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After months of putting this aside, I finally decided to read this The premise was very gripping, and the execution was adequate It s not the best graphic novel I ve ever read, but it does have the type of plot that would keep you reading till the end I can t wait to read the second volume and find out what happens next.Ups Fantastic plot Likable CharactersThey all had their own problems, and each one resulted positively in terms of enjoyment I enjoyed the graphic novel because of that because it added a feeling of psychological thriller to it Decent ArtworkIt could ve been done better, but I ve seen way worse I m not that fond of it, but it s something I can bear with.Downs While the plot was fantastic, at times it was all over the place Contrary to my usual preference, I didn t like the shifting of timelines here It was a bit confusing Maybe it s because of the graphic novel format, but I didn t enjoy the shifting that much.4 5 stars.I heard that the series improves even , so I ll be reading the next volumes real soon While I was not blown away, I can still consider this a very good graphic novel Highly recommended for horror and psycho thriller fans. Fuck That was an admiring Fuck not a Fuck you Fuck. Creative Team Writer and Co Creator Joe HillIllustrator and Co Creator Gabriel RodriguezColoring Jay FotosLettering Robbie Robbins KEY TO SUCCESS Welcome to Keyhouse, kid. Was it weird to grow up in a house with a nameYou have no idea. I ve heard a lot of good things about this comic book series, butoh, boy I never thought that it was THAT GOOD This first volume was really awesome The creative team, Hill Rodriguez, definitely they worked as a team, since the graphic sequences are beautiful synchronized between texts and drawings.Nothing is made by chance Everything is carefully done Writer and Artist aren t in a competition of who s bigger name in the title Both are working in full communication to present a great story.In a prose novel is quite easy to hide stuff from the readers, if there isn t written down, it doesn t exist in their minds, but in a comic book, where it s a visual format, you need to be crafty to hide things, and this creative team in the first chapter, they played with our expectations and each time that you think that you know what happened, a new piece of info is shown, telling you that it s better to enjoy the ride and avoid to make assumptions.Of course, it doesn t mean that you can guess here and there, future things in the tale, if you read carefully Delicious reading.Joe Hill Stephen King s son while he was already done prose work, this Project is his first venture in comic books, and certainly he did a masterful job.Gabriel Rodriguez s art style reminds me like a merge between Frank Quitely s and Humberto Ramos But don t take me wrong, Rodriguez indeed has his own style and he did a superb task presenting a scary story, showing hard to cope scenes with elegance KNOCK KNOCK Lots Doors To other worlds Doors to other possibilities. You may think that the premise isn t that original True, it s about a mysterious haunted house with magic doors Something like Narnia or Moving Castle meets Amityville, but the KEY word here isCharacters Many stories may sound alike, many premises can born from similar ambiances, BUT the narrative element that they helped them to come out as distinctive tales are the characters and its developing And you can be sure that this comic book has great characters with excellent development and wonderful interaction between each other You can feel them as real people, and even when you think that you already figure it out some character, they always surprised and they become deeper and deeper, harder to know the turns that the story will take Each chapter, while develops the general story, is beautiful managed to know deeper inside of certain character, a different one on each chapter As I said before, nothing is made by chance, all it s part of a well thought plan.A carefully crafted story where you aren t getting into it at its beginning, and definitely not its ending neither Read Pdf ♷ Welcome to Lovecraft ♍ Locke Key Tells Of Keyhouse, An Unlikely New England Mansion, With Fantastic Doors That Transform All Who Dare To Walk Through Them Home To A Hate Filled And Relentless Creature That Will Not Rest Until It Forces Open The Most Terrible Door Of Them All I think most of my friends on Goodreads have either shelved this book to read or have read it I had to jump on that bandwagon but I was a bit scared You see most of them have loved it Except Erica But she is a hater rebel Usually books that everyone else loves and fangirl boys over tend to leave me dry.I actually liked this one It starts off all violent and shit This guy is killed by a teenage nut job and the nut job is going for his family also, but they get away from him and he ends up in juvenile prison.The family moves across the country to the Lovecraft mansion They maybe should have stayed at the Hotel 6 This place is kinda wonky.You have lots of rooms that need certain keys Including one that makes you into a ghost Then you have this hag bitch in the well That hag bitch turns out to be something way freaky I only requested two of these volumes from the library and I think that s probably going to make me mad at myself.Because there is lots of this And I tend to like that. I could, as seems customary in cases like this one where twenty thousand million people and a half loved a book but two and one quarter didn t , put one of those silly unpopular opinion warnings at the top of this review But I won t Ha Why, you ask Because 1 Love a book Hate a book Doesn t matter It s your opinion, you re entitled to it