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Olive and her little pooch Snowflake are rebels with a cause and four paws These two do everything together including occasionally tearing up the house, so Mom suggests they both go to dog obedience school to get Snowflake to behave Olive, being about six, gets freaky thinking if they send away the pooch, they might send away Olive, too Then Mom reassures Olive, in the way stereotypical of moms in fiction We only send away misbehaving dogs to school, not misbehaving children Translation but we are looking into all the options The ending is way too pat, but too sweet and charming to be put down by a critic like me Try it.Three starsOlive I LIVE for cute stories like this one Olive and Snowflake, Olive s dog, are best friends They do everything together They played together, slept together, and read together In fact, they did everything together, including getting into trouble But if Snowflake is so destructive that he must be sent away to obedience school,what does that mean for Olive Will she be sent away, too A lovely story of a family working out problems, full of charming illustrations. Olive and Snowflake did everything together Where every Olive when is where Snowflake would follow But lately Snowflake had not been acting very well So Olive s parents decided it was time for obedience school One day Olive over heard her parents talking and saying that if Snowflake didn t start acting better then she would have to go Olive thought that this meant her too, so she got really sad and scared When they all got to the obedience school, Olive kept saying I will do this I can behave Please, don t send me away Her parents realized what was going on and told her that the obedience school was only for Snowflake After that Olive felt so much better and Snowflake became one of the most well behaved dogs I thought Olive and Snowflake was such a cute little book The cover first caught my eye cause it reminded me of my dog Oliver I loved the type of passion and connection Olive had with Snowflake The illustrations were really great and tied so well together with the story This book is great to read to you any young kids, even parents will love it too. Realistic Picture Book 2011This is a sweet story, but how frightening for a little girl to think that she might be sent away from her family if she and her dog cannot learn to behave at obedience school That s how Olive understands her parents reason for sending her and Snowflake to obedience school The misunderstanding is cleared up a little too quickly to be realistic after spending 4 pages developing Olive s thought processes about being sent away.Cute story and lovely illustrations, but somehow, it just misses. ( Download ) ♓ Olive and Snowflake ♰ Olive And Her Dog Snowflake Are The Best Of Friends They Do Everything Together Including Getting Into Trouble Olive S Parents Decide To Send Snowflake To Obedience School Maybe If Snowflake Learns To Behave, They Won T Have To Give Him Away Olive Worries That Her Parents Might Give Her Away, Too So She Accompanies Snowflake To Obedience School Will She And Snowflake Learn The Doggy Tricks That Will Help Them Get Along With Family And Friends Tammy Lyon S Soft Color Acrylic And Pencil Illustrations Add To The Story S Charm And Highlight The Special Relationship Between A Girl And Her Dog preschool story time narrative skills, print motivationThis is the story of a girl and her dog that misbehaves The dog has to go to obedience school or her parents will send the dog away The dog learns new tricks and learns to behave and gets to stay with the girl.The story is a bit wordy for young toddlers, but preschoolers will identify with the story. Please not that no one sends a cat to obedience school smart animals and add another disobedient dog learns to behave book to the shelf The added twist is that Olive fears that obedience school is for her too The artwork is attractive and bright, the text adequate and a bit didactic. I didn t find this humorous Poor thing thinking she might be sent away But even so, what sort of message does it for how to treat pets Puppies are not just for Christmas.