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I think it s safe to say that I will read every Calvin and Hobbes book that has ever been written and none of them will ever receive a rating of less than 5 stars. I love Calvin and Hobbes Freakin Awesome as always. Clever and utterly hilarious I loved it. Do you know as there are some things which never fail in cheering you up A hot chocolate on a cold night, some leisure time laying on the grass on a sunny day, a cold beer with a friend and a Bill Watterson s book I ve been under extreme pressure lately, so I took some time to revisit this two friends of mine and what a visit Calvin Hobbes take me back to a time when everything was simple childhood We then grew up, life got in the way, things got complicated, and much of the innocence was lost along the way The eyes which used to see everything from a child s view has now changed despite our efforts to remain the same While reading this books, I feel like looking at the world through a child s lenses I only desire that we would use it a little in our busy adult life The world would for sure be a better place for everyone Thank you, Bill Watterson, for this opportunity. I was crushed when Watterson decided to discontinue the Calvin and Hobbes series of comic strips for adults, so I bought all the trade paperbacks I ran into one the other day while dusting some book shelves not my favorite activity I had read it before but these characters never get old and are iconic as far as I am concerned So over lunch, I read it again and it was just as enjoyable as the first time If you have never dipped your toe into the world of Calvin and Hobbes, you are missing quite a treat Witty, wise, and whimsicalhighly recommended. All the usual delightful and poignant Calvin hijinks are in this collection in addition to a couple rather honest emotional strips that kind of amazed me in their honesty Calvin s parents unease after returning from vacation to find their home was broken into and, little moments like Calvin asking his mother to tell him she loves him before he comes down out of the tree expecting to be in huge trouble Normally, I find myself identifying with Calvin or Hobbes, but this volume reminded me how well Watterson captures parenthood. I love Calvin who never wants to bathe, or go to bed, let alone wake up, and go to school He philosophizes on problems such as how could Santa Claus finance his business, and why do the ants work constantly I also love Hobbes who pounces on Calvin every day, and I guess he is Calvin s better half, at least he is tryingWe ll get in troubleMy absolute favorite in this volume is Calvin s Mother s Day poemDid you notice the part about my allowance. I think this one s my favorite Calvin and Hobbes collection In it, Mr Watterson tries his hand at a couple of serious storylines, namely the Propeller Beanie tale and the sequence in which Calvin s home gets burgled I think he handled both tales well, melding realistic events with Calvin s weird take on reality And, of course, there s the usual Calvinity afoot, including the origin of G.R.O.S.S I would have thought that institution had started earlier in the strip s history Good thing I m rereading the collections so I can get things straight, eh (READ KINDLE) á The Revenge of the Baby-Sat ä The Praise And Popularity Of Calvin And Hobbes Continue To Escalate As The Hottest Comic Strip Around Reaches Its Fifth Birthday With Keen Insight, Bill Watterson Depicts Life Through The Eyes Of A Child, And The Limits Of Our Imaginations Are Challenged As We Accompany Calvin And Hobbes While They Stir Up Trouble, Travel Through Time, Transmogrify Themselves And Just Have Fun In Everything They Do What can I say about Calvin and Hobbes that has not already been said I grew up reading about Calvin s crazy adventures and imaginative world When I became a father I bought these for my son and he has a pile of Calvin and Hobbes books that are splashed all over his bed He sometimes comes out of his room laughing and wanting to show me another one , and I have enjoyed reading them all over again, especially with my son.