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This is the story behind that famous pink suit that Jacqueline Kennedy wore The main character is fictional, but much of the story is historically true The devoted seamstress, who is the main character, almost literally works her fingers to the bone working on the suit and other designs The story introduced me to a whole other world of fashion that I m guessing the average person has no idea exists If you know and love the fashion world, I would imagine this book would beappealing I thought the way the author described the pink dress was poetic she did a great job with that and I really looked forward to the quotes at the beginning of each chapter It was a solid book, but for my taste a bit too detailed in the telling of the sewing and not enough of the characters I was between 3 and 4 stars, but because I like strong characters in a book I gave it 3 stars. What a strange power there is in clothing Isaac Bashevis SingerTHE PINK SUIT is the story of Kate, a talented Irish seamstress who works in Chez Ninon, a New York fashion house that has been commissioned to copy a Chanel suit, in raspberry pink, for the First Lady the pink suit that Jackie Kennedy was wearing when her husband was assassinated.But the heart of the story isn t Jackie s suit it s Kate s obsession with making a perfect copy of a Chanel suit a knockoff, in fashion terms and what that tells us about a young woman whose entire life is focused on creating perfectly beautiful garments for Perfectly Beautiful People In fact, when the story begins, Kate has no other life Even her relationship with her sister is defined by her gifts of copied clothing, and she very nearly rejects Patrick, a butcher what a telling occupation for Mr Charles, who wants her to work for him in his new fashion house.The strength of this beautifully constructed, highly stylized novel is the skillful way Kelby assembles its many significant elements Obsession with beauty and perfection Copying with and without permission and fakery as an essential part of the fashion industry High fashion, artistically styled clothing as a concealment for unpleasant realities Clothing as a symbol of role and social status the Wife, the First Lady, Her Elegance Jackie s name never once appears Details of fine fabric and exquisite stitchery, like the details of a painting or a sculpture Ireland and Inwood the Irish neighborhood in which Irish Kate lives and the Irish Kennedy connection America as the home of knockoff artists And , much, much .But through a series of events that are historically true and terrifyingly real yes, the Inwood explosion really happened , Kate learns that the world of fashionable fakery is not a world she can live her life in Real people need real work, real hopes, real love While it is true that a woman in a beautiful suit can go anywhere, the only place Kate is able to wear her personal and unauthorized copy of The Wife s pink suit is a knockoff amusement park, where she is soon discovered as a fake First Lady.If there s anything unconvincing about THE PINK SUIT, it is the ending, where the pink suit is revealed not as a symbol of forgiveness that was wrong but as a symbol of strength That may be, but it happens too quickly, almost clumsily, so that the revelation feels not quite earned This is a minor flaw, though It doesn t compromise the original design and beautiful execution of this daringly ambitious novel Read it, enjoy it, but most of all think about it.And then go look in your closet. This was a book club read for me That pink suit and the time in our history is evocative The idea of the story of the seamstress silently and invisibly crafting the image of such a powerful and visible woman is wholly intriguing Unfortunately, the characters seemed paper doll and lifeless to me I relished the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I luxuriated in shades of pink, in descriptions of haute couture so exquisite and precise that I felt elegant just by reading the words Nicole Mary Kelby has stitched together from scraps of facts a compelling story, a lovable heroine, and a living neighborhood in its last few moments of innocence all against the backdrop of national tragedy The novel pulses with what we know now From its startling opening to its poignant ending, The Pink Suit shows us that behind events of global significance, there are unknown individuals worthy of our interest. A very unusual take on the Kennedy assassination and the icon that was Jackie Kennedy This book very much focuses on the time, money and effort that went into creating and maintaining the Wife as the nation s sweetheart The story barely involves the Wife at all, choosing instead to focus almost entirely on the design and creation of the iconic pink suit that was worn on that fateful visit to Dallas The novel is based