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Honestly I m only giving this three stars for the violence, sea creature terror and one very creepy urban legend tale about an older couple who get stuck on a cage elevator with no one around to help them The plot is subpar and the characters are dull, one dimensional and completely forgettable Turns out The Deep is pretty shallow.See what I did there Life s full of chances to hurt yourself or someone else.Initially I thought this would be a horror book, maybe because of Jaws, but when I realized this was actually a sea mystery, I thought that I wouldn t like it that much I was wrong, and The Deep surprised me in many ways.Of the three main characters, there was one about whom I didn t really care David , my favorite one Gail , and a middle grounder don t remember his name In general, they were good and believable, which is what I expect on a good book.I really liked that the story explored two shipwrecks, and the secrets the characters found out about History that weren t know that s something that interests and fascinates me, even though it s just fiction.The book had a fast pace and some gripping moments, but nothing really awesome until the last 50 pages, when I things became evenawesome and I couldn t put it down The Deep was a pleasant surprise to me, and I think it should berecognized. #KINDLE ì The Deep ë A Young Couple Go To Bermuda On Their Honeymoon They Dive On The Reefs Offshore, Looking For The Wreck Of A Sunken Ship What They Find Lures Them Into A Strange And Increasingly Terrifying Encounter With Past And Present, A Struggle For Salvage And Survival Along The Floor Of The Sea, In The Deep I probably read this when I was 11 or 12 and I only remember two things from it the female character bending over so that her bikini covered breasts honey coloredness became visible, and the word ampules This is the kind of book you should read when you re 11 because you ll get muchout of it. After Jaws I was hoping forThis has a plot hole you could Captain a U boat through Too bad, since the main character is well drawn, perhaps too well, since a backstory dump drags down chapter three If a crappy plot won t keep you from a sea yarn, it s a fair Audiobook DNF halfway. This book is about a married couple that are searching a sunken vessel off the coast of Bermuda They soon discover that this vessel was carrying drugs The local drug lord wants these drugs The couple are adamant about not supplying the local drug lord and they are fighting for their lives.I have never seen the movie that was developed from this book so this was all new for me It was a decent read What stood out about this book was the description of the dives as the characters searched the bottom of the ocean This was to be expected as Peter Benchley might be the undisputed king of ocean themed thrillers I liked all three of the main characters but I do wish that the drug lord and his crew was fleshed out a littleThe theme of the drugs was always present but I wish the threat of the drug lord wasof a menace.This book is a good example of a beach read It is a thriller that takes place in the ocean and therefore we have the presence of sharks, moray eels, or dives that go horribly wrong It entertained and now I have to go watch the movie. I remember enjoying the movie, The Deep , very much Jacqueline Bisset, Nick Nolte, Robert Shaw remembered by us older viewers from From Russia with Love Yeah, Ms Bisset s skimpy wet t shirt scenes probably added to the stars from the progesterone half of the audience, though it was fairly demure by today s standards.FWIW, I rather wish this would be re recorded I liked Mark Feuerstein s role in the TV show Royal Pains , but he s really not one of the best narrators There s nothing actually wrong about his narration, but it s a tad over the top, too emphatic in the wrong places It gets MUCHintense, and by that time the emphasis is lost, rather Whatever It s still a good story Enjoy. While it s not as much fun as Jaws, Beast, or White Shark, the Deep was some decent summer reading If you re expecting the giant killer sea creature vibe like Peter Benchley is famous for, you won t get much of that Athough there are a couple of cool scenes with a big creepy moray eel, those were my favorite parts.I liked the tropical vacation in Bermuda setting and all the scuba diving I ve never been scuba diving so it s cool to read about it The voodoo based villains were somewhat reminiscent of the villains in Live and Let Die which is one of my favorite Bond books movies.Don t go into The Deep expecting another Jaws If you go into this story with an open mind, you ll get a decent popcorn book about scuba diving and salvaging shipwrecks. 1943 The Deep, Peter BenchleyUndersea adventure about a couple who become involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a deadly shipwreck in Bermudan waters When they realize that the cache includes morphine, the pair enlist the help of an old treasure hunter to escape the drug dealers who hid their product amidst the sunken wreck Initial release June 17, 1977 USA 2006 1363 404 575 20 1382 362 9645634326 1384.