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I enjoy sharing stuff to read with my younger kids This is such a story In fact this is something that besides being an enjoyable read is also educational, and we can all use a bit of that on occasion can t we I like the mix, and it fits right in, it doesn t stick out like a sore thumb Mark Miller has introduced some nice characters, doesn t speak down to a soul, and carries off a very difficult high wire act That for me is a bargain at any price, this just happens to be.99 Check out what is inside Another in the Trestle Press Digital Short Story Cliffhanger Series Star athlete Josh and computer prodigy Madison are recruited by the mysterious Mr Crux to attend a special summer camp The two elementary school kids then begin the adventure of a lifetime They discover that the Small World Global Protection Agency is a network of talented and skilled children in countries all over the world Their mission is to help other kids and save the day when adults can t.In Case File 001 A, New Kids on the Rock, Josh and Madison start their adventure with the Global Protection Agency Their first mission takes them to Australia to help teen pop singer Ja Naya and discover what her evil manager, Feeble Bix is up to Their counterparts, Mick and Kim, are ready for action as they head across the Outback.The Small World Global Protection Agency is an adventure serial aimed at third through fifth grade readers Each volume will take Josh and Madison to a different country The stories will be entertaining, sometimes suspenseful, sometimes humorous Each story will introduce facts about other countries and cultures, educating the reader through the eyes of children their own age while having fun.Mark currently resides in Florida with his family He strives to follow in the footsteps of his namesake, Mark Twain.Mark s father was a newspaper writer and editor for both the Kansas City Star and Kansan Mark received his Bachelor s Degree in Film from the University of Kansas He has been influenced by great stories from C.S Lewis, and Tolkien and Star Wars.Mark is the author of The Empyrical Tales Book I The Fourth Queen and Book II The Lost Queen are available now Book III The Secret Queen is coming Spring 2012 Mark is also the creator of the spiritual eBook series Mark Miller s One The first story, Meant To Be , tells how he met his wife.Mark believes being a father of four makes him uniquely qualified to write his stories He also has spent time in the classroom with third, fourth and fifth graders. The first thing to say about this is that I am not sure about this marketing plan This selection only cost 0.99, but it is only one chapter s worth of story The second thing to say is that, in general, I am not a fan of short stories I just get into them and they are over Now, for the story I can t quite refer to it as a book, since it really isn t The premise is interesting, but there isn t nearly enough development for me So far, everyone seems like a stereotype, from the kid jock and the other kid computer geek to the threatening secret agent, the out back kid, the nondescript out back girl place holder, the aboriginal jeep driver, and quite a few other minor characters For such a short excerpt, there just isn t enough of a hook there I can t really care about any of the characters yet and the problem has just barely started It is an interesting idea and it may appeal to its target audience middle grade kids who like action and adventure, but I will need to debate with myself long and hard, before I commit too much to it There are so many good books out there But I am a sucker for things that have to do with geography and, in this instance, Australia, so who knows, maybe I will try at least the rest of this story. So, yeah, I did read the second part of this adventure just for completeness sake and I stand by my earlier review The characters are stereotypes, the adventure is predictable, the writing is straightforward and not especially compelling This might be redeemed, if some of the other promised elements were worthwhile, but the geography is even faulty If you land at Uluru, it is around 1,778 MILES to Sydney You can t expect to cover this much territory in one nap the drive to Sydney or one brief conversation the drive back from Sydney And, there is very little water along the way, so the chances of meeting that crocodile are pretty slim Sigh I will try something else. [ EBOOK ] ♋ New Kids on the Rock (Small World Global Protection Agency, #1) ♿ Star Athlete Josh And Computer Prodigy Madison Are Recruited By The Mysterious Mr Crux To Attend A Special Summer Camp The Two Elementary School Kids Then Begin The Adventure Of A Lifetime They Discover That The Small World Global Protection Agency Is A Network Of Talented And Skilled Children In Countries All Over The World Their Mission Is To Help Other Kids And Save The Day When Adults Can TIn Case File A, New Kids On The Rock, Josh And Madison Start Their Adventure With The Global Protection Agency Their First Mission Takes Them To Australia To Help Teen Pop Singer Ja Naya And Discover What Her Evil Manager, Feeble Bix Is Up To Their Counterparts, Mick And Kim, Are Ready For Action As They Head Across The OutbackThe Small World Global Protection Agency Is An Adventure Serial Aimed At Third Through Fifth Grade Readers Each Volume Will Take Josh And Madison To A Different Country The Stories Will Be Entertaining, Sometimes Suspenseful, Sometimes Humorous Each Story Will Introduce Facts About Other Countries And Cultures, Educating The Reader Through The Eyes Of Children Their Own Age While Having FunMark Currently Resides In Florida With His Family He Strives To Follow In The Footsteps Of His Namesake, Mark TwainHis Father Was A Newspaper Writer And Editor For Both The Kansas City Star And Kansan Mark Received His Bachelor S Degree In Film From The University Of Kansas He Has Been Influenced By Great Stories From CS Lewis, And Tolkien And Star WarsMark Is The Author Of The Empyrical Tales Book I The Fourth Queen And Book II The Lost Queen Are Available Now Book III The Secret Queen Is Coming Spring Mark Is Also The Creator Of The Spiritual EBook Series Mark Miller S One The First Story, Meant To Be , Tells How He Met His WifeMark Believes Being A Father Of Four Makes Him Uniquely Qualified To Write His Stories He Also Has Spent Time In The Classroom With Third, Fourth And Fifth Graders