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I barely finished Cave of Journeys, and I will try my best to be honest with this book, and also focus on the many high points in it.Cave of Journeys is well researched, and I found myself learning along with the characters It is a very cozy read over all, that can be shared with all members of the family It is very imaginative and the illustrations add a brilliant touch that helps the story move along The humor on the account of Mattie also added to the story.The three stars is defined by as It s Okay That is definitely what I thought about the book as a whole It is good, well written, and educational at the same time However, I found it difficult to get into There was a definite lack of conflict throughout the book Since conflict is a main element in all fiction pieces, I felt like the story was missing something As a person who doesn t often read this kind of literature, and probably wouldn t pick up the genre at a library, Aboriginal Canada in early 1900 s I try not to judge harshly, as again, it is a very well written book, that educates you alongside the characters I, personally did feel that it lacked conflict, and needed of it in the book.In all, if you are looking for a well written, imaginative story, that just might teach you something, Cave of Journeys is the way to go You can share this story with your friends and family.If you were looking to buy this book, and began looking at the reviews, don t let me stop you from getting yourself a fun read.Oliver Dahl,Author of The Dreamers A Story of Sam Kullen Cave of Journeys Our story begins in Iceland in 2011 with 14 year old Sarah, her 11 year old brother, Mattie, and their grandfather, known as Afi On a walk, the three discover an enchanted cave As Afi s pocket watch spins counterclockwise, they travel back 100 years to 1911 New Iceland Back in time, our three journeyers meet Willow Walker, a 14 year old boy, and his family, who speak Cree Willow Walker s family lives in harmony on the land, connected to nature and animals When Sarah, Mattie and Willow Walker return to explore the cave, they encounter talking bugs, a beautiful butterfly, and a massive, magical tree that sends them on a mission Travel with baskets of gifts to the four Elders, each keepers of the land and protectors of the Aboriginal pictographs They are charged with bringing back bark scrolls of the Aboriginal painting writings from these Elders so their culture, their lives and dreams, can be preserved for future generations.Sarah, Mattie, and Willow Walker travel in a flying canoe to meet the Elders During their adventures, they are told stories of other times and learn about nature, places, animals, and the circle of life Each Elder gives them bark scrolls and red ochre to take back to the Tree so the painted stories may be recorded and preserved.This book would be an enjoyable read for grade school and middle school children It is entertaining and educational It allows children to experience an imaginative world while learning about different cultures, times, places, and ways of living It is an opportunity to learn new words from a language that is likely unfamiliar Children can learn about growing and harvesting food as well as the importance of keeping campfire stories alive.This is a story for anyone that wants to teach their children about a naturalist environment, allow them to experience a time and place where people live in harmony with the land, and how animals can be their teachers This novel teaches children important lessons about balance and the nature of compassion, kindness and respect It reflects the importance of documenting lives well lived.There were times where I felt the novel delivered too much information rather than showing through storytelling and allowing readers to learn while being engrossed in the story There were a few issues with point of view, events, and word choice that threw me out of the story At times I would have liked images, as a reader, like clothing and weather and movement, to help me clearly see the setting and action I would also recommend this novel Our lead protagonist, Sarah, is smart and compassionate though, if I had my druthers, she would have done less tea making and eagle swooping Her brother, Mattie, is funny and enthusiastic and thankfully, for Sarah continuing to learn and mature Mattie reminds us what a bother a brother can be, but their relationship also shows us the love of two siblings We watch our characters grow as they experience an environment that is steeped with fresh learning.The book also delights us with beautiful illustrations And I appreciated the glossary of words at the end.I give this novel 4 STARS for its imaginative storytelling that offers our children a way to learn, grow, and think It is an educational and entertaining story, written by an obviously smart and compassionate author I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to give a fair and honest, non reciprocal review. #KINDLE â Cave of Journeys õ Join Fourteen Year Old Sarah And Her Eleven Year Old Brother Mattie As They Journey One Hundred Years Back In Time As They Enter A Magical