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O livro tem seus pr s e contras bom saber que ele n o trata unicamente do caso do pai e filho mortos O caso, ali s, ocupa uma pequena parte do livro A maior parte sobre a hist ria do mergulho, os desafios em busca das maiores profundidades, embates entre profissionais e mergulhadores recreativos, os problemas de sa de decorrentes da atividade etc H redund ncias e a habilidade narrativa n o um forte do livro, mas bom para quem se interessa por uma vis o geral do esporte com algumas tensas hist rias aqui e ali Definitivamente n o um livro a ser lido por quem s deseja saber sobre o caso que intitula a obra. This book is everything I love about non fiction It s a subject that I know next to nothing about with an emotionally gripping story told in a breezey way with characters that are so detailed and gritty you feel like you know them and all that makes it very interesting to learn grasp the new subject matter There is a bit of technical filler re mixed gases, dive gear, etc that may bore some readers But in the end, it s a fascinating and heartbreaking story of Chris and Chrissy Rouse and their fatal dive with the added bonus of a WWII U Boat mystery Never thought I d go for a dive book as I have done nothingbut snorkel For Philly folks there are local tie ins Recommended. #Download Ebook Ù The Last Dive: A Father and Son's Fatal Descent into the Ocean's Depths õ Chris And Chrissy Rouse, An Experienced Father And Son Scuba Diving Team, Hoped To Achieve Widespread Recognition For Their Outstanding But Controversial Diving Skills Obsessed And Ambitious, They Sought To Solve The Secrets Of A Mysterious, Undocumented World War II German U Boat That Lay UnderFeet Of Water, Only A Half Day S Mission From New York Harbor In Doing So, They Paid The Ultimate Price In Their Quest For FameBernie Chowdhury, Himself An Expert Diver And A Close Friend Of The Rouses , Explores The Thrill Seeking World Of Deep Sea Diving, Including Its Legendary Figures, Most Celebrated Triumphs, And Gruesome Tragedies By Examining The Diver S Psychology Through The Complex Father And Son Dynamic, Chowdhury Illuminates The Extreme Sport Diver S Push Toward And Sometimes Beyond The Limits Of Human Endurance An interesting story, but the book contained far too much filler At it s best, it provided a compelling human drama which it set in the context of the advances in diving of the time However, it was amazing how often the author veered off into telling stories about himself instead of the Rouses He also had a habit of repeating certain points endlessly, while leaving out other key details and then dropping them into the story later out of time and context The author also tried to use the book as a platform for advocating the use of personal communications gear in diving, when it is far from clear how that would have saved lives in this case Ultimately it was best as a cautionary tale of two divers who pushed the limits of the sport too far, too fast, with a blind faith in their skill to get them out of any situation. Sometimes I like to read about topics that are out of my comfort zone This book is about recreational diving of the risky kind Technical deep diving, it is called, I think I didn t know anything about it before I read this book I don t dive myself nor do I know any divers personally.Reading this book, I dove into a world pun intended that is very foreign to me The diving realm is still very male dominated, rather macho who can dive the deepest who can retrieve the most valuable items from ship wrecks , and there are divers who die while diving and don t deserve it because they did everything right and divers who in the eyes of insiders don t deserve admiration because their tanks were still half full when they drowned, for instance.Author Bernie Chowdhury managed to make me familiar with the intricate ways this foreign world functions and how divers interact with each other He is also very open about the risks involved risks he took himself and nearly died.I also learned about facts that are connected to diving but waysignificant that just the sport Wrecks of submarines, for instance Another example In 1986, divers researchers explored a cave in Romania now called Movile Cave that was separated for 5.5 million years from the rest of the outside world The composition of the air is completely different in the cave Forty eight species that were not known before, were found there, among them leeches, spiders, scorpions and insects I love this kind of information.But this book of course is about a father and a son, both passionate and well known divers, who did not survive one of their dives I don t want to give away too much but the author shows us how the psychological interdependence of the two contributed to the tragedy The pair were called Bickering Brothers although not really brothers by other divers.The only weakness in this book in my eyes is that Chowdhury dwells on the particular dynamics between father and son too long because readers are quick to understand what was going on between these two So it became a bit repetitive.Nevertheless a fascinating book about a fascinating sport. A tragic story of a father son diving team who die while diving a German u boat wreck This wreck was thoroughly described in the book Shadow Divers This book focuses on the pair, their dives, and their relationship A good and very informative