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Eye of the Moon is an intricate and intimate story of fascinating people their intellect, their problems, their inner and outer selves It is VERY nicely detailed with all facets of the individuals revealed.I REALLY enjoyed this book Did not like this one.I found the characters flat and soulless Greedy and narcissistic The world s got enough of that.So frankly it was hard to give a shit who won and who lost , whatever that wasit s hard to like a book whose central characters are not likeableT.C a friend of mine on Goodreads The plot is so overwrought, that i found it implausible I heard myself laughingOf all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mineRick Blaine, Casablanca at the thought that Alice could be so close to Bromley Mary that she d hear the conversation perfectly, but not be recognized by a man who, we are to believe, is at least somewhat obsessed with her And then, what that spun into motion sperm is everything Character is nothing Additionally, i was irritated by multiple errors King Tut s daddy s birth century off by 2800 years The above, and the repetitive take home message of YES to avarice and shallowness, left me empty. @Download Pdf Û Eye of the Moon · Johnny S Legendary Socialite Aunt Alice Mysteriously Died While Reading The Egyptian Book Of The Dead When He And Percy Were Ten They Have Been Kept In The Dark About That Night Ever SinceTwenty Years Later, They Are Reunited, Along With Family And Guests, For A Weekend House Party At Rhinebeck, The Sumptuous Estate Once Owned By AliceBut Rhinebeck Holds Than Just Childhood Memories From The Family Butler, They Learn That Alice S Story Is Far Darker Than Anticipated, And Will Impact All Their Lives, Particularly Percy S, Before The Weekend ConcludesAll Who Attend Are Ensnared In A Surprising Web Of Mystery, Egyptian Occultism, Sumptuous Elegance, And Intrigue, Where Family Members, Guests, And Even The Staff Have Their Own Agendas, And Nothing Is What It SeemsThis Complex And Sophisticated Gothic Mystery Thriller Is A Page Turner You Will Not Be Able To Put Down ok so heres my thoughts i enjoyed itbut for a while it was slow and took a bit for me to get into the bookbut once i did i was like woohoothis is gonna be a good oneand i was rightits like a gothic murder mystertype thingits a unreion of friendsthen they gotta fugiure out what happenedto sunt alicetwist and turns It had been a while since I d picked up a novel and not only finished it but gobbled it up hungrily Eye of the Moon is now one of my favorite books and a concoction of all the things that spike my curiosity The occult, family intrigues, a mansion with a dark personality of its own, and profound characters that you commit to are the stuff Eye of the Moon is made of. This was such a surprise If you love big house mysteries, Downtown Abbey, and Cluedo who done its , you will love this It is a modern day mystery Gothic and a wee bit of supernatural thrown in for good measure It was really entertaining, I loved every minute of it Each character has a good role and story, nobody is left out The two main characters, Percy and Johnny, oh sorry, and Robert the Bruce dog , bounce off each other well The story pulls you in as things are discovered, and secrets unearthed This is a great read for a winters night Highly recommended. Eye of the Moon brings to mind flavors of Downton Abbey and Agatha Christie with a dash of paranormal to taste It is suspenseful and intriguing It reads smoothly like a fine scotch, easily leading you in to turn each page There is history, formality and the magnificent illustrated setting of Rhinebeck.Eye of the Moon starts off simple enough with our two main characters and their slightly complicated relationship Straightaway, we are given our push and pull to carry us through the ups, downs, twists and turns through the story at Rhinebeck and all the characters that flush out the exciting and mysterious circumstances that come into play Then there is the paranormal undercurrent to the estate itself It s like a hint of just the right spice to set the whole story in a precarious state of balance Amazingly, exciting tension all while following our characters through their storyline.Read this book at your first opportunity You will not be disappointed. What a great time I had reading Ivan Obolensky s Eye Of The Moon Full of wonderfully fresh characters, it s a story full of stories that become interwoven as the novel unfolds Looming over the book and all the characters is the fabulous estate of Rhinebeck, part gothic castle, part Downton Abbey and part upstate New York country home The estate holds many secrets, mysteries and the hearts of all who have lived there or hope too But it s the characters that we take with us and hope to see again Finely drawn, unique and complex these are less characters in a book and people we come to know better as we spend time with them Comedy, romance, death, passion, mystery and magic are all elements that drive the story Full of suspense and always revealing new surprises this novel is just plain fun to read. MY FIRST REVIEW EVER WOW I LOVED THIS BOOK IT WAS AMAZING A MUST READ I CAN T WAIT TO GET THE HARD COPY SO I CAN READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN THIS BOOK WAS VERY WELL WRITTEN I LOVE HOW PERCY AND JOHNNY REUNITED I LIKE THE HOUSE MANAGER IS SO COLD BUT IN A GOOD WAY ALL THE MYSTERY MAKES ME WANT MORE.ONE OF THE BEST THRILLERS I HAVE READ ALL YEAR EVERY PAGE I READ I WANTED MORE AND MORE READING EYE OF THE MOON WAS SUCH AN ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE THIS BOOK WAS FULLED WITH, ADVENTURE, HUMOR, MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, ROMANCE FOR ALL APPETITES ALL THE MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE I LOVE IT READING THIS BOOK, I WONDERED WHAT WAS IT GOING TO BE ABOUT, BUT ONCE I STARTED READING IT I COULDN T PUT IPAD DOWN PERCY AND JOHNNY HAD ME WANTING TO BE THERE DURING THEIR SEARCH FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ALICE POOR ALICE PASSED AWAY READING A BOOK EVERYTHING THAT ALICE HAD EXPERIENCE IN TRAVEL POSITIVE I WANTED TO EXPERIENCE IN THIS READING THIS BOOK IS A DEFINITE MUST READ I CAN T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT BOOK BY IVAN OBOLENSKY. This is a gothic type mystery of how Aunt Alice died while reading The Egyptian Book of The Dead The story unfolds 20 years later where Johnny, Percy and their family and guests find out the truth amidst a celebratory dinner at Alice s Estate Rhinebeck The themes of occult, mystery, new love, old acquaintances, and new and old secrets occur in this 542 page novel For a book by a debut author this was very well written I haven t read a book written this well in a long time The words flowed smoothly and made sense, I didn t have to reread paragraphs I liked that this story was new and didn t have recurring plots that I ve seen before The one thing I didn t like and that made this book not a 5 star book for me is the length It s just my preference to be written at 300 350 pages I still think this was a good read and that you should pick it up if you like gothic type mysteries with a lot of character development and a new story line This comes out February 6, 2018.I gave this book 3.5 4 out of 5 stars I received this advanced reading copy from the author for review.