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@Download Ebook à The Adventures of Cefa the Cat, Cefa Finds a Home × Hello, My Name Is Cefa Cefa Is Pronounced SEE FA And It Means C For Cat I Am A Russian Blue Cat If You Like Cats And If You Like To Read About Cats Then You Will Enjoy Reading My Stories Recently A Very Nice Person Adopted Me From The Animal Shelter He Took Me Home With Him I Have A Lot Of Fun Exploring My New House And Yard In My First Adventure You Will See That I Get Myself Into A Very Scary Situation Read About How I Am Rescued My Story Is A Good Bedtime Story For My Friends Who Can T Read Yet, Have Your Mom Or Dad Read It To You If You Can Read, You Will Enjoy Learning About What I Do And How I Enjoy Myself You Can Visit My Website At Cefathecat Follow Me On Facebook At Cefa The Cat Please Click On The Like Button And The Share With A Friend Button Cefa Finds A Home Is Also Available As An Ebook For Kindle And Coming Soon As An IBook For The IPad As An IBook Watch The Story Come To Life With Sound, Movement And Animation Visit Cefathecat For Book Trailers And Links This Book Is Designed For Preschool Children And Older Cefa is a cat found at an animal shelter She is getting adopted by a man she calls Drugu It means friend in Russian Cefa is a Russian Blue Cat Cefa enjoys her experiences in a new house, exploring all she can She loves to sit on the windowsill and look outside watching the world go by When Drugu allows Cefa to go outside, she is nervous at first She has never been outside, so the soft grass beneath her feet feels funny, but she likes it The sun is warm, but noises from cars and trucks scare her Her owner comforts her, reassuring her that she is all right Then Cefa finds a beautiful tall tree to explore while her owner is busy working in the yard What will happen when she climbs up and can t get down The Adventures of Cefa the Cat is a simply delightful story that tells the adventure of a curious cat Children will be able to relate to Cefa s curiousity, yet understand the message that sometimes our curiosity can get the better of us and we can find ourselves in trouble, so we must always be careful and use our common sense For cat lovers big and small, and for anyone who has recently found a cat and has become a new pet owner, each will enjoy this 32 page picture book. The Adventures of Cefa the Cat Cefa Finds a Home is a wonderful tale about a cat named Cefa who gets adopted from the animal shelter Cefa is a cute little cat who likes many new things but also gets scared of some too just like a real cat Children will not only learn a moral in this story and a Russian word but will also learn about cats This delightful tale teaches a little on cat behaviour and things to watch out for when you take a cat outside I would recommend this book to any young reader with a cat or one who is about to get one. Great children s book Easy to read and the pictures are lively and colorful Would recommend it to anyone with children or anyone who likes cats Can t wait for the second adventure.