account of their lives. Despite the folksy, hamfisted, and frankly amateurish writing, The Last Dive is at its heart a breathtaking adventure story about a truly different kind of thrill seeking.Don t confuse this with a deep sea diving book Both Bernie and the Rouses, the focal characters, are mainly cave and wreck divers as portrayed here, and those are quite different sports from the sort of deep sea diving you might do on a cruise or see on a Jacques Cousteau special Specialized techniques and equipment abound, and you learn about the thrill of discovering hitherto unknown if creepy species in underwater caves, and of retrieving artifacts and solving historical mysteries inside decaying shipwrecks Neither of these forms of diving are for the faint of heart they are fardangerous than regular diving, because of the confined spaces and additional obstacles you face.Because of the focus on cave diving and the author s firsthand accounts of a terrible diving accident he himself experienced, this is a different book and worth reading as well as Robert Kurson s Shadow Divers.At the heart of this book lurks the question at the heart of all extreme sports adventure stories is it courageous or just out and out selfish, especially when you have a family, to put yourself in harm s way indeed, death s way in a recreational pursuit Bernie seems pretty ambiguous about this himself after his own near death experience, and given that he sold off his diving magazine a few years after the book came out, one has to wonder if his opinion has changed even since the book s it s ok if you play it safe enough conclusion. This book is something of an extended accident investigation into a well known in the technical diving community double fatality that occurred in the mid 90s on the wreck of a WWII U boat off the coast of New Jersey The victims were a father and son, both portrayed as experienced technical divers, well trained, cautious, and thorough Their log books revealof a zero to hero situation both victims had fewer than 800 dives when they died, and certainly did not use caution or fall back on their training in their decision to dive air instead of trimix on their fatal dive The book provides a biography of Chris and Chrissy Rouse s diving history leading up to this fateful dive, as well as some autobiographical bits about the author, an accomplished technical diver as well The author describes his own fairly serious wreck diving accident in a sort of bonus accident analysis from which the reader can learn valuable lessons This book is a must read for any technical diver, and I encourage recreational divers to read it as well Accident analysis is critically important, especially as one approaches the pinnacle of our sport I docked one star because the writing is quite flat and dull, making this a bit of a slog from time to time. What I learned from this book 1 When you re underwater no one cares how big you think your balls are 2 Things can get out of hand very quickly 3 Live to dive another dayGood book, sad book It does a really good job at describing technical diving, even in a way that a non diver can understand. Mais fundo do que os oceanos nos quais imergem os mergulhadores perscruta o livro de Bernie Chowdhury Ele desce aos abismos da psicologia humana.Dentre outras coisas, The Last Dive retrata a hist ria da fam lia Rouse e de seu envolvimento com o mundo do mergulho, at o fat dico dia em que Chris e Chrissy pai e filho perdem a vida ao tentar recuperar algum artefato que pudesse identificar o ent o rec m localizado U Who , um submarino alem o da 2 Guerra posteriormente revelado como sendo o U 853 Contudo, mais do que um relato sobre aventuras subaqu ticas e, principalmente, sobre o desenvolvimento, entre as d cadas de 80 e 90, do mergulho esportivo de ponta e que viria a ser denominado de mergulho t cnico , Chowdhury esmi a a personalidade e as rela es psicol gicas que tamb m entram em jogo nas a es e atitudes entre aqueles que decidem ingressar nesse esporte.O autor foi parte importante da forma o do mergulho t cnico tal como conhecido hoje, al m de estar envolto na teia de todos os grandes nomes que deram a esse esporte o seu aspecto atual Entretanto, apesar de bem escrito, explicado e detalhado, n o creio se tratar de uma leitura trivial para n o mergulhadores Certos conceitos s o complicados at mesmo para mergulhadores que n o tiveram alguma orienta o sobre assuntos voltados ao mergulho t cnico O fato de o livro ter sido escrito luz do melhor conhecimento sobre mergulho dispon vel poca, descobertas recentes n o o diminu ram Na verdade, s fortalecem a ideia de que este um esporte que flerta com o desconhecido em todos os frontes, e que muitas discuss es ainda seguem em aberto Al m disso, h insights poderosos na observa o de como os mergulhadores de ent o percebiam as coisas.Por fim, o que mais me cativou na leitura de The Last Dive foi reconhecer que os medos, as d vidas, as racionaliza es, os egos s o todos elementos comuns aos mergulhadores de ontem e hoje, e que constituem, simultaneamente, sua perdi o e sua possibilidade de salva o ou seria reden o.Muito mais do que equipamentos, tanques e lastro, levamos para baixo d gua nossos medos, nossos assuntos mal resolvidos, nossas ang stias e tamb m nossas paix es, nossos desejos e nossas esperan as Em meio a tudo isso, um verdadeiro milagre sermos capazes de flutuar, t o levemente, na imensid o azul.