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Bread and Roses, Too is about a girl named Rosa and a boy Jake, two different people who met once in an alley where Jake slept They live in a place where many people are going on strike because of the little pay they recieve at the Mills Rosa is a good school girl without a father, who knows better, but is caught up in the strikes Her mother and sister go along with the crowds of people striking Jake, a boy who lives on the street, works at the mills, and gets beaten by his alcoholic father, goes along with the strike also The author really knows how to make a book very interesting to the reader, and makes you want to keep reading to learnabout the way life was for the people in those days and condisions, and also she keeps you wanting to read to know what will happen next Also, she made it so that it went back and forth telling what s going on with the boy, and with the girl at times you would never guess, most likely to make the bookinteresting and tell it from different points of view I would highly suggest this book to anybody who likes works of literature about the hardships of people s lives and how those people deal with things that happen in their lives Savannah Channell September 11, 2007 Carefully crafted tale about two children caught up in the Lawrence, MA mill workers strike of 1912, based on fact The girl is Rosa, from a struggling Italian immigrant family The other is Jake, a native born who has learned to steal and lie to survive The children are sent to Barre, VT to stay with sympathetic families during the turbulent strike, where each one learns a life lesson about themselves.I loved the two characters and how they represented two victims of the workers strike We could see the life of the immigrant family through Rosa, and the life of the native born street rat through Jake Each character has his or her own issues, and the story is blunt and not sentimental Boys and girls will be able to relate to these characters, and learn about the hard living conditions of children during this time.Highly recommend to grades 5 and 6 also deep enough for grade 7. [Read Pdf] ⚇ Bread and Roses, Too ☪ Laura Ingalls Wilder AwardRosa S Mother Is Singing Again, For The First Time Since Papa Died In An Accident In The Mills But Instead Of Filling Their Cramped Tenement Apartment With Italian Lullabies, Mamma Is Out On The Streets Singing Union Songs, And Rosa Is Terrified That Her Mother And Older Sister, Anna, Are Endangering Their Lives By Marching Against The Corrupt Mill Owners After All, Didn T Miss Finch Tell The Class That The Strikers Are Nothing But Rabble Rousers An Uneducated, Violent Mob Suppose Mamma And Anna Are Jailed Or, Worse, Killed What Will Happen To Rosa And Little Ricci When Rosa Is Sent To Vermont With Other Children To Live With Strangers Until The Strike Is Over, She Fears She Will Never See Her Family Again Then, On The Train, A Boy Begs Her To Pretend That He Is Her Brother Alone And Far From Home, She Agrees To Protect Him Even Though She Suspects That He Is Hiding Some Terrible Secret From A Beloved, Award Winning Author, Here Is A Moving Story Based On Real Events Surrounding An InfamousStrike If you enjoy historical fiction, this book is really good The two main characters are Jake and Rosa, children who live in Lawrence, MA, during the historical period of the bread and roses mill strikes At first I thought this was a book of different short stories because of the chapter titles such as Shoe Girl and The Best Student and The Beautiful Mrs Gurley Flynn that sounded unrelated However, each chapter providedinsight into the lives of the main characters and the trials they went through their experiences.While Rosa s family has immigrated to the U.S and is barely making ends meet, Jake is dealing with the death of one parent and the abuse of another It s heart warming to follow them and see how each one handles his or her plight in life I d say completely differently Recommendation I d recommend this book to anyone, but if you enjoy history don t miss this one. I didn t know anything about the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912, so reading this book was a learning experience for me I enjoyed the characters and the way the different ethnic groups were portrayed The ending was a tad predictable, but that s OK. Yay for children s historical fiction Maybe the kids learned something from this book Frankly, it bored me I was not captivated by this book, yet I gave it two stars because I like the setting in time, and am fascinated by the 1900s strikes Rosa annoyed me.On to the next read Mostly listened to the audio, but finished with print Good narration and nice to have Italian and Irish dialects Jake not as good a bit too Bart Simpson as a juvenile gangster When it comes to the fiction, Paterson s writing is superb I felt her integration of the history wasn t as perfect I never really got the feeling that I was living at the time It had a modern slant to it I wish the book had given the year 1912 earlier on I had a rough idea, but wasn t exactly sure whether this was pre or post WWI While Paterson s historical note which is shamefully NOT included in the audio book shows the accuracy of much of the book, I m not sold on some of the details The sumptuous feasts that were prepared for these stranger children seem excessive Was every Vermont immigrant sympathetic to the IWW cause a millionaire Elsewhere, Jake s obsession with Elizabeth Gurley Flynn seems overblown and then it never comes up again I suppose it was designed to be a mechanism to get him to bathe leading to a significant episode , but it is clunky I m also not buying that Jake knows not a single word of Italian He apparently hangs out all the time with the Italian workers at the mill I suspect he would have picked up quite a bit, being immersed in that setting.The book is very one sided, making out that the strikers are all good and anyone