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[Download Pdf] ♭ Animellis Island ⚒ This Is A Great Animal Adventure Story With Beautiful Illustrations A Perfect Story For Animal Action Lovers The Hippopotamus Family Is In Danger An Alligator Has Arrived With A Plan The Father, Herbert Hippopotamus, Is The Leader Of The Animellis Council Everybody Likes Him Everybody Except The Alligator However, Alli, The Alligator, Is All Alone She Needs To Find Allies Animellis Island Was Started By The Shipwrecked African Animals The Island Had Been A Peaceful Place For OverYears, Until Alligator Called Alli Gator Arrived She Had Sharp, Shiny Teeth And A Plan The Other Islanders Are Concerned Having A Predator Like Alli Living Among Them What Will Happen To The Islanders What Is Alli Going To Do I like animal adventure and stories This was both interesting and fun to read because of the illustrations that supported the story well