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I was really excited to get into Ree s world after reading the summary of Mortal Obligation And my excitement was generously rewarded as I was swept up in this great story.What I liked 1 The Guardians How they arecreated, or tapped as Guardians is pretty cool 2 Roland Okay, I m majorly crushing on this guy He seems to be super sweet, but also kinda dangerous at the same time 3 And then of course there s Paden Strong, sorta silent type whose nursing an unrequited crush Let s say it together now, LOVE TRIANGLE There were some incredibly sweet scenes with Paden that just made me want to sigh 4 The battle scene This was one of the best written battle scenes I ve read in a while Seriously, I was holding my breath at one point 5 I didn t expect the killer twist at the end Going back and thinking about it, I was like, oh, man I should have seen that coming But I didn t What I didn t like 1 It s a little slow on the uptick It took me a bit to get into the story Of course once I did get into it, I didn t emerge until I was finished.Overall thoughts This is a great start to The Dark Betrayal Trilogy It opens up a new world full of interesting characters, a new twist on paranormal concepts, and a different backdrop I can t wait to see where the story goes next for Ree and her friends. Mortal Obligation is quite a unique novel I thought that it had a really great execution and there was just action from the word go It was really good to be sucked into the story and then to keep getting pulled into the story so that I could get it read in no time.I liked Ree as a character and I thought her full name Alastriana, was really cool It was different, unique and I really liked it I also liked Paden and Juliette Actually, come to think of it there wasn t really any of Ree s friends that I didn t not like.There was one little thing that irked me a bit and that was the way Ree and Payden acted around each other They just made me want to grab them and push them together, at times it was so frustrating I thought that Ree s power was really interesting and I loved the whole concept of this book I m always interested in Gods and Goddesses and so this one was great I m curious to learn about the powers and what these Gods and Goddesses do as well.Mortal Obligation is quite a short book so it s quite easy to breeze through it I did think that the ending was kind of abrupt though, but in saying that it is the first book in the series I thought it did a good job setting up the series though Especially with the little twist at the end that I have to admit I was not expecting at all It was definitely a good twist though.Overall, I enjoyed Mortal Obligation I look forward to continuing with the series. I loved this book I had been following the author s blog for a while prior to the book s release and the premise had intrigued me a young adult urban fantasy, a character that stands between the certain destruction of the human race, and the promise of a romantic side story My type of book It took me about a chapter to really get into it, but after that it just got better and better I really liked Ree, I thought she was a spunky, well developed character And it was great because it wasn t just her and one other friend against the darkness, there was a whole cast of characters each with their own distinct personalities I have to say though, that my favorite character is Roland I kinda heart him Like a lot The pacing was really good also I think it is really hard especially since I am a fantasy writer myself to write a fantasy and tell the reader everything about the new world or version of the world in a way that is interesting and not just a list of all the things that are different You can t really have a whole chapter dedicated to describing how this is different than that and so on I thought that Nicole Chase did a good job slipping information in without losing my attention I definitely recommend this book, it was a great read There aren t any final dates as to when the second book will be released, but when I asked Nicole on her blog she said it would be before Christmas, so it can t be that long of a wait unlike some certain authors I could name coughs Christopher Paolini, Cassandra Clare coughs Anyway, check this book out, you ll be glad you did Nice twist for the ya immortal genre Got this book for.99 and it beats any dollar menu item hands down I ve been getting really frustrated lately with love triangles, wimpy plots and lackluster writing If you have been too.don t fear this book Ok, truth be told, it may have a potential love triangle lurking in the pages But the organic feel of the writing style and premise than make up for this tired tension builder In the first few pages, you ll meet Ree She s an artistically driven high school student with a great group of friends and a relatively good life Not the most popular but seems to be balanced if not happy Ree lost her older brother a couple years before this story starts and that lost has not worked itself emotionally Payden, her older brother s best friend is always at her side up to a point, there is a line he just won t cross On the way to a concert with Payden and her friends.some freaky things are happening to ReeNichole did a great job creating a world where the paranormal and normal cross paths This story has a nice intensity, a good blend of action, drama and romantic tension It s the first book in her Dark Betrayal trilogy and I m hungry for GR summary Ree will face the darkest form of betrayal before the year is out Seventeen year old Ree McKenna has three goals get through high school, convince her crush she is than his best friend s little sister, and save money for college Fate, though, has other plans for her After the untimely death of her older brother, Ree is haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions To make matters worse, Ree has started to suspect that something dangerous is stalking her from the shadows A night full of frightening surprises leaves Ree with unsettling news Gifted by the gods with unusual powers, she must devote herself to a battle that could very well lead to not only her death, but the demise of everyone she knows and