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Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls is about a girl named Allie She is starting a new school and is nervous about the first day She already knows a few people that go to that school because she had already checked the school out Allie has a few friends so that will make her feelcomfortable with this new school When Allie starts the first day, there is a bully who does not like Allie Allie has to go through some hard situations at the new school to face the bully Can Allie stick up for herself and face the bully I rate this book a 4 out of 5 This book has great detail and you feel like you are actually in the story The author did a really good job on the theme of the story My favorite part of the book was when Allie was in the spelling bee and it was a contest Another reason I liked this book is because I read the first book and right where that book ended book 2 is where it started I would recommend this book to anyone who likes entertaining books and fun and creative stories I would definitely read this book again. Allie just moved to a new town and it s her first day at her new school A girl named Rosemary threatens her that she s going to kill Allie But luckily she has three best friends by her side Erica, Caroline and Sophie They also have a big spelling test coming up They study at recess Allie does make to the final ten In the second one she didn t win the championship but Caroline did It was against the fifth graders and they were only in fourth grade Allie is getting a new cat too She s hoping it s a girl but it s a boy The vet told her that it does not matter what gender it is She eventually invite s Rosemary over to her house for lunch and by then they got along just fine. This book is a cute story about an Elementary girl going to a new school She really trys her hardest to get in on the right foot At first she has good confidence but gets there and is not too sure But, she gets back up again and see ssides to everything The story is read in a book diary way that she has put into Rules about school and other random things She really had lots to go through With her little brother and her that have moved from another school, to this one It s cool because she reminds me of myself because around her age I moved from one school I ve been used to, to a new one.I think people like me when I was in Elementary should read this book It s a good life lesion That any kid or student could learn from Also people older could read it too if you liked things that Elementary kids do Than it d be a good book to read and laugh about the silly things we all remember about Elementary. Allie is starting school at Pine Heights Elementary school Not only is she still settling into her new house She is very excited to be getting her very own kitten But it seems that the mama cat may have her babies too early Now Allie has to worry about being the new girl, plus her unborn kitten, the school spelling bee and the bully that wants to kill her What is a girl to do While I m a huge fan of Meg Cabot s Adult and Young Adult books, I have to admit I even enjoyed this book for younger audiences Is there anything Meg can t do, and I m not just saying that because she is a fellow Hoosier Allie is the perfect protagonist and she tackles issues that I m sure kids face today, because I remember being the new girl and facing the same ones Cabot s easy reading style and comical satire are key components to which I m sure will be a popular series among young readers. This is a GREAT series for 2nd 4th grade girls My 9 year old has read all 4 of the books in the series over over, and eagerly awaits each additional book I actually read this first one when my daughter was in 1st grade to make sure it was appropriate for her reading level The book store said 3rd grade above and now I have to read each of the books to find out what happens to Allie SUCH a cute, fun series for girls I am a huge fan of Meg Cabot So when i found out she was writing another series i went straight to reading them This book is about a fourth grader named Allie Finkle Allie Finkle loves to write rules She has her own little rule book For example Never Eat Anything Red, is one of her rules In the beginning of this book she is the new girl, and she is getting a kitten The mom of the kittens is a show cat Or used to be show cat, since she has had a litter of kittens When Allie arrives at her new school there is a girl named rosemary who is a bully.What s she gonna do about rosemary .READ PDF ⚖ The New Girl ♥ There S A Whole New Set Of Rules To Learn When You Re The New Girl When You Are Starting At A Brand New School, You Have To Wear Something Good Allie Finkle S Starting Her First Day Of School At Pine Heights Elementary Plus, She S Getting A New Kitten, The First Pick Of Show Cat Lady Serena Archibald S Litter But Being The New Girl Is Turning Out To Be Scary, Too, Especially Since One Of The Girls In Allie S New Class Rosemary Doesn T Like Her In Fact, Rosemary Says She S Going To Beat Allie Up After School In this book Allie is being the New Girl I think that being a new girl is not really good because it s all new to you I ve been a new girl too, but I don t like to be the new girl Especially she is bullied I learn that bullies are mean because they want to be your friend because they don t have any So that s why they are being so mean. Allie is at her new school She learns to deal with a bully, the pressure of a spelling bee,living in a haunted house, and eagerly anticipates the birth of her kitten which comes with unforeseen complications One of the great rules of the book, which really helps Allie is if you say it enough times in your head, it will come true sometimes. If you read this book you ll find out how it feels like to be the New girl How would you feel Nervous, excited or scared