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Books like Run really should be standalone I read the 25 ish chapters in a few hours, finishing about 3 AM, because there was no point at which I could put it down It was non stop action, right up to the last page No rest breaks, and no resolution after reading all those pages I can t run out and buy the next one I m broke, but even if I wasn t, I have far too many unread books sitting on my shelves to justify buying a sequel to anything less than blew my mind so this is rather frustrating I have but one other grumble the narration I completely understand why you would want to use present tense narration in a book like this It lends an immediacy that fits the subject well Although there is a tendency for present tense narration to feel a bit clunky because we re so used to the past tense in literature, I think it can work in the first person A recent example being, of course, The Hunger Games What doesn t work is third person present tense, like in Run The present tense feels evenawkward in third person and the third person distances the reader from protagonist The immediacy of the present tense is counteracted by the distancing of the third person, and you re left with prose so awkward that it took me a good ten chapters to stop being pulled out of the tension of the story by the clunkiness of the text.It s hard to really sum up how I felt about Run It had its flaws, but was interesting gripping enough to have me reading well into the early hours and leave me frustrated that I will probably never know the rest of the story In conclusion Middle of the range YA novel with some limited similarities to The Hunger Games A series that is hard to definitively classify, but may turn out to be sci fi or perhaps dystopian. 3 1 2 stars for this one I enjoyed the writing style and plot The story is not all that unique but was well written The writer kept me engaged in the story and the characters had depth It ended rather abruptly It wasn t an actual cliffhanger in my opinion It did leave you hanging there but feltlike an incomplete story I will buy the next one to see what happens, as was the author s intent It could not be a stand alone book because it is just incompletelike the author divided a whole book and sold it in a group of chapters One thing I disliked about it was that the main character blamed himself for everything, things that he had no control over That is so cliche and played out in books I roll my eyes every time a character does that.On apositive note, the story flowed well and I did enjoy it. P edstavte si, e se probud te sv zan v dod vce, ani byste v d li, jak jste se do n dostali, hlava pulzuj c bolest z drogov ho opojen , kon etiny jako z gumy Dva chl pci v s vesele vyhod v noci uprost ed lesa a s sm vem v s upozorn , e byste m li za t b et Vykuchan mrtvola d t te na nedalek m strom a nep li vzd len nelidsk vyt v s p esv d , e tohle opravdu nebude stezka odvahy na letn m t bo e Celkem p jemn jednohubka A m p ekvapilo, jak jsem se do p b hu dok zala za st, prvn polovinu knihy jsem ob as i zapom nala d chat, jak nap nav byla V druh se to u tro ku zhor ilo I kdy nic, co bych ne ekala, kdy jsem se na za tku dozv d la, e je hlavn mu hrdinovi sotva 16 kdo kdy etl jak koliv YA u asi tu , o em mluv m DKnihu jsem si st hla zdarma v r mcibargains u p ed p r m s ci, tak e jsem si nepamatovala v bec nic, a la do ten bez p edsudk Velk m nus je, e jde o prvn d l ze ty a je vid t, e vypr v n autorka velmi um le natahuje Ve fin le se toti d j o moc dop edu nedostane a v m je jasn , e dal d ly budou stoprocentn fillery Pro m plus, pro autorku tro ku m nus, je vhodn pojmenov n v ech d l , proto e po p e ten prvn ho m m celkem slu nou p edstavu, co se bude d t v t ch dal ch Jako to zv dav osoba si mo n koup m posledn d l, abych v d la, jak to s Reidem a ostatn mi skon Tak e co od Run m ete ekat P esn to, co slibuje n zev spousta b h n , k tomu slu n budovan nap t hlavn prvn p lku nedoporu uju slab m povah m, u v bec ne v noci , n jak ta YA kli , vra d n teenager , n jak ten tok na city a samoz ejm otev en konec Kdy od knihy nebudete p edem nic moc ekat, dok e v s ur it p ekvapit stejn mile jako m. Heart pounding.Pulse racingBlood pumpingNerves Jumping.Stomach churning.Nail biting.Teeth clenching.You will look over your shoulder.You will tense at every sound.You will wonder when they will get you.Step into Reid s shoes and you will be turning the pages as fast as the hunted can run.Imagine your worst nightmarerelease the monsters of dreamland horrors.and you will also want to RUN Patti Larsen has created a world that will disturb you, haunt you and change you As she literally asks you to jump into her character s shoes, you will be faced with a world where everything you ever knew just got spun on its head and spat you out.The conflicts are finely crafted and taut with tension The voice will cut you with emotion.For fans of The Hunger Games Trilogy, get your hands on this story You will not be disappointed.You will not be able to forget these characters.You will not be able to put this book down but you will not want this story to end. I was there in the dark with Reid, scared to look in case I saw a dead mangled kid, or