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!Download ♉ The Absolute Sandman, Volume One ⚇ One Of The Most Popular And Critically Acclaimed Comic Book Titles Of All Time, New York Times Best Selling Author Neil Gaiman S Masterpiece The Sandman Set New Standards For Mature, Lyrical Fantasy And Graphic Narrative Now, Vertigo And DC Comics Are Proud To Present The First Of Four Definitive Absolute Editions Collecting This Groundbreaking Series In Its Entirety The Absolute Sandman, Volume One Reprints Issues Of The Sandman , And Features All New Coloring On Issues , Commissioned Especially For This Edition This Volume Also Includes A Full Reproduction Of Gaiman S Original Proposal For The Series And The Complete Script And Pencils By Gaiman And Charles Vess For The World Fantasy Award Winning Story A Midsummer Night S Dream From The Sandman Finally, A Gallery Of Character Design Sketches Show The Evolution Of Dream Of The Endless A qualidade de Sandman dispensa coment rios simplesmente sensacional Neil Gaiman Nunca critiquei. This graphic novel is one of Neil Gaiman s early major works, which catapulted him to his present fame, somewhere in the upper floors of the Dark Fantasy Mythology Redux literary pantheon This first issue of the Absolute Sandman is a massive volume, 600 pages , that collects the first 20 chapters of the Sandman series there are at least five or six other volumes after this one, in the Absolute Sandman saga, published by DC Comics Vertigo.I hate to write a negative review, especially considering such an impressive work, with so many accolades in the last thirty years, and by one of the most charming fantasy authors around Moreover, all the ingredients are here to please an artistically ambitious novel, a dark handsome hero that kinda looks like the author , a fistful of Lovecraftian horror, a pinch of Dantean pandemonium, a quest for occult symbols that heralds the Voldemort business in the late Harry Potter novels , a dust of serial killers, a sprinkle of Shakespeare here and there Nevertheless, the whole thing is, the way I see it, an overrated post baroque, disjointed millefeuille, with a plot that peters out by the 8th chapter, leaving the rest of the volume as a collection of dismembered short stories, just barely related by a couple of recurring characters A few of these fragments stand out, like Tales in the Sand , or A Midsummer Night s Dream the rest is either a bit silly or stodgy To top it all, the artwork, although in line with the style of DC Comics, looks, for the most part, overdrawn and murky Sadly, disappointing. Da ovo izdanje nema otprilike 10kg, grlila bih svog Sandmana Za cijelo vrijeme citanja i upijanja ilustracija motala mi se po glavi misao napravljen je za mene Ne samo to, nego je cijeli proces uzivanja bio popracen intenzivnim odobravanjem na onu predivnu misao koja se nade na svakoj od 600 njegovih stranica ne karikiram Zaboga, to je Gaiman i eksplozijom odusevljenja na ilustracije koje su bas mocne neocekivane cudne mracne predivne Sam Morpheus koji izgleda kao da je ispao iz nekog goth spota iliti lici na Neila, u prici koja je da vidimo kombinacija fantastike, marvelsa, religije, mitologije, popularne kulture, knjizevnosti i to na prilicno spekulativan nacin U prvoj knjizi je 21 broj, a posebno izdvajam San pravednika, Nocas me sanjaj, Nada u paklu, Ljudi sretne ruke, Price u pijesku, Useljenje, Kolekcionari, Kaliopa, San tisucu macaka i Fasada Magijskim ritualom koji je posao po zlu, slucajno dolazi Morpheus umjesto svoje sestre Smrti Tu ga naravno zatoci diletant i samoprozvani voda nekakvog drevnog reda magije i zatocenog ga drzi gotovo cijeli jedan ljudski vijek Bog sna bjezi nakon skoro 70 godina te krece u osvetnicki pohod Spusta se i u pakao ako treba, susrece svu svitu likova, mozda i ubija Marlowa kako bi Shakespeare imao blistavu karijeru, dize revolucije u snu malog macica, upada na konvenciju serijskih ubojica mozda najdraza epizoda , spasava muzu od nasilnih pisaca, razmazeno kuka svojoj sestri Smrti i prijeti seki Strasti koja stalno spletkari jer ona je bice trenutka A prikaz Uranije Blackwell koja zeli umrijeti u svom stancicu iz kojeg ni ne izlazi jer je karijeru superherojke morala napustiti zbog fizicke deformacije i sad je potpuno sama je posebno nesto Doza ljubavi ide i na racun dijaloga kojeg vodi sa Smrti koja je kao i u Pratchetta fenomenalan lik U samom vrhu je svega sto sam ikad citala i sav sanjiv. Fantastic version of the first few graphic novels of Sandman The pictures are a lot bigger, this is hard covered with a stylish ribbon And Neil Gaiman is awesome.So this is a good series, but the first volume might be a bit disturbing to put it mildly Some of it is nightmarish as hell, but that is the beauty of Sandman, really. It s been than ten years since I first read Sandman, and I ve read it through probably close to a dozen times since This is my first crack at The Absolute Sandman Obviously, I love Sandman, or I wouldn t be reading it yet again And yet, I never read exactly the same Sandman twice I see , and I see differently, every time I read it So how can I possibly review Sandman I just can t All I can say is how very, very happy I am to get to read it again. Considered by many, me included, to be the best comic book ever written, Neil Gaiman s now classic mix of Greek myth and modern dark fantasy remains as captivating today as when it was first published Aided by some of the finest artists ever to grace the medium, Gaiman crafts a fantasy epic as unconventional as it is fascinating The Sandman marks the point at which comics finally grew up. Muy oscuro, muy hermoso, muy terrible, y a la vez lleno de verdades fil soficas Mi historia favorita sigue siendo la de Caliope, que le por primera vez hace ya tantos a os las im genes son todav a m s impresionantes que la trama. I bought this oversized, slip cased hardcover back in 2011 during Komikon The prospect of owning a first edition first volume tantalized me I haven t seen this volume in any of the larger branches of the main book store chain here in Philippines It was always volume two onwards, never a complete set The sweetener was I got this a slight discount which helped assuage the loss of frequent buyer points had I bought this from the book store chain.The collected edition of the Sandman series have been reprinted countless time and in a myriad of languages, but this absolute edition contains the stories from the first three trade collections and a plethora of extras The extra material makes this an indispensable addition to the collection of any fan of Gaiman s Sandman work It includes the original detailed pitch for Sandman, character design sketches and the script for the World Fantasy award winning issue nineteen It was interesting how Gaiman constructed a pitch that became the series bible He almost never wavered from his original intention and was able to put into print what he intended to publish An acclaimed series it was, it had its own share of industry awards like the Eisners, but its most distinguished accolade had to be the World Fantasy award for best short fiction for Sandman issue nineteen, an adaptation of A Midsummer Night s Dream by Gaiman and Charles Vess It was and will be the only comic book to have won that award as rules were changed to prevent comic books from winning thereafter.This collection includes two long arcs and a collection of short stories It is in the short stories that Gaiman really shines He used this short tales to build the backstory of Morpheus and how he has interacted with history and legend throughout the eons Starting with the second arc, The Doll s House, he used these self contained tales to give a breather to the regular artists in between issues or chapters This is also reflected in the trade editions of Sandman, the collected arcs are interspersed with two short story collections.This is a great book, especially for me I am unabashedly a great admirer of Neil Gaiman I have most of the Sandman trades, and this omnibus fills the holes I have It is a pricey tome, but it is gorgeously designed with archival paper stock and bound in faux leather If this is beyond one s price range, the paperbacks are a great alternative Sandman is one of those stories that every comic fan should read. Collects Issue 1 20 of Sandman In the course of my life I have come across certain things from art to a classic book that are masterfully done Neil Gaiman s Sandman is one of those things It is many things all at once Some parts of it, especially near the beginning , seem to be of a Gothic horror nature ,yet, in the middle part of the volume there is a shift towards a fantasy based romp through a dreamworld It is a testament to Mr Gaiman s staggering imagination.The story centers on Dream, one of the Endless Dream is one of the three eldest of the Endless Death and Destiny being the other two and as such he is also one of the most powerful Sadly being a vastly powerful godlike entity caused Dream to fall to hubris He was captured by a sorcerer and held captive for seven decades Once he is freed Dream must undertake a journey to learn about himself and to avoid the mistakes that led to his hubris Yet, he must first recover his three powerful possessions His helmet, his ruby and his pouch.The first half of the volume recalls the events that led to Dreams capture and then his subsequent freedom and adventures going from places like Hell to speak with Lucifer or consorting with the likes of John Constantine and Dr Destiny The story is dark and grim at times, yet your respect for Dream will grow with each issue.The Second part of the volume focuses on a Vortex in the dream world centered around a girl named Rose This part of the story is bold and truly imaginative We see entire dream worlds come to life and the variety and complexity are staggering The essence of this part of the volume is of Dream attempting to repair the damage to the dream state in his 70 year absence.What I enjoyed most about Sandman is the sheer scope of the characters that the reader is introduced to I always loved the sheer variety of concepts From meeting the reining Lords of Hell to spending time with Dream s sister Death or even his spat with Desire and Despair all these momentous scenes are done with flair Gaiman s ability to anthropomorph concepts like dreaming or death are amazing and strangely apropos.The art is strangely complementary I wish that there had been a accomplished or detailed artist to have drawn some of these brilliant concepts, but the art does not hinder the story and in certain places helps to emphasize the dream state of the situation.If you appreciate a grand tale or one with a variety of different folklore being introduced or a tale with cosmic entities, Neil Gaiman s Sandman is for you Whether you follow Dream s main quest or you just take a moment and appreciate the time and imagination to even write some of the side stories The one about the man who didn t want to die and would keep meeting Dream every 100 years at the same spot is brilliant I also enjoyed the perverse Serial Killer s convention There are some amazing feats of imagination at work here some sights will be beautiful and others depraved But that is the nature of Dreams I can not recommend this enough to any and all who love a great story Sandman is a classic work.