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!Free ☱ Without Mercy ☳ This Novella Is No Longer Available It Is Now Part Of The Full Length Novel Mystic WolvesWhat Would You Do If A Simple Errand Takes A Deadly Twist, Turning You From Cautious Prey To Dangerous Predator When Darcy S Outing Takes A Turn For The Worst And Tests Her To The Point Of Breaking, She Struggles To Maintain Her Humanity Where Loyalty And Pack Mean Everything, She Surrenders To The Inevitable And Only An Act Of Complete Trust Can Touch Her When All Is Said And Done, With Memories Flooding Her Mind, Darcy Holds Tightly To The Only Thing That Makes Senseit Was All A Dream Or Was It To be accosted while on a simple errand was about last thing Darcy expected But when a steady hand holds a gun in a threatening stance, Darcy knows she better think quickly A few minutes, a spurned rival, and innocence is forever lost.This short story, told in first person, introduces a new werewolf pack in a novelette series called Mystic Wolves which will be continued in the next adventure, Cherished This short urban fantasy kept me glued to my kindle screen and the outcome was surprising Darcy is a spirited female alpha and the little peak we were given of Mason, her mate, definitely left me yearning for I would have preferred this story to be fleshed out a bit with a little background included, but my guess is that the background details will be unveiled in future escapades doled out in stingy rations to us ravenous readers The foundation is being carefully set and I think the author s imagination will ensure this becomes a must read series Reviewed by Laurie J Without Mercy is a very short novella length book It goes by very quickly without a dull moment The story centers around a werewolf named Darcy and the awful predicament she is in All it takes is a trip to the store, and her life is in danger It reminds you that things can happen to anyone at any time Darcy is a wonderful person, and wants to settle things in the least violent way possible This decision, however, turns tragic.Darcy is a strong female lead character She is very brave and un selfish We are introduced to Mason in this story the pack leader, and Darcy s future mate Even with what little we see of him, it is obvious that this guy is amazing He is a very swoonworthy character, and a perfect pack leader I can t wait to read about him in future books.One word that describes this story is smooth It flows wonderfully and has great pacing I love how novellas are quicker paced, so you don t have all the boring descriptions to wade through This novella is Belinda Boring s debut, and I was quite impressed She is a wonderful writer and I m looking forward to reading much from her. Without Mercy is a short story introducing the Mystic Werewolves It is also a painful lesson as to what can happen when we ignore our intuition Darcy is at a pack football game where she and her intended mate,Mason are playing a flirtatious game of cat and mouse After the game is over and the barbecue is about to begin, Darcy and Mason s sister go to the store to pick up A 1 steaksauce of all things Unfortunately, they are held by someone they know with a gun The result will be deadly and without mercy I enjoyed this short story and since it was free at.com I enjoyed it even I was a little surprised by the ending and wanted or hoped for Unfortunately, that was not the case The ending just seemed unfinished and little too abrupt for me At this point, I am not sure how to proceed ebook two is 5.99 and if it is another short story, I will not pay that price for it Also, I believe it might be about other characters rather than these Oh well, I guess I will have to read all of the reviews to determine my next step Don t you just hate that Darcy and Jasmine were only suppose to run into town for a quick stop and come right back Mason, the pack Alpha and future mate of Darcy, had fought with Darcy about this very topic He didn t want them out without back up, but he gave in and allowed them to go Now, Darcy is wishing she hadn t fought for this freedom Staring down the barrel of a gun and no possible way to call for back up, Darcy tries to pull together a plan.You won t want to miss how this story plays out Be prepared to feel a handful of emotions come rushing at you while you read this short tale of Pride loyalty.I for one will patiently await for from this up and coming author.Ok, so I never wait patiently for anything Without Mercy is a quick wolfish bite of tragedy and trust weaved together in one fabulous novella.In this debut novella from new author Belinda Boring we are introduced to her heroine and the alpha s intended mate of the Mystic Wolves, Darcy When a simple trip to the store turns to tragedy, she finds herself not only up against a gun wielding advisory but the wolf inside as well Right off the bat Darcy comes off as a strong and confident woman, loyal to her pack and willing to give her life for those she loves.The plot moved at a fast clip, keeping the reader on a constant edge Smoothly written, filled with tension, action, loss and a deep internal struggle the story almost brought me to tears at one point.Mason is the strong and sensitive alpha of the pack that we received a few glimpses from and from what I ve seen so far me likey and I cannot wait to read about him Sadly though, no smexy timeyet With less than 25 pages though I was hungering for This is a short yet powerful glimpse into Darcy s life during an emotional scene She is trying to save her life, as well as that of another werewolf without resorting to violence.I liked the way the wolf portion was portrayed, as if it were separate from Darcy, and yet inside her It was unique and intriguing The idea of the two of them in the same body fighting for control was something new to me.I can t wait to read episodes from this world The second in the series is apparently already in the works, so hopefully it wouldn t be too long of a wait. I thoroughly enjoyed Without Mercy It was a quick short read that pulled you in ti the actions and emotions if the characters I enjoyed Ms Belinda Boring s style of writing and the ease and flow of the story I would definitely purchase any future books from Ms Boring. This is going to be a quickie review to fit a quickie story Without Mercy is a very short novella, a quick story, but an excellent one So many times in novellas, the stories can be complex, which is very difficult to pull off in a short story In Without Mercy, Belinda Boring does an excellent job of keeping the story on track, and not making the plot overly complicated This story is a teaser, and a wonderful introduction to a new series and new characters In this novella, emotions run high as two female werewolves are cornered and betrayed by a man they thought was a friend As the danger escalates, Darcy and her future sister in law struggle to keep their inner wolves at bay I felt for Darcy and her struggle to try to maintain the balance between her humanity and her inner wolf I also liked Marcus, the alpha wolf, and how he handled the aftermath of the dangerous encounter the girls faced I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved this novella I am now very much looking forward to reading about these characters Without Mercy is the perfect prelude to a promising new series Kudos to Ms Boring for such an excellent debut Fabulous debut from a very talented writer Belinda Boring has created a story that sucks you in and keeps you there through every last page The characters are interesting and easy to relate to I feel that this is a great start for Belinda and I can t wait to read whatever she releases next.