who opposed them even a little bit including the Irish Catholic priest and the schoolteacher was on the wrong side While the socialists in 1912 weren t exactly the same as those in 1917 or later, I strongly suspect that kids reading this won t be able to get that subtlety and will have socialism good in the back of their heads when they encounter it again with regard to Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Guevara, Castro, Chavez, et al There is a good amount of Catholic content in the book It s not poorly presented and is fairly accurate, although it does often seem to be set in a less than positive light Most of the time it seems to be viewed from the perspective of Jake, an outsider So we get the somewhat offensive term funny little pieces of dry crackers and elsewhere, members of the Catholic family make their own judgments as to what constitutes breaking the required fast before receiving communion Rosa is shocked, but we are led to believe that she is a weirdo who doesn t understand how the real world works And there is none of the necessary rationale to explain why what Jake does is considered a sin or why the priests take particular positions that are unpopular with some.I could see the ending coming a mile off, but it s nice and satisfying. Bread and Roses too was a great book about two young kids with two very different backgrounds Their similarities and differences all make up the unique relationship that these two characters develop This book takes place in the time period of the Bread and Roses Strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts Jake and Rosa, the two main characters, are both living in Lawrence during the time of the strike The strike affects Jake and Rosa in two very different ways but it all works out in the end Rosa is one of the two main characters in the book She is a dynamic character and is the type of girl that always follows the rules and is a bit of a perfectionist She is the only on in her family that is being educated and she is the best student in her class Her mother, sister, and housemates are all participating in the strike but Rosa believes school comes first so she decides to attend school during all the chaos As time goes by, Rosa becomes torn on if she should stay in school or help support her mom and sister in the strike Her teacher and her mother have two very different opinions about the strike and cause Rosa to become confused about whether or not to join the union Throughout the novel, Rosa becomes very close with Jake and eventually plays a huge role in Jake s life.Jake is also a dynamic character in the novel Jake is a young boy who lives on the streets of Lawrence and with no mother, no one in his family participates in the strike He steals a lot of things like food, water, money, and whiskey for his pa He meets Rosa and she is very generous and understanding of him and tries her best to help him out of his dangerous situation He doesn t learn his lesson and continues to steal things to provide for him and his unemployed pa Rosa gets sent to another place to stay away from the strike and Jake wants to come but he can t Rosa unwillingly helps Jake and in the end, changes him for the better The book is a little slow at first but just keep reading, it gets better. This was a very good YA historical novel It tells about the Lawrence Strike of 1912 Factories cut the work week back two hours, depriving already hungry and cold families of a couple of badly needed loaves of bread We see both sides of the fence so to speak Rosa is against the strike even tho her mother and sister are a part of it Her teacher is partly to blame for Rosa s doubts Also, Rosa is worried that her mother will get hurt or worse, murdered because the strike does get out hand a few times and at least two young people end up dead But is it the fault of the strikers or the mill owners and their armies Jake is the other side He is for the strike It makes him feel like a man which a big thing for a kid that sleeps in trash piles to stay warm He occasionally has his doubts tho too. especially when he is starving without shelter Both Jake and Rosa go to Vermont to wait the strike out Rosa is worried that the strike will never end Jake has nothing to go back to except a secret he doesn t want revealed I enjoyed it well enough tho I had a hard time with Jake He is unlikeable at times as he steels from the poor box, hides in churches, and burries himself in trash Tho it was a good read and I learned a lot about the 1912 strike that I didn t know before, it fails to hit the five star mark cause it never MOVED me I never laughed, cried, chuckled, or gasped. Bread and Roses,Too is a great book about two kids and their different yet very similar lives through the 1912 Lawrence Labor strike This historical fiction novel showed the many hardships and challenges children living in Lawrence, Massachusetts had to overcome The daily struggle of the logistics of the strike, safety, and your life were all things the two main characters, Rosa and Jake had to face Throughout the book there were some moments I couldn t put it down and other parts through which I had to persevere I felt that looking back on the book that it had the historical essence in parts and in different moments it was a regular fiction book, however not integrated into a great historical fiction read Although I learned so much about the Lawrence strike I didn t know, it sometimes made me feel like I was reading a History book The inner story of Rosa and Jake and their life evolving around the strike is one I will remember It made me look at my life and see how easy I have it and lucky I am The people of Lawrence s fight opened up so many opportunities for the American worker to regain their voice which we fought do hard for The overall book was one that has a great story about the difficulties faced by families and children alike and showing when people work together, anything can be accomplished.