No need to apologize for not agreeing with the masses Your opinion is what makes you YOU, so bloody shrimping own it And stuff.2 People who feel offended by those who dare criticize a book they love can kiss my pincers 3 I don t give a flying fish what others think of my opinion.4 I m in a great mood today.Soooooo, Locke Key I first tried reading this volume three years ago I d purchased the Kindle version but reading comics and graphic novels on a tablet computer whatever is not for me What can I say, I m one of those decrepit, ancient ones who prefer good old paper over digitalized stuff Anyway, the paperback version was a total rip off 20 at the time, so I decided to wait until the price went down and stuff And now I wish I hadn t bothered here we are.Okay, let s cut the crap and get this over with I didn t like the art Frankly, I thought most of the characters looked downright grotesque There s the Medusa wannabe who looks like a guy The teenager who looks like a 40 year old gorilla The P.E teacher who has Picasso worthy hands and looks like a man The guy with the rabbit teeth who looks like he might or might not be related to the P.E teacher of the Picasso worthy hands And let s not forget this delicious looking lady who s so bloody sexy I m considering locking her up in my harem Long story short the characters are both ugh and ew Also, their faces are too pointy and angular Damn, chins that sharp should be outlawed or something I mean, I m pretty sure they re serrated and deadlier than my murderous babies pincers and stuff Oh, before I forget can someone tell me what the shrimp is up with the shades on the characters faces Please someone, anyone, get the poor boys a bucket of under eye concealer or something I could go on and on about this lovely bunch, tell you about the super contagious Snarly Mouth Virus SMV they re all obviously suffering from, or about That Weird Semi Round Thing They Have on their Jagged Little Chins TWSRTTHotJLG , but things to do, homicidal shrimps to unleash and all that crap, so I won t Lucky you and stuff One last thing I want to mention, though there s quite a lot of violence in this volume And lots of blood, too This could have been most delightfully gruesome, had it not looked like someone kept inadvertently dropping cans of tomato sauce all over the panels Kind of takes the horror out of the horror story and stuff And makes the whole thing feel like a ridiculous B movie But hey, it s not all bad I mean, the art sort of reminded me of a Gorillaz album, which in turn reminded me of my glorious youth, so yay and stuff I didn t give a shrimping fish about any of the characters.Even lowly barnacles have charisma that this unlikable bunch here And my infamous herd of ironing boards is way emotional than them, too But what s really depressing here is that I didn t even lust over the villains And that s quite suicide inducing, if you ask me I couldn t have cared less about the plot.It was meh and it was sloooow and it was boring and it was all over the place and it was confusing as fish Only not in Gloriously Befuddling Glen Cook Way GBGCW And I guess the story might have been appropriately terrifying sinister macabre whatever if the art hadn t been so OTT as mentioned But it was, so it wasn t Oh, and by the way, naming your supposedly creepy New England town Lovecraft isn t particularly clever It s nothing than pretentious high school level name dropping And the moral of this This Graphic Novel is One of the Most Popular and Highest Rated on Goodreads This is it That Proves it The Fluffy Siberian Bunnies Have Hacked the Site This is the End Crappy Non Review TGNiOofMPaHRoGTisTPiTFSBHHtSTisECNR is go ahead Locke Key maniacs, unleash all hell on me because I had the despicable audacity not to fangirl about your precious I am not afraid and stuff Also, my murderous crustaceans are ready for you April 2015 Note to self stop trying to read comics on your Kindle Fire The screen is too small and the panels seem to have a life of their own oh look They zoom in and out all by themselves It s magic Ugh I guess I ll just have to wait for this to go on sale Because there s no way I m spending 20 on a graphic novel Nope nope nope. When I first started reading Locke Key a couple years ago, I kinda shrugged and thought to myself, Yeah Okay That s pretty good But the story got its hooks into me pretty quickly after that Unique concept Great art Great storytelling Great characters I read a blurb somewhere that said something along the lines of, Locke Key is this generation s Sandman I don t know if I d go that far but if someone wanted to take that stance around me, I don t think I d waste much energy arguing against it either The truth is, this series does have a similar mythic feel to it, though its vibe is Lovecraftian than folkloric Simply said great series And as an added bonus, it stands entirely on its own You don t need to know anything about Marvel continuity or folklore to help you understand the story Which might give it a leg up on Sandman in some ways Highly recommended. oooooo an eerie old mansion on a woody estate, strange mysteries and dangerous secrets, a tangled and forgotten past, a san francisco family of three father slain seeking a new life on an island named Lovecraft off the coast of massachusetts, in a place called The Keyhouse a beautiful girl who lives at the bottom of a well, an insane killer on the hunt for magical keys, doors that open into odd places, walk through one door and change your gender, walk through another door and turn into a ghost who knows what else the mysteries multiply awesome the art is excellent a muted kind of vivid, smooth and professional, with a sometimes whimsical but basically grounded approach to illustrating the characters and the writing is even better characterization and narrative feel carefully honed, sketched with smaller strokes, intimate details parsed out slowly, the mysteries unfolding at an even pace, flashbacks that adroitly serve to both increase suspense and to render each character completely understandable, the narrative by turns sinister and endearing and magical and always compelling both the quick turn of the page and the contemplative search for hidden meaning in past pages.i really enjoyed this one a lot i wish i had read it on Halloween or on a rainy day in a creaky mansion on an island off of massachusetts heaven Please don t tell me that I didn t get it, it s no use I already feel as if I didn t read the same book as all the friends I trust who loved it I know that many readers loved the art, but it threw me off completely First because in my opinion none of the characters look like their ages Sam and Tyler, teenagers and that increased my general confusion in the beginning Secondly I thought that all the shapes were too abrupt , with weird shades on the faces, for example, and it wasn t a pleasure for me to look at the drawings Now, on that aspect it s really a matter of taste My interest is running away As far as I m concerned, the plot was slow, predictable in some parts Sam s storyline, the Everywhere Key and sometimes all over the place, with characters I still don t know care about Even though the concept is interesting and brings together several aspects that seem right up my alley a magical school, parallel worlds I was bored and my overall feeling is one of MEH, but I am aware that my opinion of the art definitely influenced my enjoyment and my involvement Sigh Keep in mind that I m in a tiny minority, though I ll probably go on with the series to see if my reading experience gets better For of my reviews, please visit You can color me SOLD on this series Here s another intelligent, strongly written story with which to pummel the perceptions of the elitist book snobbers, who sneer and snide at the graphic novel medium To them, I politely say, BITE ME because this is great stuff I was excited to read this because it was written by Joe Hill, the talented offspring of a certain literary King who shall remain nameless Stephen While I thought Hill s Heart Shaped Box was a promising first work, I really fell enad with him after reading his second, and much stronger, novel Horns That effort definitively showed that Hill has story telling chops, and I ve been a Joe Hill enthusiast ever since So, I expected to enjoy this.What I didn t count on, was how wonderfully in step Gabriel Rodriquez s art would be with Hill s words, and how gracefully the two would play off each other, enhancing the already impressive quality of their individual efforts This was dance Locke and Key is horror done by two artists who knew exactly what they wanted to accomplishand did so This is terror created through atmosphere, suspense and narrative, without simply resorting to the shock value of extreme, over the top gore, something that really spotlights lazy, ineffective writing when used in lesser works Crossed, volume 2 Family values anyone Oh, there s plenty of blood and guts here, and some deeply disturbing adult orientated sequences, but these scenes are used as impact accessories to the story, not the central attraction.This graphic novel is creepy and unsettling in the way the best horror is The story uses common, relatable life experiences e.g., childhood fears, family dynamics, teenage awkwardness as the canvas, upon which Hill and Rodriquez then layer some serious darkness, some well timed plot twists, and two exceptionally done villains, one human and oneother s a quick summary and some of the excellent artwork.PLOT SUMMARY In an act of brutal, seemingly random, violence, two teens murder Mr Locke and shatter the lives of his wife and their three children, Ty, Kinsey and Bode In the aftermath, the four travel to the town of Lovecraft, Massachusetts, to live at Key House, the families ancestral home Each is broken in their own way, one by suffocating guilt, one by post traumatic shock, one by heartache and loneliness, and one by the loss of dad Unfortunately, the pain is not over.Upon moving into Key House, things immediately take a turn for the weird Turns out the Locke s new home is neither ordinary nor is it vacant To make matters much, much worse, it also turns out that the murder of Mr Locke was not random at all, and the family will find itself beset by nightmares both human and not human while they try and exorcise their grief and reassemble some semblance of a life THOUGHTS What makes this such a terrific story is not just the bounty of scary moments, some of which can really shake you No, what sets this apart and is that Hill and Rodriguez tell a complete tale, and the calm, ordinary moments are as important, and as interesting, as the horror One of my favorite of these moments is when Bode, testing out one of the houses many unusual attributes, secretly visits his sister as she relives the day their father died It is sad and moving, but ends comically in a perfect older sister, younger brother moment It s perfect These quiet moments of reflection are necessary to heighten the emotional investment of the reader, and make the aggressive events much scarier So, add this series to the ever growing pile of recent graphic novels that have really raised the bar Series like Preacher, The Walking Dead, Criminal, Sleeper, Incognito, Sandman, Gotham Centraland now Locke Key Buy itread itlove it 4.5 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is a re read for me, and it s my favorite graphic novel series of all time so I m LOVING IT.