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!Free Ebook ⚖ Au Bonheur des Dames ⚇ The Ladies Paradise Au Bonheur Des Damesrecounts The Rise Of The Modern Department Store In Late Nineteenth Century Paris The Store Is A Symbol Of Capitalism, Of The Modern City, And Of The Bourgeois Family It Is Emblematic Of Changes In Consumer Culture, And The Changes In Sexual Attitudes And Class Relations Taking Place At The End Of The Century This New Translation Of The Eleventh Novel In Zola S Rougon Macquart Cycle Captures The Spirit Of One Of His Greatest Works 3.5 starsI imagine a bewildered mile Zola wandering into the crowds populating that new phenomenon that took Paris merchandising in the 19th century by storm mass production and the creation of the one stop mega shop He enters through the widely opened arms of polished French doors, having to blink tearily at the brilliantly lit chandeliers Immediately, he is choked by perfumed mists diffusing the air and is submerged in whispers of fine French lace and ribbons, rows of rainbowed textures and fabrics on display, corsets and lingerie accosting his libido He raises his gaze to the vaulted ceiling and catches the shrewd eye of Octave Mouret, hovering watchfully at the balcony of the second floor and nods a gentlemanly greeting With this brief upward glance, Zola becomes distracted, shuttled through the cogs of this enormous commercial machine, through its undulating channels, eventually misplacing his wife in the mel e the latter having spied a lady friend in the direction of the fine dresses salon, where time becomes lost and space is infinite.This is The Ladies Paradise the department store where all the whimsies of a woman are catered to in one majestic place where romance, excitement and fantasy materialize through the latest in fashionable outerwear and underwear, notions, potions, novelties, household goods and other en vogue excesses not wholly necessary for ordinary life, are sold Ok, it s Macy s on steroids on discount day.Eleventh in Les Rougon Macquart cycle, the novel is about modern consumerism and utopian fantasy, a 19th century rags to riches story Denise Baudu is a humble and impoverished shopgirl who finds work in the flourishing department store, The Ladies Paradise, trying to make ends meet to support her two brothers, but colliding with the worst of human flaws The novel chronicles the struggle between the traditional shop, the Old Elbeuf the declining establishment owned by Denise s uncle , and the monster department store owned by the innovative Octave Mouret A habitual seducer of women, Mouret s own insatiable passion is to conquer the woman , to hold her at his mercy, to intoxicate her with unwavering attentiveness and manipulate her desires within his establishment The art of the seduction is not in the boudoir but in the caresses of silk and lace finery found at the most efficient of merchandising mechanisms, with the unique ability to offer national brands at substantial reductions.Zola is a mesmerist when describing the scene of the crowd which takes on a protagonist role of its own He details economic reinvention and capitalism fueled by consumers neurotic impulses to shop, the system of mass production and the consequences its development had in revolutionizing the retail industry, in a story decked out in illusion, seduction, luxury, romance, class division, obsession and greed.Any criticism I might offer would be Zola s neglect in providing reasons for Denise s rise in the department what merited such promotions In the BBC series, a very sketchy interpretation of the novel by the way, Denise is shown as an astute, bright and quick thinking sales girl whose original ideas won her elevation in the store In the novel, however, Denise remains a mousy innocent, extremely mindful of her virtue, afraid of her own shadow, promoted not by any skill of her own, it appears, but by Mouret s regret that her reputation was often tarnished by her peers secondly, by his own desire to conquer her, which eventually,deeply turns to love The Ladies Paradise is one of Zola s lighter novels in Les Rougon Macquart series, yet gives some pause for reflection, to take stock of one s wants, needs and their intrinsic values truthfully speaking, what price is a lady s satisfaction Other Zola novels read so far Therese Raquin The Dram Shop L assommoir The Beast Within Germinal Au Bonheur des Dames is a perfect example of the novel that we should not give to read to people who are not yet ready for that Including those that have not the maturity or experience of reading necessary to face such a literary monument.There are books which cannot be enjoyed with age, time or fullness.I was fifteen the first few times the school area asked me to begin this big classic from Zola At that time, I could not go beyond the first two pages The eleventh volume of the Rougon Macquart has an abundance of descriptions But so colorful and vivid descriptions that allows ourselves to be lead without hesitation in this tissue to various storm most shimmering colors as each other Some sensuality quickly emerges And what of this eroticism is discovered very quickly at the store sales when the reader witnesses a subtle sartorial Zola knows perfectly put words in the words of Mouret on this madness of purchase, including the consumption of women It is not only trade issue in the Ladies, but also the reality of women and society of his time A modern high time with a call to follow the movement and renewal.From the very first chapter, one feels seized by this machine that is the Bonheur des dames, where flat hesitation between admiration and fear There are only two choices to leave voluntarily eat or struggle to finally be engulfed force Octave Mouret does not actually leave us the choice really Quite in his image.A Mr Mouret which advocates the fittest but that captivates and