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I didn t realize when I started to read this book that it was a part of a series, so now I wish I would have read all of them It can definitely be read as a standalone though, and I would highly encourage you to pick it up.Twisted Threads was so well written, structured and developed It definitely made me use my brain to keep up with everything and try to solve the puzzle, so if you are looking for a lose yourself sort of book this is not for you It is suspensful from the get go, and sucks you in so that you have to finish it and know the whole story.This is the story of Akira Sota and how she is a total bad ass Even the first few chapters showed just how much of a bad ass she is and it just got fast paced from there I loved the setting of the story, I loved all of the characters, and I loved how it had every single type of thing I could want in a book It had the romance although at times I was a little confused by the side conversations and realized some things might have been explained in previous books but it definitely made me want to go back from the very beginning and them all , it has mystery an intrigue, and a murder In order to rid herself of the life that she knows a geisha she must complete one last task and that is to find out who killed her masters sister In order to do that, she must go on a cruise how fun and meet with the people who have been identified as the murderer s It is when she becomes close well too close if you want to keep it real to the couples nephew Devon that she might not accomplish what she has been tasked with But could it lead to other things You will have to red to find out I give this book 4 stars because while it can be read as a standalone, it might have been all the better if I had started from the beginning I enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend you picking up a copy and meeting everyone An assassin searches for a killer amongst the passengers on a cruise ship trying to identify.This book is packed with action, both bloody and romantic, with a central character looking for a target but also redemption The violence is quite graphic in nature and some of the sex scenes are a bit racy, but the twists and turns of the plot make it a satisfyingly chilling mystery I understand this book is part of a series, but it still worked well as a stand alone story.Worth a look if you enjoy steamy adult, and bloody, thrillers. @Epub ð Twisted Threads ⚜ BRAG MEDALLION HONOREEAkira Hamada, A Beautiful Japanese Geisha, Failed At Killing Kaito Mitsui Two Years Ago The Same Yakuza Gang Leader Who Destroyed Her Lover And Forced Her To Become An Assassin Now, With His Sister S Murderer Traveling To The Caribbean On A Cruise Ship, Akira Has Ten Days At Sea To Identify Her Target And Complete Her Assignment As Her Penance, Or Face Her Own Death But Falling In Love With Her Target S Nephew Was Never Part Of The Plan And May Prove To Be Her Undoing Twisted Threads is the fourth book in the Threads series, however, it truly stands alone In this fun, twisted, romantic adventure, Akira a beautiful geisha turned assassin continues her tale from Buried Threads and meets up with Devon Lyons a troublesome treasure seeker , originally introduced in Severed Threads, book one Together they work to resolve the mystery of unsolved murders on board the Starfish cruise ship, while honoring the promises they ve made to family members Secondary characters take center stage as this tale unfolds, leaving readers with twists and turns they never see coming and a conclusion that is guaranteed to surprise loyal readers of the Threads series. I have enjoyed this series I have become involved with the characters and feel as if I know them I was so excited that Devin and Mariko got their own stories It was even better that they were combined. Devin Lyons is the Brother of Rachel Lyons, or Cohen as she is most likely known now He has a shady past and has had no real luck in relationships Devin has agreed to go on a cruise with his aunt and uncle, Paul and Sarah Lyons Paul and Sarah are not the postcard picture perfect couple Devin has agreed to attend the cruise to mend his broken relationship with his uncle Mariko is a former geisha turned assassin She is attending the cruise under the guise of a father daughter getaway She was assigned the task of assassinating Paul or Sarah or Sarah s doctor One of the three is believed to have committed the murder of someone who mattered deeply to Mariko, Akira s, boss Mariko has since been known as Akira. Upon meeting, Devin and Akira experience a magnetic attraction Akira is seemingly playing Devin and is reluctant to fall for this plain American who could never please her sexually I enjoyed watching their progress throughout the story The suspense was great You could never be too sure of who was committing the crime The intimate scenes were awesome as well I found several of the characters and their actions truly twisted and demented Hence, the title I suppose. I hope the series continues I would like to see the characters progress in their current endeavors The author has great talent. MY REVIEW OF TWISTED THREADS BY KAYLIN MCFARRENI was captivated and intrigued by Twisted Threads by Author Kaylin McFarren This is the fourth book in the THREAD series and I did feel an a disadvantage I would suggest that you read the other books to understand the characters and plot in a better way There are twists and turns, and adventure The genres of this book are Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, and Psychological Thriller There is murder, secrets, and revenge There are also some erotic scenes for those readers that are sensitive to that This book is high packed with tension, and I appreciate that Kaylin McFarren has many layers in her books Is anything the way it seems San Francisco Book Review states, A tantalizing glimpse into a secret world of desire Dive deep in to the layers to this intoxicating blend to twisted pleasure and intricate mystery Edgy, fierce and undeniably stimulating The author describes the characters as complicated and complex There are many characters that could be suspect to the various murders on a cruise ship A family on board the cruise ship becomes the assassin s target after a Japanese Crime lord s sister has been killed Akira Hamada, a former Japanese geisha is assigned to be the assassin, or else her life is in danger There are many dimensions to Akira s personality, and at times she appears courageous and brave, and at other times she appears to need protecting.Who really is the murderer What is the motivation Can Akira leave this life behind and find true happiness I would recommend this book for readers who enjoy suspense, a thriller, mystery and intense events I received an Arc of this book from Kaylin McFarren, and Creative Edge Publishing for my honest review. Although I am no stranger to mysteries and psychological thrillers, Twisted Threads went far beyond most It not only grabbed me intellectually because I love solving crimes but it also tugged at my emotions McFarren s characters are well developed and multi dimensional No one is the proverbial good guy or bad guy Each character possesses a believable mix of traits that leaves you guessing what they will do next Since I grew up watching action packed Asian movies with martial arts, this was fun to read By the way, many of the romantic scenes would have made Bruce Lee blush This was such a wild ride I loved the setting of this bookI m always on the lookout for cruise books as cruise ships are such exciting and fun environments with so much to do This was by far the best cruise book I ve ever read It s full of twists and turns, action, and adventure This is the fourth book in a series and there were a few times that I was a bit confused due to lack of background knowledge but for the most part, this would definitely work as a standalone I wasn t expecting the erotic parts of the book and they were the only thing I disliked about the book as erotica isn t my cup of tea but I think that those that enjoy erotica would enjoy them Overall, this was a very well written book with great characters and a very fun setting I would definitely pick up books by this author. Akira Hamada has an enemy Kaito Mitsui Kaito is also her employer he s turned her into an assassin.Kaito had a sister who was murdered He wants Akira to be on the cruise ship where his sister s murderer will be There are two suspects so who murdered Maito s sister and who will Akira turn her gun sights on Twisted Threads is the fourth and the last book in Threads series I have not read the previous three books, and I most likely would have liked this one better if I had There is a bit of romance involved, some suspense, even a bit of comedy here and there.Many thanks to the author Creative Edge Publishing Netgalley for the digital copy of TWISTED THREADS Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. A sexy mystery that brings the timeless themes of murder, revenge and family loyalty to the high seas A great series for fans of romantic suspense.In Twisted Threads, assassin Akira Hamada finds herself owing a life debt to Mitsui san, a powerful member of Zakura kai, Japan s notorious yakuza family And yet at the book s outset, she is offered a way out The price of her freedom Boarding a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean to exact revenge on a married British couple that murdered Mitsui san s sister.If she s successful, she can start a new life anywhere in the world If she fails, her own mother will be killed Check out the rest of my review on BestThrillers.com.