loves After all, Ree is the only mortal standing between the Earth and utter darkness Set in Savannah, Ga. My Rating 3 3 3 3Great The Plot Summary from GoodReads Ree will face the darkest form of betrayal before the year is out Seventeen year old Ree McKenna has three goals get through high school, convince her crush she is than his best friend s little sister, and save money for college Fate, though, has other plans for her After the untimely death of her older brother, Ree is haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions.To make matters worse, Ree has started to suspect that something dangerous is stalking her from the shadows A night full of frightening surprises leaves Ree with unsettling news Gifted by the gods with unusual powers, she must devote herself to a battle that could very well lead to not only her death, but the demise of everyone she knows and loves After all, Ree is the only mortal standing between the Earth and utter darkness.Set in Savannah, Ga, Mortal Obligation is the first book of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy.I really like how Nichole Chase set up her book The entire thing moved in a natural and logical way that let the reader get to know Ree and her friends, the situation they were in, and the changes that were happening to them in great detail Yet at the same time, this was done without being overwhelming We get a clear image of the natural world by this I mean the way their life was before everything happens and then get to follow the characters as they learn about the ways that their lives will change as they undertake a daunting task to save Earth from a great and terrible peril.The beginning and the ending were both strong, well written and fast paced There are definitely some surprises that the reader will not see coming or at least, surprises that this reader didn t I liked the fact that Nichole was not afraid to have her characters take risks and that she was capable of making those risks have real and valid consequences The middle was good, but the pace was slower since it focused on the training, growth and acceptance of the characters the ways in which they adjusted to their new life and the responsibilities it brought with it Despite the slight switch in pace, I liked the way this was done because it gave me time to build connections with each member of the reasonably large cast of characters to some degree Since this is the start of a trilogy, I feel that it was a smart move and rather important.I think my biggest issue with the plot of Mortal Obligation might be that the ending was slightly too abrupt It was not a full blown, completely annoying cliffhanger It did a great job at setting things up for the next book But I did not feel that it tapered off naturally.The Characters I genuinely like Ree and I found her an interesting character to share eyes with for a story I felt that she was brave and compassionate, and was impressed with how she held her own considering the situation that she is in For a while I was concerned that she was holding it together too well, given the circumstances, but fortunately the issues that were nagging at me namely the difference in her future and that of all of her friends was adequately addressed This was very important to me, as a reader, because until it was addressed I must admit that I was having trouble empathizing with the situation I kept thinking If I were you I d tell them all to bite me Paden and Roland were both equally awesome I ll talk about Paden first I found him charming and liked the fact that he was protective and caring toward Ree without coming off like a crazy stalker I enjoyed learning about his connection to the Gods and found watching him adapt to his new situation rather fun I also felt that he had great rapport with the other Guardians and was glad to see that while he was a major force in Ree s life, that he was not the only thing one there.As for Roland, I loved him He has this fascinating past that gets hinted at throughout the story He can be both snarky sarcastic, or totally sweet and charming He is a Dark One bad who works with the Guardians good which makes me curious about how he really feels about everything that is going on And he and Ree seem to have some very interesting chemistry, something which I fought against initially but ultimately found very satisfying.As for the rest of the Guardians, Nichole Chase created a solid cast to help Paden and Ree in their quest I loved the little moments between Juliette and Bryce, and I thought that the closeness of Melanie and Weylin was cute in it s own way, too If I had to pick a favorite out of these four it would be Weylin I seem to have a fondness for guys with a little bit of attitude.Lastly, I cannot feel that the character section would be complete without talking about Sylvia The fact that my opinion of her changed so drastically and so many times over shows how good a job that Nichole did at setting her character up I loved the fact that she was so complex and that I was constantly questioning how I felt about her, since I feel that is what Ree was doing which made total sense as well The Romance Normally speaking I despise love triangles Or at the very least, an author is fighting an uphill battle if they want me to care about them Not so in Mortal Obligation I adore both Paden and Roland and I found their interactions with Ree equally interesting, which made it impossible for me to totally cheer for one over the other Paden and Ree have been close for a long time He was her brother Tristan s best friend before he died, and he has taken to watching over Ree since that point Ree has had feelings for Paden for a while now I felt for both characters in this situation I think most girls end up with a crush on a guy who is a little older at least once in life And as someone who has two brothers, I can understand how Paden might feel concerned about what his friend would think if he tried to get together with Ree It made for some very good conflict and tension.Roland is a great big question mark First there is the fact that he has lived for a very long time Then there is the fact that he is a Dark One Add to that a history with some very shocking secrets and you