Cave Sarah, Mattie And Their Grandfather Are Mysteriously Transported From Iceland In They Arrive In New Iceland, Near Gimli, Manitoba The Year Is While Exploring, They Meet A Fourteen Year Old Cree Boy Named Willow Walker And His First Nations Family The Three Adventurers Stumble Upon The CAVE OF JOURNEYS This Magical Place Records The Chapters Of Humankind Through Picture Writing Sarah, Mattie And Willow Walker Meet An Ancient Oak Tree Who Recruits Them To Retrieve Original Stories Of Canadian History Their Whirlwind Adventure In A Flying Canoe Takes Them To Four Locations The Youth Rush To Visit Elders Entrusted To Guard Rock Paintings At Sites Throughout The Canadian Shield They Have Four Days To Accomplish Their Goal In A Race Against Time CAVE OF JOURNEYS, A Juvenile Fiction Novel, Combines Legend With Fantasy Similar To Alice In ALICE IN WONDERLAND The Youth Face Real Issues In A World That Combines Enchantment And Fantasy With Reality Is This World, With Oversized Creatures, Wise Elders And A Talking Tree Real Is Willow Walker Real Or Is It All Part Of A World Where Legends Abound Join Sarah, Mattie And Willow Walker On Their Journey As They Discover Stories Rich In The Culture And Traditions Of Cree, Icelandic And Ojibwe People This book was an enjoyable read and provided some interesting stories of many of the legends of our aboriginal community The characters were recognizable.the energetic younger brother.the burdened older sister.the dreamy stranger Layered throughout the story were numerous accounts of giant squirrels, dancing lady bugs and talking trees.all in all a fun combination. This book is a distillation of short wisdom stories or, to be precise, ancient lore It reminded me of Edith Hamilton s Mythology, which is a collection of ancient tales reworded in easy to understand language for youngsters.Cave of Journeys is a book of legends and teachings, a book of knowledge It doesn t follow a traditional narrative There is no easy to spot conflict crisis resolution arc, three act structure, four act structure or what have you I would fondly call it a novelized textbook, an educational textbook written in an entertaining way For someone studying Native American folklore, this book is a treasure.Cave of Journeys is a good intro book to Native American folklore, just as Edith Hamilton s Mythology is a good intro book to Greek mythology Cave of Journeys is a young adult book yet contains a wealth of factual information It s written for children, yet I could see a college anthropology student reading and enjoying it.As a child, I read dozens of Norse, Greek and Egyptian Mythology books Had I stumbled across Cave of Journeys in my youth, I probably would have read it until the pages were dog eared and the spine cracked.Cave of Journeys is a great starting point for instilling within your child a greater appreciation of world culture I highly recommend this book. This book aimed at children the author says ages 10 was an enjoyable well written read although I wanted so much than it gave me It left me a little sad I loved the beginning that sweeps two Icelandic children away quickly with their grandfather back in time through a magical cave It was a wonderful surprise that opened up my imagination, ready to take on an adventure Unfortunately once they encounter the Native American people it starts to get bogged down by lessons of naturalist preservation and the adventure aspect begins to dull I think even a ten year old would see this of a teaching book than an adventure, and they could get too bored to hang on It is filled wonderful characters both young and old, human and non, that unfold lessons of compassion and living in harmony with the environment Talking insects, animals, and trees are a nice connection to Icelandic fairy tales and the fact that the children are with their grandfather gives comfort in an otherwise scary situation I was just waiting for something to happen to them, some danger or conflict to keep the adventure moving I learned a lot, as any reader would, it s full of information I think it s all a very important history with a wonderful message, but delivering it to young people requires hooking them into the story There are a lot of elements to work with here to easily establish urgency or conflict towards their efforts to return to their time and keep the reader engaged in the adventure Overall the writing was pleasant and smooth, but there are some mistakes and repetition that hurt it s potential Grammatical error is a problem in a book aimed at young readers especially if it s meant to be a teaching tool There were inconsistencies in descriptions that made it hard for me to visualize the surroundings The illustrations included are great and would be a great benefit I would recommend this book as a teaching tool for Native American Canadian and Icelandic history or as an earth day sort of read It is very imaginative and unique. