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So Saga, right I was starting to feel like the only person in the universe who hadn t read Vaughan s supposedly fantastic title But I don t generally go for the weird shit Especially if they don t wear spandex And I knew if I hated this, the comic book mafia would be coming for me.I m a big enough person that I can admit that I was really really a little scared of my fellow nerdlings being disappointed in me.However, unlike my fear of giant soul sucking spiders, this fear turned out to be foolish and unrealisticI LOVED THIS SO MUCH Would you like to do this to someone who pimps out children Me too OMG We have soooo much in common And don t even get me started on Alana She s possibly the most wonderfully realistic woman ever put down on paper Ever I could honestly spend the entire review just gushing about how funny this chick was.When it opens, Alana is giving birth to Hazel BEST birthing scene EVERAm I shitting It feels like I m shitting I was like, OMG That s meI said the same thing view spoiler My husband won t speak of it, but I m pretty sure I was right Also, for those of you who haven t given birth, but are planning to in the future Don t worry Even crapping on a table won t stop you man from thinking you re sexy They tend to forget the horror and gore of childbirth withinoh, I d say about six weeks Or whenever your doctor clears you for sex hide spoiler Woah I mean, woah There are so many things to love about this comic The plot, the atmosphere, the characters, the action, the magic those things oh my What I ve seen so far impressed me, grandly, and if it weren t because I highly wanted to review this book right away, I would be right this moment halfway through the second volume Goddamn cliffhanger Loved it.Now, this comic is composed of so many elements that I never dreamed I would one day come to mightily admire, such as monsters, weird chimeras creatures, a futuristic or alternative setting and world and killings everywhere and all the time It just works The story follows not only the main characters with their baby but others such as their pursuers as well There s not a single uninteresting moment It s fast paced, it s imaginative, creative, amazingly drawn and there s one hell of a love story inside it But it s not only that It s not only a love story or one about war and its consequences I see something big coming, something important I can feel it, and you ll feel it too I m positive the soldiers, with the help of some allies, will save the world Oops, huge spoiler if I m right [Read Book] ☪ Saga, Volume One ♑ When Two Soldiers From Opposite Sides Of A Never Ending Galactic War Fall In Love, They Risk Everything To Bring A Fragile New Life Into A Dangerous Old Universe From Bestselling Writer Brian K Vaughan, Saga Is The Sweeping Tale Of One Young Family Fighting To Find Their Place In The Worlds Fantasy And Science Fiction Are Wed Like Never Before In This Sexy, Subversive Drama For Adults Collecting Saga There s an awful lot of crap in the graphic novel world, but it s strangely wonderful little gems like Saga, Vol 1 that make rummaging through the rest of it feel completely worth the effort This first volume is a bizarre, imaginative and very funny beginning to what I m hoping will be a fantastic series I ve read bits here and there of Vaughan s work in the past but this is the first one to make me need to see what else he has in store for us I honestly have no idea how he comes up with this stuff soldiers turned star crossed lovers from opposing armies are on the run from both sides with their newborn child Not so crazy until you add a bunch of ghosts, a huge cat that can tell when someone is lying, a royal family of robots and somehow, amazingly, it all works.The main characters Alana and Marko make an hilarious and lovable duo that also offer a realistic portrayal of a relationship between two young lovers with a baby they hadn t planned for They love each other and their baby daughter They bicker They support each other As different as they may first seem from us regular humans, they are also easy to relate to and I was surprised at how quickly I found myself invested in their story Alana is tough, loves a good dose of sarcasm and snark, and she isn t afraid to say what she thinks or kick some ass if the occasion calls for it Gentle, well meaning pacifist Marko is the complete opposite and they balance each other out so well.It s strange how easily Vaughan managed to juggle several subplots in just 160 pages The story jumps from scene to scene, introducing new characters at every turn but somehow dealing each one out with enough impact to ensure you don t forget who they are when you re redirected to the next exciting subplot I, for one, am very excited to see what volume two will bring and I may have to check out some of Vaughan s other series