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@Read Book ⚣ The Trotters of Tweeville Ø Zavis DaMavis Is A Happy Young Boy And A Proud Resident Of A Whimsical Town Called Tweeville He S Off To School One Morning When His Mom A Very Wise Woman Gives Him An Important Reminder But What Does It Mean To Treat Others The Way You D Like To Be Treated While Zavis Ponders His Mother S Advice As He Walks To School, He S Distracted By An Elderly Man Who Needs A Hand Getting Across The Street When He S Done Helping, He Finds That He S Forgotten What She Said Zavis Must Remember His Mother S Words If He S Ever Going To Understand What They Mean But How Can He Think When He S So Busy Being Kind To His Friends Teaching Our Children The Golden Rule Is One Of The Most Important And Effective Ways To Empower Kids To Make Kind, Helpful Decisions In The Spirit Of Dr Seuss, Author Certified Counselor Shirin Zarqa Lederman Uses Brightly Colored Images And Simple, Silly Prose To Challenge Young Readers While Engaging Them On The Topic Of Morality Inspire Your Children To Treat Others As They D Like To Be Treated With This Fun, Easy To Read Installment Of The Trotters Of Tweeville Makes for a great gift Gift it to your child or nephew and nieces, they will surely love it. What a sweet book Written in Dr Seuss inspired rhyme, it tells the story of a little boy called Zavis DaMavis whose mother teaches him to treat others as you d want to be treated yourself The story is full of life examples children will easily relate to on how to apply this important lesson.The writing is absolutely fantastic My constructive criticisms for future books would be to maybe make the rhymes clearer by putting the words you want to rhyme at the end of a line to make the rhyming sentences shorter so the rhymes are clearer to take note of the rhythm of the text as well as the rhymes to reach that little closer towards excellence But this is me being very fussy I liked the writing and the story very much I wasn t a huge fan of the art style in this book It felt a little amateurish to me and I felt it didn t do justice to the beautiful words which is such a shame For little children, the artwork is at least as important as the words if not so , so this is something I d improve in future books to bring the level of the book up significantly Only because of the artwork, I d take 1 star off the rating from 5 5 to 4 5.It also took me a while to understand the title of the book The Trotters of Tweeville who are the Trotters They are not mentioned at all in this book, and we re never told the story is set in Tweeville so the title felt completely unconnected to the story It was only after finding another book by the author that I realised this was the name of the series of books and not of this individual book The actual title is Zavis DaMavis , the name of the child the story is about If I were the author I d work on catchy and relevant titles for each story other than just the child s name, so that readers know roughly what subject the book will be about just from the title All in all, would I recommend this book For me, the brilliant writing wins out over any reservations I had about the artwork Based on that and on the feel good story and the lesson it teaches, I would absolutely recommend this book I was kindly provided with a reviewer s copy of this book for honest reviewing purposes This copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publisher i quite liked this one, but think it s just a little too much for my 4yo He said it was a good story, although i don t think he really followed what was going on all that well as it is quite a busy little book.this book does a great job of showing kids it s not a hard thing to do to treat people the way you would like to be treated As in the book, he did it without having to think about it. An adorable book that shows that kindness has the best of all rewards Unique illustrations, very multi cultural.