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a non reciprocal review There will be spoilers Cave of Journeys is a very clean read with a lot of information packed into it If you re looking for something safe for kids, there s absolutely nothing unsavory in here This is the kind of book where the characters are constantly saying please , thank you and apologizing when they do something that might be considered rude.I think another reviewer pretty much summed up the main issue the book has a lack of conflict There s never any tension The only time there was a tense moment when the tree became mad at them it was resolved in about a page It never feels like there s anything at stake and everyone always gets along There s no danger and barely any disagreements.It also needed editing For example When it did tell time proudly displayed it for all to see He repeated his maneuvers repeatedly There s also a spot where I felt like a line was meant to be deleted but got left in Young man, do you have any questions the Elder asked Mattie I like your stories You make them easy to understand Mattie thought for a moment Nope, I don t have any questions yet The middle line felt out of place Then and than are also mixed up constantly in the book Sometimes they re used correctly, and then they ll be used incorrectly several times, so the book is in need of an editor.A lot of the book is basically characters talking to each other about history, respect, and other lessons They re not bad morals to take in or anything, but it is rather exposition heavy There also wasn t really an explanation for a lot of things like why the main characters were the ones picked to go on the journey There wasn t anything they did that couldn t be done by anyone else.I m not sure if the book would hold a child s attention because of the lack of conflict, but it is an innocent enough read and it might It could be a nice introduction to Native American beliefs if they were interested in it, and it certainly has plenty of nice values to teach them and a lot of information It didn t keep my attention very well because I need tension in what I read, but if one of the kids enjoyed it that wouldn t bother me at all.I d say it wouldn t hurt to see if your kids enjoy this book, but it probably wouldn t hold the attention of many adults. The author intends to teach children around the age of ten about the sanctity of the traditions of the First Nations and the New Icelanders, especially of their cave paintings The main character and her younger brother are fourteen and eleven respectively The tone of book is too didactic for my taste After putting myself in the frame of mind of a ten year old, I still think so although I ll admit that I was a pretty contrary ten year old Magic caves, trees, animals or canoes would not have troubled me But I would have found the illustrations confusing, although my adult self found them attractive and the best aspect of the book My ten year old ears assuming this story is read aloud would have found several things jarring in the following passage Sarah smiled as she watched him Afi liked to play with his watch It had been handed down to him by his grandfather and didn t work often When it did tell time sic proudly displayed it for all to see There seems to be a grating condescension in the tone and some word and or punctuation might grammatically be missing from the passage both would have annoyed the ten year old me.Similarly, the following passage would have puzzled me Mattie was equally disappointed That s it Wow, what a rip off What rip off Crawling into a cave means getting into a space with dirt the author knows there is but the characters do not YET know this Further, Sarah s reaction to rabbit stew is unexpected for a preteen in rural Iceland in 2011 or on the Canadian Shield in 1911 I applaud the author s mission, hard work on the story and the message but found it difficult to imagine any preteen enjoying this book As an adult I did not find the writing, the characters or the story engaging. I liked the easy flow of the story, very much like how I imagined a late night storytelling activity would be the kind that gives you comfort as you are told about adventures out there in the wild, wild world For some strange reason, the book reminds me of The Silver Chair from The Chronicles of Narnia a girl and a boy accompanied by an elderly In this book, it s Sarah, Mattie and their Afi grandfather , whereas in the Narnia book it s Jill, Eustace and Puddleglum This book has the same wholesomeness as The Silver Chair and the same sense of adventure Both books lack any sense of urgency, so it becomes a narrative of their travels as they discover new worlds, which in this book is actually an old world set in the past The children learns about the stories and wonders of the world and what must be done to protect the heritage of the past. Children are going to love this book The book s start reminds a bit of Alice in Wonderlands Fortunately, the plot becomes soon original, as the two girls embark on a journey of their own.The adult in me was a bit bothered by the style it s a bit childish, and repetitive If the previous is certainly in accordance with the audience, the latest is probably not Even kids are going to notice the same word is used over and over girls appear about 4 times in the very first page.However, it s a fun read, so I give it 4 stars.