can bet that I was totally intrigued Truth be told If I was Ree I would choose Roland I totally loved him But that doesn t necessarily mean I instantly think they are right for each other I liked how different each of these guys personalities were I liked the fact that both were strong, confident characters and that both were dedicated to both protecting Ree and to encouraging her to be able to protect herself I cannot get behind romance that encourages a character to become a passive heroine I appreciate the fact that although Ree is clearly a vulnerable character, Nichole never makes her a passive one She is on board and fully thinking from beginning to end, which is part of what made reading the book such a joy and cheering for the romances so much fun.In General I am very glad to have had the opportunity to read Mortal Obligation It combined many of the things that I feel create a great story memorable characters, intelligent detailed world building, a gripping conflict that presents real challenges and consequences for the characters and a romance complete with a hero heroes in this case, which, yet again, is extremely impressive worth falling in love with The only thing that is really left to say is that I am eagerly looking forward to reading the rest of this series Nichole s first book is fabulous and I think it s safe to say that we can expect great things from her.If you re looking to read an interesting urban fantasy with great characters, lots of action and a swoon worthy love triangle, Mortal Obligation comes highly recommended I totally loved it and can t wait to read. Maybe even 4 1 2 starsThis first novel of a trilogy, left me hungry for It is well written and very engaging.The main character, Ree is strong, sometimes stubborn, sometimes weak and vulnerable, and interesting to follow as she learns she has an obligation to the world The character has depth and it is very easy to build empathy toward this girl who is torn from the life she has known and also torn by her own inner turmoils The other characters are distinct and intriguing, with their own secrets to reveal when the time is right.The world building is exceptional and easy to relate to as the paranormal aspects are lightly interspersed through the known real world In some ways, this can almost be seen as a Buffyverse , with the norms not having a clue what goes on behind the scenes, even if they are caught up in the middle of it This alternate universe makes for a fascinating read, without having to suspend all belief.With the flood of paranormal literature out there, Nichole Chase has taken a chance in including her own Her risk, hopefully pays off, as this novel stands above many of the offered fare. Nichole Chase has created a darkly mesmerizing adventure with Mortal Obligation Vampires and traditional mythology intertwine to breed a fascinating new take on all things vampire I absolutely love the world Nichole created for this book Her characters have chemistry, although they are not all that complex The third person narrative allows a greater understanding of everyone s successes and failures, pulling you along for the ride.Ree Alastriana A junior in high school who is charged with the fate of the entire world when all she really wants to do is enjoy the year, save money for college, and maybe enjoy some one on one time with her dearly departed brother s best friend, Paden Ree is a little oddshe is artsy and tends to daydream a lot She cherishes the friends she has because they are few and far between However, her group of friends will prove to be much loyal than she could ever imagine Now all she has to do is survive Paden A super hot gift from the godsliterally Marked with the trident of Poseiden and bearing the necklace of Brigid, he is destined for huge things Brigid s insight led to Paden being made of mixed immortal blood The only of Ree s guardians to be blessed by two god s, Paden is an invaluable part of her team The question iscan he be everything Ree needs and wants him to be He was Ree s brother s best friend and made a promise to look after her Juliette is a girly girl with lots of money but she isn t a snob She is always impeccably dressed but she s not afraid to throw down with the guys either She and Ree share a mutual dislike for Shannon and Michaeltwo friends of Tristan s Juliette is one of the few friends that Ree feels comfortable with Juliette is descended from the Japanese Sun goddess, Amaterasu Bryce Juliette s boyfriend, who she compares to Adam Sandler The gods have granted Bryce speed, which comes in handy as one of Ree s guardians Bryce originates from an African godHorus He was one of the first to foresee the need to provide extra protection to Ree Bryce wears a ring with The Eye of Horus on it The symbol is said to provide the wearer protection, royal power, and good health Weylin Another of Ree s illustrious guardians, he is the most hesitant to climb aboard He is also a descendant of Poseidon s Poseidon s mark is a trident inside Weylin s and Paden s wrist Melanie is polar opposite of Weylin She is a little too excited to join the ranks of the guardians She is out for revenge and loving every minute of it The goddess Hecate is where Melanie s history lies Shannon and Michael are well on their way to becoming full blown Dark Ones They kick up the creep factor drastically Both attend school with the others and Michael plays soccer with Paden Everyone seems to feel the same way about this couplethey like them best when they are far away Tristan As previously mentioned, was Ree s brother Drugs and drinking became a significant part of his life before he died in a drunk driving accident He has trusted Paden with his sister s care, though, that may be Tristan s biggest mistakes yet, in the grand scheme of things Roland A reformed Dark One is the best way to describe this immortal being He irreplaceable as a trainer for Ree s guardians, although, Paden spares no love for him I found myself inexplicably drawn to Roland Probably because he is a reformed bad boy and we all know how I do love those guys Sophie Once a guardian herself, is now in charge of training the new Alastriana She was given the death touch by her sister and is now able to harness