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Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comNicolette Spicer, or Nick, has always been a tomboy, and wasn t ashamed of it She was proud of the way she dressed and carried herself and she was proud at how well she did at basketball But Nick s feelings about herself begin to change when she literally bumps into Ben, the new guy at school Who knew he could be so cute up close Now Nick begins to crush on Ben, but there seems to be one little problem It looks like Ben only goes for the types of girls who are completely into the way they look and the latest fashions Girls like Hannah, who just so happens to also be on the basketball team but who is also pretty, Nick s enemy, and definitely the one Ben would go out with Nick knows nothing about fashion and hasn t really cared about the way she looks, but she s determined to have Ben notice her girly side, and hopefully have him choose her over Hannah The only way Nick can accomplish this is to get a makeover, and she needs one quick so she can make her big debut as a girly girl at Hannah s party, which Ben will just so happen to be attending But will this makeover be totally beneficial in helping Nick to get Ben Or will it just make her feel even worse about herself Words just can t describe how hilarious and entertaining HOW TO BE A GIRLY GIRL IN JUST TEN DAYS was Lisa Papademetriou shows us that sometimes being yourself is worth it and definitely less time consuming than a makeover This is the perfect quick read for anyone who just wants to sit back and relax. This was an ok book I don t know why I didn t give it a higher rating I guess this book didn t deserve it I don t think this book gives that great of a message I guess We should never change who we are for anybody, especially a guy Everyone should like you for who are Why be someone you are not I am never going to be anyone besides me in life If the guy doesn t fall for you, it s his loss He s missing out on a great girl We should be ourselves no matter what. #Ebook ñ How To Be A Girly Girl In Just Ten Days (Candy Apple) ⚾ A Magazine Article Makeover Gives Middle School Tomboy Nick A Brand New Look But Can She Be A Girly Girl And Still Be True To Herself Nicolette Spicer Nick To Her Friends Is A Tomboy Through And Through While Her Friends Focus On Shopping And Lip Gloss, Nick Would Rather Buy New Basketball Shoes And Practice Her Free Throw But Everything Changes When She Meets A Cutie Named Ben And Decides She Has To Ditch The Jock Look If She Wants Him To Notice Her With The Biggest Party Of The School Year Just Ten Days Away, Nick Is In A Crunch But When Her Best Friend Lindsay Suggests A Magazine Article Inspired Makeover, It Seems Like The Perfect Solution But Can Nick Change Her Looks And Still Be Herself In the book How to be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days, two friends take the steps and challenges of everyday life and try to become these preppy and popular girly girls for guys to notice them With each chapter, it is started with a quiz, informational paragraph, or horoscopes which provides what may be coming up in the book By the end of the book, both girls, Nick and Lindsay, decide its better to be themselves and come to find out, the guys like them just the way they are The book does not have any illustrations besides the front cover which is girly and pink and is appealing to the eye My first glance at the bookshelf it was on, my eyes were drawn to the book by the colorful front cover and the shopping bags that were next to a female that did not look too interested in the dressy clothing.I think this book is for the ages of 10 14, grades 3 6 because of the growing up that females have to oversee Each female journey is different from the next and even best friends experience things differently The book sends a message to young females that no matter what, be themselves don t change for any I think this message is extremely important for today s society because the younger generation is all about impressing boys and getting their attention by being someone they are not when in reality, people look passed that and really like them for who they really are, without make up and any cover ups just them and that s how it should be Overall, the book was decent but the message it made me think of is incredible and made me rate this book better than I normally would have because as girls age and start junior high, things change and this book sort of prepares them for those changes and helps them remain true to themselves. No, no, no This is not what the media should be promoting to young girls No one has to be girly for someone to take interest in them sigh I hate the gender roles people force today, especially on children It s not right Just be yourselves I read this when I was a bit younger I m a freshman now and I think I probably read it back when I was in 3rd or 4th grade Back then, I enjoyed it so much, it was definitely one of my favorite books It s not necessarily a real guide, it s actually a story If you have a child, or you yourself would like to read it, then I d totally recommend it. This book is about a sport playing tomboy called Nick by her friends But when she meets a cute boy named Ben,she decides to be girly She seeks advice from friends At last,she and Ben were a couple HAPPY ENDING LOVE THIS BOOK. i m so excited for u to read it dani Nicolette Nick is as Tomboyish as it gets She even wore a sweatshirt with a hole in it to a wedding Thankfully her mom made her change Nick and her best friend Lindsay are complete opposites Lindsay has a different crush almost everyday while lately Nick seems to have her eye on someone special His name is Ben and Nick thinks he likes Hannah Hannah is a real life girly girl and also plays on the basketball team with Nick Nick wants to be a girly girl because that s what she thinks Ben likes Hannah s throwing a party everyone s invited to and Nick wants to look nice for Ben Nick and Lindsay get total makeovers, and they look so much better Nick looks like a girl and at least Lindsay turned it down a notch with the theatrics At the end we find that Ben doesn t like Hannah He just spent so much time with her because they were soon to be step siblings What a relief for Nick In the end it turns out Nick s brother Alex might have a crush on Lindsayand Ben might have a crush on Nick I would recommend this book to younger readers because it sort of appeals to them than young adult They would like it because maybe the theme is something they can relate to I wouldn t recommend this book to any boy because it s a book about a girl trying to become a girly girl 12 13 10I just started the book today so I am only on page 2 and I think it s okay in the beginning ,but it may get better throughtout the book I really enjoy candyapple books because they discuss so many thing that middle school girls go through like popularity, crushes, and fashion.12 19 10So far this book is awesome A young girl is invited to a party and she overhears everyone talking what their going to wear She notices everyones outfits sound a little girlyish and she s thinking about what she should wear to fit in I cannot wait to read the next chapter and see what happens 12 30 11My book is getting even better So far Nick and Lindsay are on a quest at the mall to find the perfect outfit for the party and they haven t found anything yet but I m sure they will I predict that Nick might show up to the party looking like a whole new person I can t wait to find out what happens next.