worse, a hunter My heart banged against my ribs harder than was comfortable I imagined sounds, saw ominous shadows in the post midnight dark of my room Reid didn t stop running, I didn t stop reading I devoured Run in one sitting and thought of little else for days but when I d be able to get my hands on Hide If you liked The Hunger Games, Run could be your favorite book of the summer. Reid thinks he s finally safe and back with his sister, but not all is what it seems When he is dumped in a dark forest and chased by hunters, only one question matters Can he run fast enough to stay alive This is a brilliant YA paranormal thriller by one of my favorite authors Her prose and storytelling is brilliant and this entire series kept me riveted A must read for anyone who doesn t mind the darker side of YA. I got this book for free about 4 years ago but as I accumulated books, this one just moved further and further down my tbr The writing is great which is what kept me hooked This is the first book in a 4 book series However, I won t be continuing the series because the reviews on them have been rather iffy I am going to start with saying that the writing made Run very entertaining We are introduced to the main character Reid who is in an unfortunate situation, fighting for survival He gets into survival mode quick and tries to figure out his situation all while avoiding creatures hunting him and other children down.We don t learn anything in this book Reid and fellow children are running from their lives from these hunters that have animalistic qualities The description of the hunters made me think of the Hunters in the video game Left 4 Dead 2 Other than that this was a good read but I won t be reading the other books in the series. True Rating 3.5 Stars.Now he understand how it feels to be nothing, inconsequential.The GoodIt hits the ground running and doesn t stop Jam packed with suspense and overwhelming mystique of what is really going on.Reid is a thinker Sure, he s impulsive at times, but when he is, it is completely understandable and almost expected given the circumstances.I loved the word play it reels you in better than a hook, line, and sinker.I loved the supernatural element and initially, I was happy with how long what they were was kept hidden I was eager to knowabout the hunters but, at the same time, I was almost satisfied with the information given and the pace in which you were learning different things That changed And then A few monkey wrenches were thrown at you The Bad Plot holes and or contradictions.The poachers supposedly parachuted into the cage But, when the helicopter came, it was blown up by anti aircraft weaponry The poachers would have had to use some kind of aircraft to get over the fence in order to parachute inso The so called pact with the hunters went against everything you first learned about them They liked the hunt, they liked the thrill, they liked to kill Period Nothing about what I witnessed of the hunters showed them capable of being bargained with My other issue How did Joel supposedly negotiate with them They only growled and grunted from what I was being told by Larsen And I am sure I am not alone in noticing that the only time the hunters payed with their food was when Reid was dealing with them They didn t bother playing with the first kill you witness, or with Monica They sure didn t play with Trey So, that annoyed me, because it was glaringly obvious that these instances of dealing with the hunters were supposed to be for show.rather than feeling like he actually had a chance or got away through his own sheer luck.Disintegrating into dust upon death How convenient This would have done well to be explained You even could have taken the route that it was to prevent the kids from using their claws and teeth as weapons But no, there was nothing to explain this.There were a few editing issues throughout the book Misplaced words, and a few extra lettersand the wrong usage of too from time to time It really didn t take anything away from the read though, as the action going on made short work of any annoyance I felt There was no real character development, though I will say that it didn t stop me from enjoying the characters I just wasn t attached to any Not even Reid really.My biggest problem, though, was that you learned absolutely nothing about what was going on So there is no real desire to read the next book other than to do so because you know there s another one Overall This was a fast paced read It was entertaining Suspenseful enough to encourage page turning It just really lacked in finesse, and tying up loose ends.I d still recommend it. There s been an explosion of dystopian YA since THE HUNGER GAMES made the bestseller lists, and RUN is no exception, but I think it holds its own It reads a bit like an homage to several books people have listed LORD OF THE FLIES, THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, etc but manages to keep enough of itself to be original, I think.RUN has a lot of action there s really no down time, so the book feels shorter than it is This is not a bad thing In an era of books like THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, which spend ages walking and talking and doing