powers only granted to the Alastriana She is tough but also kind and knowledgeable She tends to keep secrets that could mean life or death for Ree and her friends.I loved this book I absolutely, positively fell head over heals in love with all of the characters and the mythology involved Each of Nichole s words proved to have meaning as I read Mortal Obligation I would read a line and then 50 pages later realize that the line had meaning than I ever imagined The first chapter was extremely well written giving you insight to each character and providing a perfect amount of mystery to keep you reading.The premise of the books was fascinating to me Two sets of gods got together and decided on a set number of battles to decide the fate of the world Each of the battles consist of a single Alastriana, her guardian, and a Dark One The set number of fights 101 Battles already fought 100 Score tied 50 50 Ree must win or the world is lost to the Dark Ones Lucky for her, the rules have changed She has five guardians plus Sophie and Roland behind her Not so lucky for herthe Dark One she must battle will cause her strife and grief than she could ever imagine.Action played a larger part in Mortal Obligation than anything else however, there was also a great amount of time spent building potential romances None of that fall in love at first sight stuff I am truly interested in seeing where Nichole takes this romance The different aspects of different relationships she alludes to, promise to make for an interesting storyline as the series continues.Even though the storyline is rather dark, I was left laughing out loud on quite a few occasions. Ree fears she is being followed by something lurking in the shadows She is right While out with friends, Ree is attacked And the world she thought she knew changes in an instant No longer a typical teenager, she is now the only hope for mankind against a group of deadly vampires called the Dark Ones And yeah, these guys don t sparkle Each of her friends are given special powers and become Guardians in order to protect Ree in the battle against the Dark Ones With only a week left before school, the group must train to use their talents and prepare themselves First and foremost this author is one of the sweetest authors I have come across Just precious Second, her book totally rocks The plot is well developed as well as the kickin tail characters Out of all the characters in the book, I liked Ree the most Labeled an art geek in school, she really grew into her new role throughout the week the book takes place The character I wanted to slap upside the head the most That would be Paden Why must he be a butthead in the love department But yeah I still love him too I am looking forward to the next book and praying there is as much action, suspense and romance as in this one Mortal Obligation is definitely a must read book that you re going to love UPDATE I did forget to mention there is one whopper of a twist in the book I was so shocked Source Downloaded for free from.co.uk 17 year old Alastriana Ree is going to a concert with a friend Paden when she is attacked, and somehow manages to use some sort of green energy to fight off her attackers When her employer than turns up and tells her that she and her friends are special, and should come visit her island, they are unsure of her intentions, but when they realise that Ree now has glowing eyes, and Paden now has fangs that they need to find out what is going on.It is then revealed that Ree is the key to surviving an epic battle against the dark ones vampires from another planet, and that she must be trained for the battle ahead.Can Ree win the coming war Can she survive a relationship with Paden And what other surprises lie in store for her This book was okay I suppose, but for me it just dragged, and some things were a bit annoying.The characters were all okay, but none of them really called out to me I didn t really have any strong feelings for any of them unfortunately, which obviously isn t good.The storyline was okay, but I was just bored The story just dragged, it felt really immature, and just dull unfortunately There was a romantic scene between Ree and Paden which I liked, even though I did think it rather fortunate that two such long term friends both felt for each other, but there wasn t enough romance to save the story for me.I did get annoyed about some aspects of this book There were a couple of large ish info dumps which bored me, and a couple of statements that were a little off, such as you may be immortal, but if you are injured too severly, you will die I m pretty sure that Immortal means that you can t die, so this was a bit of an oxymoron, and we then sat through a discussion in which Ree was told that she would win the battle, so therefore they had to keep her safe, and she wasn t allowed to fight Excuse me if I m wrong here, but I fail to see how she will ever be able to win a battle if she isn t allowed to fight And if she isn t allowed to fight, what the hell are you training her for I suppose the ending of this one was alright, and there was an interesting surprise appearance The ending was left very open for the next book though, which I don t think I ll be reading.Overall Not for me.4 out of 10. ^Book ↭ Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1) ☔ Ree Will Face The Darkest Form Of Betrayal Before The Year Is OutSeventeen Year Old Ree McKenna Has Three Goals Get Through High School, Convince Her Crush She Is Than His Best Friend S Little Sister, And Save Money For College Fate, Though, Has Other Plans For Her After The Untimely Death Of Her Older Brother, Ree Is Haunted By Dreadful Nightmares And Terrifying Visions To Make Matters Worse, Ree Has Started To Suspect That Something Dangerous Is Stalking Her From The Shadows A Night Full Of Frightening Surprises Leaves Ree With Unsettling News Gifted By The Gods With Unusual Powers, She Must Devote Herself To A Battle That Could Very Well Lead To Not Only Her Death, But The Demise Of Everyone She Knows And Loves After All, Ree Is The Only Mortal Standing Between The Earth And Utter DarknessSet In Savannah, Ga, Mortal Obligation Is The First Book Of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy