twist s in the story at the end Go Teams Beaumont and Lassiter.My only issue is I felt there wasn t enough insight into Tate s coming around to forgiving Matthew she just all of a sudden forgave him and realised she was completely in love with him I realise a few events triggered this revelation of hers but still, it seemed a little unbelievable.The Reef has similarites to Black Hills first NR book I ve read but I won t hold it against Ms Roberts, seeing as the books were written 12 years apart Luckily for me, it s a style that I love meet early in life, separate over misunderstandings, etc, then reunite later when they ve got their stuff together.Although I ve only read 3 of NR s books Yet to write up a review for the 3rd , I have to say, I m impressed with her diversity in terms of location, subjects and the depth she gives her characters The detail she goes into with underwater salvage and so on in The Reef is so interesting, as were her details on wildlife rescue, etc in Black Hills Now, I know there are Marine Archaeologists out there and those who ve worked with cougars for 25 years who would criticise some of what NR writes but I think it s very courageous to write about locations and professions that, if not for a lot of research, she would presumably be unfamiliar with, and for a layman such as myself, it makes for captivating reading. It was an interesting story, decently written Also, it didn t really remind me of her other books which is a huge plus.