frightens both He is the image of man who seems invincible and implacable, who succeed all How not to fall under its spell and that of tender Denise where a shy relationship develops between these two characters quite different I spent a pleasant time playing along with this novel, and I bite my fingers to have so quick to immerse myself in these pages that had left a such a bad memory A harm memory. Holy Mother of GodI do not know where to begin with this.You see this title, and you look up the book Oh, a novel about women and shopping, this is going to be a bore Even I had my doubts, and I am an avid reader of Zola, he has yet to disappoint me And yet, I believe that this may be the best work of his that I have yet to read, perhaps Germinal is slipping through, justIt s still so relevant to today in so many ways, the birth of the super stores and the effect they had and still do on small business The ethical problems of big business muscling out the small guys unable to adapt, whether it be from financial limitations or due to stubbornness Female employees being coerced to act on the whim of their male employers the manipulation of pretty much every possible stakeholder in business only to drive up profits marrying for money, this book has everything.Readers of Zola will be aware of how gritty and raw he his he does not hold back on the disastrous effects and ramifications that a world driven by capital and materiality has on his well built with a strong emphasis on psychological aspects characters which arethan believable, they come to life Plenty of ups and downs in this one, you finally get some reprieve, a glimmer of hope, and then the door is slammed in your face You cannot even make out who is the bad guys are half the time, but I think that was purposeful since we are all human and acting in what we perceive to be our best interests, especially in a dog eat dog world that was Paris in the 1880 s with new wealth being generated creating different class interactions.There s so many characters that all have their own story You feel pity, anger, sorrow, relief, all varying emotions for them as they progress along this story, certainly far from being one dimensional The ending seemed a bit too rushed for my liking, however the imagery leading up to it was some of the best I have read in a long time.Business is a machine, and if you get in its way, you will be dealt with relentlessly Funnily enough Futurama is on TV now, the episode being where the robots try to take over Earth. IntroductionTranslator s NoteSelect BibliographyA Chronology of mile ZolaMap The Ladies Paradise Explanatory Notes Zola s depiction of La Samaritain Le Bon March Paris first department stores is an absolute classic and a wonderfully entertaining read Incredibly influential on his generation Manet, etc , it is a photographic record of life in the 19th c as the bourgeoisie started wielding their consumer power and the lives of those in the poorer classes that risked being crushed in the onrush through the doors of the store A must. This one deals with the monstrous effects of capitalism in France s Second Empire Zola modeled The Ladies Paradise after Bon March , a Paris shop which revolutionized consumer culture by acting as a sort of indoor bazaar, where one could find housewares, furniture, cloth, readymade clothing etc in one place rather than traveling all around Paris to different little independent shops like a mall, but all owned by the same company Okay, fine, like a Walmart with real silk Workers assigned to each department sell mostly on commission, their meager yearly salaries increasing with their positions, thus introducing the concept of climbing the corporate ladder to Paris impoverished young workers This results in a mind numbing cycle of exploitation and reward for those at the bottom there is nowhere else to go, due to the smaller businesses being swallowed up and the competitive wages of The Ladies Paradise despite being cruelly degraded by entitled customers, given inedible food, and having the constant anxiety of arbitrarily being told to go and get paid a.k.a you re fired by Octave Mouret and other higher ups Those who are persistent or well connected enough to ascend the ranks are convinced there is nowhere else but up, inciting them to clear their own paths up the ladder by any means necessary, with no attention to fairness, using the mangled bodies of others as their stepping stones One class system is demolished only to give rise to another Zola as ever writes convincing portraits of ruined lives and exhausted ambition, though in this novel no class is safe the rich, the bourgeoisie, and the poor are all uniformly ground up in the machine The individuals who do escape have the moral burden of having done so at the expense of many others.Paris love affair with capitalism, paralleled in Denise s love affair with OctaveMouret had invented this mechanism for crushing the world, and its brutal working shocked her he had sown ruin all over the neighborhood, despoiled some, killed others and yet she loved him for the grandeur of his work, she loved him stillat every excess of his power, notwithstanding the flood of tears which overcame her, before the sacred misery of the vanquished Free download available at Project Gutenberg.Thanks Dagny to made its proofing.Free download audio version at LibriVox Thanks for the tip Amy From BBC Radio 4 Classical Serial By Emile Zola.Dramatised by Carine Adler.Business, ambition and fashion all collide in Zola s colourful love story Set in the hustle and excitement of the expansion of one of Paris first department stores.Episode OneWhen innocent provincial girl Denise arrives in Paris, she quickly catches the eye of the notorious seducer of women, Octave Mouret Despite her uncle s disapproval, Denise accepts a job at Mouret s ever expanding department store The Ladies