nothing, it s refreshing to find a book that starts in high gear and doesn t slow down I felt caught up with Reid, and wanted to keep reading.The very nature of this book is such that it leaves the reader with a lot of questions Why Reid and later others Who is hunting him Where is his sister Few of these questions were actually answered in the course of the book, as we have no outside POV to provide things Reid doesn t know It makes sense not to reveal them, with such a close POV, but when I reached the end and realized I didn t know anythan when I started, I did wonder how long this is going to drag out Some people may take issue with the amount of violence in a book marketed to younger readers, but I don t think it s a problem The first instance of violence is definitely startling, but I don t think it descends into gore porn at all Instead, it provides a very effective shock to the reader, showing us that this is not just going to be an academic exercise We re going to feel everything Reid feels Ms Larsen does this very well While I winced at a few of the gory scenes, I didn t find them excessive or exploitative in the least.I did have a problem with the portrayal of female characters in this book since dystopian YA is so proliferated with strong, competent female characters, it was jarring to come across a book where the only thing that girls do is die or cry a lot or both Reid s favourite adjectives for girls are frail , weak , fragile , etc., and I kept expecting someone to prove him wrong, but no one did None of the girls he meets have any agency The character Leila has one moment of steel pointed out by Reid as surprising , and one moment of badassery that in my opinion gets overshadowed by the fact that she s sobbing the whole time and sobs for a while after Her dominant feature for me, when I try to think of her, is crying Given that Milo s is sarcasm and Drew s is intelligence and unflappability, I found this extremely disappointing I wanted her to DO something, be useful Sadly, she really wasn t.Part of this could be because Reid s character is a slight misogynist, and that colours the narrative He refers to his sister as weak and fragile constantly, when the only instance we see of her in the actual story is of her rescuing him from foster care, after fighting a year long legal battle, and intending to support him The actual story shows us nothing weak or fragile about her, so it could just be his own opinion This is strengthened by the fact that he says the same about his mother, while constantly praising his father s strength and intelligence Whatever happened in Reid s past that made him dismiss women, I don t know I hope it comes out in further books and that he gets called on it, or at least that a female character does something competent at some point.As a side note for Reid s narration the book is in very close third person, my favourite POV, but I don t think it utilizes it fully For a book that s entirely in one person s head, I don t think Reid has a strong enough voice to pull it off Occasionally we get glimpses of what his voice sounds like, and it shines through, but it s not enough to give me a full cohesive feeling of him Part of this is because he s fighting for his life and naturally disassociating, but I d like to see a littleof Reid in his narration.I do applaud the book for NOT having a romance It would have been entirely unrealistic for Reid and Leila to get together, but that doesn t stop so many other authors When she was introduced, I actually groaned out loud but when they didn t get together and didn t even hint at it I felt like cheering instead Take note, authors we don t need romance every step of the way.I would like to say that I am pleased and surprised by the character of Drew He fits the chubby, smart boy stereotype, and I wasn t expecting much from him, but I m happy to be wrong He s intelligent, funny but not inappropriately so , and, perhaps most surprisingly, shrugs off others bullying of him without letting it get through to him or crying silent tears of pain He s a strong, interesting character, and I loved him.The ending wasn t so much of an ending as it was a ha ha, guess you ll have to buy book two D , which kind of annoys me, but I already have book 2 so I suppose I ll survive If it does it again at the end of HIDE, though, I m going to be cranky Ramping up tension is one thing, but manipulating the readers can only go so far Overall, I enjoyed this I just wished some of the characters were a littlerealized, and that a fewquestions had been answered It feels like half a book, rather than the first in a series Luckily it was a quick read about an hour so I can move on to the next Yikes, tl dr, sorry ^Free Pdf ⇦ Run ☠ Sixteen Year Old Reid Thinks Life Is Back To Normal His Sister Lucy Pulls Herself Together And Cuts Him Free From A Year Of Foster Care She Promises To Take Care Of Him, That Her New Boss And Her New Life Are What They Both Needed To Start Again Until Reid Is Taken In The Middle Of The Night, Dumped In A Wild Stretch Of Forest Far From Home With No Idea Why He Is There Lost And Afraid, He Learns To Run From The Hunters Who Prowl The Darkness, Their Only Pleasure Chasing Down Kids Like Him And Killing Them