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Blood Awakening is a short story that works as a prelude for Wenona Hulsey s upcoming novel Burden of Blood The silly banter between Nichole and Kat is hilarious, their friendship is one that you can admire and relate to There is so much foreshadowing Between the stranger in the dark, Nicole s dream and the intriguing ending, the story does a fantastic job of building as you go Did we mention the love interest For a small vacation crush, the relationship was done tactfully and not pushed too quickly And who doesn t want to know who this mysterious man lingering in the shadows is I know I do To read of my reviews please visit ink puddle.blogspot.com (((READ EBOOK))) ☛ Blood Awakening (Blood Burden, #0.5) ↬ Nicole, A Small Town Alabama Girl, And Her Best Friend Kat Take A Weekend Trip To Panama City, Florida Kat Looking To Have A Good Time And Nicole Hoping To Escape The Pain Of Losing Her Mother For A Little While Little Did Nicole Know, The Escape Would Awaken A Ancient Power That Is Hidden In Her Blood A Power That Evil Wants For Its Own And Will Do Whatever It Takes To Have ItThis Short Story Is A Look Into Best Friends , Nicole And Kat, Life Before A Centuries Old Grudge And Nicole S Emerging Powers Rips Them Apart A Power That Nicole Wants No Part Of As It Brings Her To Her Knees And Forces Her To Walk Away From Her Small Town Life And Everyone She Loves This was a short story that left me longing for I love Nicole and Kat They are a few ladies that you d love to hang out and hit the beach with This short story has alot packed into the pages With a road trip, a set up for a love story, and a stranger lurking in the shadows, all makes for a good tale After reading this one, I downloaded and read the next two two in the series as well This is a great series Although this was a short story, it didn t feel like it There s so much going on that i was pulled into the story Wenona Hulsey did a wonderful job and i m very much looking forward to reading Burden of Blood, her novel that goes along with this short. Nicole Keenan is best friends with Kat The girls are getting away from Alabama for a weekend of fun in Panama City, Florida On their first night, they meet Nick Read and his friend, Matt, at a beach bar Nicole becomes filled with a sense of fear, and her eyes scan the room to find what is causing her to feel this way She sees a man sitting at a table in a dimly lit corner That night, Nicole has a dream about a castle She sees a woman on a balcony who warns her telepathically that, They are coming for you As Nicole turns from the castle to run, she slams right into the stranger from the bar She wakes from her nightmare just as he reaches for her.Kat and Nicole score VIP passes to the hottest club in Panama City, La Vela They run into Nick and Matt in an upscale section of the club, and Nick gives Nicole a tour of the club and then invites her to go for a walk on the beach Just as Nick and Nicole pull apart from a romantic kiss, Nicole spots the stranger over Nick s shoulder All of a sudden, Nick puts his hands over his ears and contorts his face in pain After he passes out, Nicole hears a loud ringing in her head and a voice telling her that he has awakened her and will come back one day to take her and all the power that she holds.Nicole awakens in a hospital, and Kat tells her that she and Nick were found passed out on the beach and someone called 911 Police were concerned that Nick might have done something to Nicole, but she assures Kat that Nick did nothing to hurt her As she is talking to Kat, she is distracted by whispering outside of her room yet Kat cannot hear a thing It seems that she can hear other people s thoughts.Nicole saves the day when a nurse tries to kidnap an infant from the hospital She has no idea why she could hear the nurse s thoughts, but she senses that she should keep her gift a secret.Wenona Hulsey is a new to me author, and I really enjoyed this novella which is a prequel to the Blood Burden series Nicole and Kat make a fun pair, and I liked getting to know them I am intrigued by the dark stranger who keeps turning up and wonder about his connection to Nicole.Hulsey has piqued my interest, and I want to read the next book in the series, Burden of Blood. Warning This is A Prequel or Novelette Not A Whole BookSo big heads up this is not a book it s a short novella prequel for the Blood Awakening Series When I first downloaded this short story a couple years ago it was just listed as a book, so reading it now and getting through the story only to find it end so abruptly was a downer.The story is about Nicole Keenan and her crazy weekend in Panama City, Florida with her BFF, Kat Nicole just wants to get away and let loose Drinks, rest and party is on her menu while Katy wants men on the menu too, but Nicole is into relationships than one night stands It s after possibly connecting with a new guy on her vacation that things go weird for Nicole There is a strange dark mysterious man who makes her ill at ease and things don t go right the next time she see him again.Overall I was really into the story and got involved in the book , so I was disappointed to find I basically read a book teaser Not gonna lie will probably checkout the next or first book in the series titled Burden of Blood, but from the synopsis idk if it sounds like it flows from this book In the end, I m still half and half on whether this short is worth a read, but it s not long and hey it is free, so you decide Read of my reviews at Goodreads Nicole, a small town Alabama girl, and her best friend Kat take a weekend trip to Panama City, Florida Kat looking to have a good time and Nicole hoping to escape the pain of losing her mother for a little while Little did Nicole know, the escape would awaken a ancient power that is hidden in her blood A power that evil wants for its own and will do whatever it takes to have it.Great short story Flowed beautifully with no rushed feeling, which is unusual for short stories Its a great piece of candy to get you started with before reaching into the whole candy bowl known as Burden of Blood Great job Wenona Blood Awakening is a prequel to Burden of Blood and it gives us an insight to Nicole and her best friend Kat The short break that these girls take is the first steps to Nicoles hidden secret even hidden from her that she does not want to know.Usually, short stories and prequels are rarely a good find, this book, however, was really well worth the read and it has given me the incentive to look further into Wenona Hulsey s books. This was just enough to whet my appetite, but it wasn t enough to make me want to pre order book 1 Other than that it was decent, but it felt like the author took one of her deleted chapters, and passed it onto her readers for 99 cents Fortunately, I was able to get it for free via Kindle LOL Anyhoo, I m giving this one 2.5 stars I m looking forward to the further adventures of Nicole This short was light hearted but had some ominous elements, as well that s the combination I like in my paranormal romance stories I m wondering, though, how this short story fits into the larger one that is coming out in the novel Burden of Blood Guess I ll have to wait and see