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*NOTE* Some spoilers.
This was a great bookan accurate depiction of what life was like for immigrants coming to American and life for them on the Lower East Side at the turn of the century.
Twelveyearold Zipporah Feldman keeps a diary from 19031906we join her at her first days in America at Ellis Island where she writes totally in Yiddish. She improves in school, her Englishwritten entries in italics. Her family has many strugglesa smelly, interesting boarder, her older sister Miriam falling in love with the Irish Catholic boy who turns out their lights for them on the Sabbath (Saturday for Jews), her other older sister Tovah joining the unionand many triumphsZippy excels in school, her father takes up violin playing again, and Zippy falls in love with the theatre.
This is a great Dear America book to readI highly recommend it. [[ Free Epub ]] ⇔ Dreams In The Golden Country: the Diary of Zipporah Feldman, a Jewish Immigrant Girl ↡ Indreams Welcome To Indreams, The Online Sharing Portal For All The Incredible Creations Made In Dreams Lord Of The Rings In Dreams Soundtrack YouTubeIn Dreams Main Theme Of The Lord Of The Rings In Dreams Soundtrack Fellowship Of The Ring Theme Song Choir By Howard Shore Lyrics When The Cold Of Winter Comes Starless Night Will CoverInterpretation Of Dreams In The Bible Learn Religions God Used Dreams In The Bible Many Times To Communicate His Will, Reveal His Plans, And To Announce Future Events However, Biblical Dream Interpretation Required Careful Testing To Prove It Came From God DeuteronomyBoth Jeremiahand Zechariah Warned Against Relying On Dreams To Express The Revelation Of God Jeremiah Badlands Dreams In The DarkYouTubevideos Play All Mix Badlands Dreams In The DarkYouTube Badlands Badlands Full AlbumDuration Aaron Patey , Views BritnyDream In TV TV On Line Tlvision En Ligne En Direct Pour Regarder Tous Les Programmes Tlviss De Dream In Devant Votre Ordinateur, Votre Smartphone, Votre Tablette, OuDream On Srie TVAlloCin La Trentaine Entame, Martin Tupper Travaille Dans Une Maison D Dition Spcialise Dans Les Romans L Eau De Rose Spar De Son Pouse Judith Avec Laquelle Il The Dreams In The Witch House Wikipedia For Other Uses, See H P Lovecraft S Dreams In The Witch House The Dreams In The Witch House Is A Horror Short Story By American Writer H P Lovecraft, Part Of The Cthulhu Mythos Cycle Written In January Februaryand First Published In The Julyissue Of Weird Tales This book is written like a diary. Zipporah is the one doing the talking. She is 10 years old when her family immigrates from Russia to America. She keeps a diary for about 18 months. All her hopes, dreams and tragedy's are written here. The first thing she has to do is go to school. Since Zipporah can't speak English very well they put her in with the first graders. But she learns fast and moves up through the school system. Zipporah's one big dream is to become an actress in the theater. Does she make it in the theater? You'll have to read the book to find out. I read this book several times. I really loved the Dear America series. I think they still have a place in YA literature today, and I think more girls should read them because it gives an opportunity to make connections to the past in a personal way. I rated this book 3 stars because, I didn't really know much about life in NY was in 19031905 despite Ellis Island. This book didn't have much plot or setting. But had a lot of character. These are my thoughts on this book. I read this book when it was due, I just forgot to update this book. i like the book so much that it make me think of a part in my life that my famliy nevreto brake up or have to go some whare to live alone. I forget where I picked this up at but I finally read it less than two months ago. I have a friend or two who are slowly reading and/or collecting the Dear America series. I have no interest in doing the same but every once in awhile I read one that interests me for a specific reason.
Since I read a lot about the Holocaust and how the Jewish people survived, and in many cases didn't survive, this caught my eye because of the title. Of course, the date is also on the cover so I knew what I was getting. I didn't expect it to be about the Holocaust itself.
There are some really great old photos in the back of the book that will probably get minds turning, along with maps, two of them I think.
I was a little surprised at the realisticness of the diary. I think since it's Dear America I expected it to be more of a youngerthanpreteentype of story and in all actuality a much older person can get quite into it. As I have so proven to myself.
I think I'll keep my eye out for others in the series that I might like but it's certainly not something I want to read every one of. I am looking forward to introducing the books to Julia in a few years. Maybe she'll be so enamored that she decides to make a goal out of the series. Zipporah (Zippy) Feldman is a Jewish Immigrant to America, she has heard of all the great opportunity in America, and is eager to take some. Zippy runs into all the greatness of America, as well as some of her downfalls. She starts school, makes new friends, and watches her sister, Miriam fall in love.

This book was sweet. It is a true account of what Jewish Immigrants felt. It was well written, and full of information. I loved the sisters, even when different belifes seperated them. They still loved each other. I have always found this period of American history fascinating. The story of Zippy and her family shows the struggles faced by immigrants, particularly learning English and trying to combine the traditions of their country with the new ideas they were exposed to in America. I did feel a bit out of touch with some of the Jewish traditions and High Holy Days, because I am Catholic, like Sean, but I did find the family's devotion to their Jewish tradtions touching and it was interesting to learn about a different religion. I absolutley loved reading these books when i was younger, and actually remember historical events that occured because of these books. The pictures at the back of the book of the time period and event were great, and I would often stare at them for an endless amount of time. I think this was one of my favorites, the description of the triangle factory fire amazed me, and to this day I remember what happened and what the triangle fire was and what it did for the US. Awesome book overall :D