Delight.Episode TwoAfter her dismissal from The Ladies Delight, Denise is determined to stay in Paris She rents a room above old Bourras umbrella shop and quickly sets about trying to find other work With local shops closing as The Delight expands, the task provesdifficult than she imagined.http www.bbc.co.uk programmes b00tt3x1 Life in an 1860s Paris megastore As capitalism staggers around on its bunioned feet, waiting for the next self perpetuating excuse for sickening human greed and useless backbreaking timewasting bullshit in pursuit of Capital to relieve its burden, it s time to question what we want from an economic system here in the West A completely equal distribution of funds is impossible since people are cash hoovering greed machines who will stab their mothers to get a bigger pie slice Communism is unpopular due to its fascist tendencies Perhaps we could try kindness, generosity, wealth sharing and self sustaining communities Stop laughing The Ladies Paradise explores the viperous world of ladies retail and the nascent capitalist machine Bitching and hating and desperation and greed and corsages That s the fashion world for you Denise is Zola s pure hearted ing nue who, rather implausibly, and clumsily, enchants the evil chauvinist Octave Mouret with her dowdy virginal loveliness After a long struggle, she becomes the belle of the megamall, and tames the old beast by refusing to surrender her maidenhead Nowadays, to get that kind of career traction, you have to humiliate yourself on The Apprentice The novel is festooned with elaborate descriptions of store displays, which go on and on until we get the bleeding point, and the POV is schizo even by Zola s standards, but the whole work is admirably ruthless So death to capitalism All hail have a tenner on me ism Update BBC adaptation currently showing on the iplayer Having just finished a buddy read of Emile Zola s The Ladies Paradise, I am in general agreement that this is a flawed four star book Call it 3.5 with a major round up Paradise is listed as the eleventh book in the Rougon Macquart series, and is the sequel to Pot Bouille, translated as Pot Luck in my English edition In Pot Luck we are introduced to Octave Mouret, an aspiring barely middle class snot who marries his way into the ownership of a store, The Ladies Paradise His wife and owner of this shop dies, falling into a hole that will become part of the reborn new invention, The Ladies Paradise modern Department store.In this book Marat has built and continues to rebuild his newly invented store into a machine that industrializes the process of sales Into this set up arrives a new thread bare, overburdened young county mouse, Denise Baudu Between these three characters, The Store, its, owner and its new, over matched, innocent girl Zola builds his novel.Ladies Paradise is the result of fives years of Zola making a close study of the two department stores then making their debut in Paris He relates to us with meticulous and exciting detail all of the inner mechanics and machination of this new living eating thing, the Department store With equal parts resignation and road side accident curiosity he notes the effect of the new way of selling as a destructive, if un stoppable force in retail Local small stores of whatever age, tradition or hopes are bought out, literally undermined or simply withered under the effects of mass marketing, price wars and capitalistic competition There are hints of back door deal making, but ultimately the success of the huge box store is that the small guys cannot compete This should sound familiar in our age of internet based marketing challenging the big box, brick and mortar retailer.Zola takes us from the board rooms to the shipping rooms where we meet the staff and in the internal workings of this company as a living presence Staff is alternatively, slick, seductive, conniving, sincere, submissive and fearful Employee rights and benefits are not yet meaningful terms and arbitrary hire fire and promotion keeps people complicit, when they are not working to cut each other out The great lie of the store is that it presents the promise that everything is about and for its predominately female fan base, that is customer In fact, this promise is itself the deliberate cover for schemes, psychological machinations and applications of marketing over substance Women are not so much the masters of this place as its pray Women are intended to happily desire to feed their money into its always hungry maw.With Denise we get to see and feel the conflicts of a well meaning every woman She has personal loyalties towards her family and friends from the world of traditional retail She will have to chose to stay with these loyalties or her apparently instinctive grasp that the department store and its new way of selling is the future She is also romantically inclined toward her boss s boss s boss, Octave Mouret He will also become attracted to her given she is one of thousands of employees and several concurrent mistresses.It is the conflict represented by this may or may not be consummated romance that much of the human based plot is based This is also the weakest part of the novel We know Octave to be a serial womanizer and large scale manipulator of women Denise is not just innocent but highly principled, consciously, and conscientiously virginal Given all of this what is a happy ending It was the consensus of the buddy read that this ending is, facile less than credible and perhaps incomplete For all, Zola is a good story teller There is much of fact in his fiction At least as it relates to the Store The Ladies Paradise can be an exciting read, something few would associate with the story of a department store There are several levels of human drama, most well presented It is only in the resolution of the central human drama that our group of readers found disapointment.