on the actual Irish seamstress who was integral in crafting the suit in question as well on the fashion house Chez Ninon The author makes it clear that although Kate and the fashion house were real people the image of them presented her is her own fictionalised take on their lives and attitudes, however for the most part she does an incredible job of breathing life into these characters As with her previous work, White Truffles in Winter this is a gorgeously sensual novel The textures, scents and weave of each fabric becomes integral to the plot and characterisation here The subplot surrounding Kate s own love affair with her homely butcher allows Kelby to draw inof the wonderful descriptions of food that made White Truffles such a delight There were some lovely little cameos from Coco Chanel and Martin Luther King so be sure to look out for these along the way This novel could easily have descended into a mere fluff piece but some beautiful writing and a well thought out set of convincing characters ensure that there is no risk of this, all while providing a glimpse into what it takes to build a modern icon. This is the story about Kate and the creation of the pink dress that the Wife wore when the President was assassinated It s about relationships too between Kate and Patrick, Kate and her sister, everyone at Chez Ninon and just everyone in general in the Irish part of New York in the late 50 s and early 60s Although I ve read books about seamstresses before but set back in the 1920 s and this had that feel to it, which was slightly confusing for me I enjoyed the care and love that Kate puts into making this dress, a Chanel line for line creation She is a true seamstress She can feel the fabric sing just by touching it She feels the fabric carries all the stories of everyone who has ever touched it, had a hand in creating it.What made me keep thinking this was the 1920s was the fact that after watching Mad Men and how much bed hopping is in that show, and then to have Father John in this book frown on Kate and Patrick even kissing I really enjoyed this book It s a different perspective on this side of the Wife and is based on real people.I won this book on Goodreads. When I went to pick up this book at the library, the woman at the check out desk looked at the cover and said, Jackie Kennedy I think she was surprised to find out she was right Just about everyone of a certain age will identify that iconic pink suit as the one Mrs Kennedy wore the day her husband was assassinated in Dallas.A problem with historical fiction is that you wonder what is actual history and what is fiction Most people of my generation can tell you exactly where they were when they heard the news that President Kennedy was shot This brought back a lot of memories of that era, but I was not happy with the way Jackie Kennedy and her entourage treated Kate the seamstress Making her wait for hours even though she has arrived at the agreed upon time I do hope that is fiction, but somehow I m afraid it s not But that s just one small part of the book Almost anyone who sews will revel in the descriptions of the fabrics and the details of the construction of the beautiful garments created by the boutiques back in the early 1960s The descriptions of Kate s New York neighborhood, including a visit to the Horn Hardart automat, were evocative of that era I think that most people who are old enough to remember President Kennedy s assassination would enjoy the book Most of it revolves around Kate and her life, but it does take the reader back to a time when women wore hats and gloves to go to the city and where no one worried about conserving gasoline. It was kind of fascinating learning what went into the making of Jackie s iconic pink suit and other designer clothing Although I didn t love the writing style, it was an enjoyable read and transported me back to the Kennedy era. Just a wonderful blend of history, fashion and strength. ^DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☝ The Pink Suit ☝ On November , , The First Lady Accompanied Her Husband To Dallas, Texas Dressed In A Pink Chanel Style Suit That Was His Favorite Much Of Her Wardrobe, Including The Pink Suit, Came From The New York Boutique Chez Ninon Where A Young Seamstress, An Irish Immigrant Named Kate, Worked Behind The Scenes To Meticulously Craft The Memorable Outfits While The Two Never Met, Kate Knew Every Tuck And Pleat Needed To Create The Illusion Of The First Lady S Perfection When The Pink Suit Became Emblematic, Kate S Already Fragile World Divided Between The Excess And Artistry Of Chez Ninon And The Traditional Values Of Her Insular Neighborhood Threatened To Rip ApartMoving From The Back Rooms Of Chez Ninon To The Steps Of Air Force One, The Pink Suit Is An Enchanting, Unforgettable Novel About Hope And Heartbreak, And What Became Of The American Dream