in the meantime or I risk going crazy waiting for chokengtitiktitikchokengs Isn t this one of the most disturbing things ever Cause I think so. uhmmmmm YES I m in love 5 Awesomely Raunchy Sci Fi StarsThis was only my second graphic novel ever, so obviously I m no expert but this was seriously entertaining as fuck and unlike anything I ve ever read before I am totally a new fan.Give me. This universe looks so cool I can t stop staring at the characters and the vivid worlds It s gorgeous However, the plot itself isn t as unique or fleshed out, and there are quite a few upsetting moments For example, the unnecessary use of the r word view spoiler Also, using a six year old child forced into prostitution as a device to show that our bounty hunter is really a good guy Why hide spoiler Some of the elements in Saga 1 Star crossed lovers who were soldiers in opposing armies of an intersteller war who have a baby and are being hunted by both sides 2 A royal family comprised of humanistic robots with TVs for heads.3 Magic4 Ghosts.5 A bounty hunter with a giant cat that acts as a lie detector.6 A forest that grows wooden rocketshipsAnd that s just the start.I m a huge fan of Vaughan s Y The Last Man and Ex Machina so no surprise that I loved this What is surprising is just how bat shit crazy he made this story Yes, Y TLM was about the sudden deaths of almost every male on earth, and Ex Machina used the idea of a super hero as the mayor of New York right after 9 11, but both of those started with the real world as the baseline and then explored what happened if you introduced a fantastic element to it Saga has no similar foundation in a recognizable reality, yet once again Vaughan creates familiar and likeable characters that you can t help but root for Alana and Marko s quest to find a safe place to raise their baby is something that anyone can relate to When they bicker, it reads like real people squabbling So even though he has horns like a ram and she looks like Rosario Dawson with wings, they could be any young couple trying to protect themselves and their child in desperate circumstances That the circumstances are like a dream that Neil Gaiman would have while running a high fever and taking too much cold medicine is just the window dressing that make the story so much fun.It s like a sci fi fairy tale with a layer of gritty realism to it It s also one of the best comics I ve read recently, and I can t wait to see how this story plays out. this question is a reaction to the sight of this but it could be asked in response to seeing many of the other creatures appearing in this story.it s got unicorn people torsoless sex workers teevee head people seahorse people and this the story centers around a second timeless question why, these two assholes, that s who these incredibly attractive characters are supposed to hate each other, due to the longstanding war between their respective peoples, but they fall in love in that romantical star crossed way a classic tale of he s got horns, she s got wings, and they make a baby together, where all of the grand beauty of childbirth is depicted and despite how really freaking beautiful they are, their love is considered treason, and the baby an abomination in the eyes of both their people, so the family is forced to flee to the furthest corners of the galaxy, pursued by a number of bounty hunters assassins and also a lie detector cat the third question is why did i wait so long to read this it had been recommended to me a number of times by a number of people, and i d always kept it in the back of my mind to read someday, but if i d known it would be this good, i would have kicked myself in the ass towards it a long time ago.this is a triumph of art, story, and concept, it s funny as hell, and i love the characters not just our two protagonists, but even those who are in pursuit of them which results in very conflicted loyalties, but it s one of the strengths of this story that it s not all black white, good evil, or in the words of the book some monsters are worse than others. there s great character development and worldbuilding and i m going to try to pace myself with reading these, so i don t end up with another chew situation on my hands, where i plow through 10 books and then have to endure the agony of waiting for my next fix i say that, but i ve already read the second one and bought the third, and there s only five so far, so i will likely break this vow in any event, i m hooked marko and alana 4eva come to my blog i just binge read five volumes of this comic and came to a very important conclusion happy read Saga sad read Saga sick read Saga bored read Saga broke read Saga sleepy read Saga missed your bus read Saga have homework to do read Saga dying from a festering wound you guessed it.READ SAGA.reading Saga will solve 100% of all your problems trust me, i am a medical doctor.