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I read this last year and decided to re read it because I didn t know how to feel about the ending to Book Five This is such a fantastic series It s a clever concept, the characters are so rich and compelling, and the art really works for it Brian K Vaughn wasn t someone I read a lot of before this series and this book is what converted me into a fan Let s start with the concept all the cis men on the planet have died due to some unknown cause except for Yorick Yorick and his monkey Ampersand Yorick finds his mother in DC and she asks him to go find a cloning expert, Dr Mann to figure out how to repopulate the earth She also assigns a member of the Culper Ring, Agent 355, to get him there The series goes over all the issues I wouldn t even think about Of course, I know there are several male dominated professions but the page where they outline what s happened to the government in several countries, all the priests and rabbis are dead, the farming industry is still doing quite well, however There are several moments for this to be kind of sexist but by the fifth book, it s very much not The idea is women need men to make people and that s kind of it It s a pretty progressive, fascinating message Anyway, Yorick is kind of a dick in the first book but you grow to love him Agent 355 is one of the great loves of my life Dr Mann is brilliant and she becomes a really brace character Hero falls in with the wrong people but she is a survivor This is just the first in the series so it s strange re reading it and seeing how much they ve grown I adore this series and I m nervous but optimistic about the TV adaptation Wow This was great After an outbreak swiftly kills almost all of the mammals on earth with a Y chromosome, an amateur escape artist named Yorick and his pet monkey named Ampersand discover that they are inexplicably the only two males left on earth Yorick goes on an odyssey to not only learn the truth behind this mysterious phenomenon, but also travel to Australia to find the love of his life, Beth But it s easier said than done and the concept of being the Last Man On Earth isn t as fun as it sounds.This is an endlessly addictive, fully entertaining first installment of a five book 60 issue series And from the intriguing concept, to the compelling characters including a great villain , the memorable moments, and the simple, unadorned artwork, this series does everything right And this is just the first book I love how Yorick isn t perfect, he s not a saintly, valiant guy and not a ripped action hero either He s also mouthy, obnoxious, and a little smug, but completely endearing I m also looking forward to learning about 355, Dr Mann, Hero, and Alter I m completely flabbergasted that this hasn t been turned into a tv show yet It could be a stellar, binge worthy hit series, similar to the way The Walking Dead was way back when it was actually good I m so excited to read of this. [Ebook] ☪ Y: The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book One ☨ Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN Y THE LAST MAN, Winner Of Three Eisner Awards And One Of The Most Critically Acclaimed, Best Selling Comic Books Series Of The Last Decade, Is That Rare Example Of A Page Turner That Is At Once Humorous, Socially Relevant And Endlessly SurprisingWritten By Brian K Vaughan LOST, PRIDE OF BAGHDAD, EX MACHINA And With Art By Pia Guerra, This Is The Saga Of Yorick Brown The Only Human Survivor Of A Planet Wide Plague That Instantly Kills Every Mammal Possessing A Y Chromosome Accompanied By A Mysterious Government Agent, A Brilliant Young Geneticist And His Pet Monkey, Ampersand, Yorick Travels The World In Search Of His Lost Love And The Answer To Why He S The Last Man On EarthCollects Y THE LAST MAN What if all the men, except one young man and his male monkey pet, were wiped out all over the world and nobody knew why exactly That s the setup for volume one of this series that takes a look at gender issues and progressive science versus a natural order of things I like that the explanation for the plague is not known and there are several possibilities There s a fair amount of mischievous style humor in the first volume For instance, women commemorate the dead man at an obvious phallic symbol a la The Washington Monument Extremists women take on the role of the ancient s and tear off one breast and take to believing Mother Earth meant to eradicate the males Hardcore GOPs may take offense when Republican wives of dead senators show up with guns, arguing they should have a voice in the new government The main character, Yorick, is a putz and sometimes clueless but believable enough even though some might argue he is a passive character The super model turned corpse collector who just got her implants is an obvious jab at how the fashion industry and of course female looks are intertwined with male desires VOLUME ONE The crisis hits and shows male mammals biting it all over the world and women gradually adjusting Some don t care to stick it out and check out by taking their lives The focus is mainly on America and Yorick and his monkey are apparently the only males remaining and thus do the higher ups assign him a bodyguard, make him wear a disguise to appear to be a woman and send him off to a lab in San Francisco that might be able to figure out why he lived and others did not so that the species may continue Along the way we see the mournings, the extremists, Yorick s dysfunctional relationship with his mother who is high up in politics now that the men are all gone , what Yorick s sister is up to, part of the beginning trek to SF, the mysteries of a small town and other countries getting involved when they hear of one surviving male.Overall, I d say this is a very good start but if you re the nitpicking type you may not enjoy it as much because everything hasn t been explained A good starting read, by the way, for people new to comics graphic novels The series has received 5 prestigious Eisner Awards Hollywood has been trying to make this into a movie since 2007 Some say this series saved Vertigo Comics from financial problems CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B plus STORY PLOTTING B plus to A minus ARTWORK B plus THEMES B to B plus WHEN READ early January 2012 OVERALL GRADE B plus. Bullet Review Pros good look at how male dominated our leadership and other key jobs are, that effing endingCons straw feminism everywhere, the fact that one male still dominates a woman s storyI love Vaughan, but I doubt I continue The love hate relationship ACK I had heard lots of great stuff about this and the premise sounded interesting One dude left on the planet after all the other men die of some mysterious disease or something The artwork is quite good but the dialogue is only so so and honestly I was a little bored pretty quickly, like by page 3 I was also astounded at the direction the story went, found it heterosexist and homophobic You d think a world of mostly women would be pretty frank about lesbians not this book The only loud and proud lesbos were one breasted biker chicks intent on killing the last dude on earth Speaking of, I tried to like the protagonist and his quest for his lady love who, I swear to god looks just like barbie but mostly he was annoying and self involved Le sigh I shoulda known The plot threw in all sorts of ridiculous leads and red herrings, and between the magical ancient amulets, the random Israelis, the ultra secret spy network and of course all the chicks throwing themselves at our heroone of whom proclaims that not even the death of all the men on earth but one is enough to get HER to eat pussy I kid you not its in the book well, I had assumed it would be post apocalyptic and interesting When I saw that it was a thinly veiled male fantasy, I hoped it might have some interesting campy moments, like old star trek episodes In fact its poorly plotted, the dialogue is boring and there s just not enough action Steer clear folks, or don t say I didn t warn you Having read the first ten issues I m only about one fifth into the whole thing, but despite being rather conflicted about it I ll probably continue reading On the one hand, Y The Last Man is a well written engaging story with some interesting moments and witty dialogues On the other, it s sexist to the core So far, the main villain of the story is an extremist group called s who happen to embody all features of the stereotypical men hating feminists Their ultimate goal is to murder the last male human on the Earth, because fuck survival of mankind reproduction, to them, is just another manifestation of masculine power and, thus, equivalent to rape And although the author attempts to show various faces of femininity and essentially avoids objectifying women, it s difficult to read this crucial element of the plot as something other than a straightforward mockery of feminism and a model example of straw feminism So, while at some points I am truly enjoying the story and drawing too , the moment its crypto chauvinist undertones re surface in my consciousness I get irritated again The author doesn t seem to know what he is trying to say about femininity, masculinity and men women relations or, if he does, it certainly doesn t show Also, the protagonist is an idiot and I have a hard time trying to symphatise with him I usually fail Nevertheless, I ll give it a shot maybe it is all developing towards some totally anti misogynist conclusion P I am a comic book junky Someday when I win the lottery I will buy them all and spread them out over my bed and just roll around on them because I can I love them I haven t encountered many as of yet, but I am slowly branching out I have read all of The Walking Dead ones, most of The Dark Tower ones and The Sandman I wants them all When I have them all I will be like Sm agol I ll hide away somewhere where no one can find me, clutching at my comics and referring to them all as my precious When I first stumbled upon Y The Last Man I remember thinking two things 1 What a cool concept for a story 2 This will either be amazing or a sexist piece of shit Well, I checked out a couple reviews online and saw that Stephen King had once said that it was The best graphic novel I ve ever read Now, that should not be taken lightly Stephen King talks a lot about his love of comics and I am sure he has read of them in his lifetime than I ever will in mine unless I win the lottery and have all the time in the world and fulfill my dream See above For him of all people to say that.that is truly something Of course I had to read them I was not disappointed I borrowed the books from a buddy of mine and he had the collector s edition for the first one which I guess is the first 2 graphic novels I think it is written brilliantly and the artwork is quite impressive I was afraid that it would be a man s version of women s thoughts, being that a man wrote it But honestly, it is pretty damn good I think what I like most about this is that I have no idea where it is going to take me The story is pretty open ended and I am fairly certain this is the first time this topic has been tackled I look forward to continuing on with the series, as everyone I know who has read it has nothing but good things to say about it I sure hope that little Ampersand meets a nice little female monkey friend Later, boys.So everything should be peace and love from here on out, right Um.No That s coming from a chick so hardcore she cut off one of her own titties The premise of this one is pretty catchy For some unknown reason, every single male on earth just suddenly drops dead Why Doesn t matter It happens.I can t even imagine the devastation, personally Every husband, father, brother, boyfriend Think of all the dead children And every man is some woman s son, soAnyway, chaos rightly ensues Except.This guy, Yorick, and his male monkey somehow survive animals, too So this is sorta his story as the Last ish Man on earth.The gist is that he s got to navigate this new dangerous world while on a quest to be reunited with his girlfriend in Australia But first, he s gotta save humanity with a genetic scientist a badass agent from some top secret organization And along the way, he s going to meet all sorts of women Some good, some bad, most somewhere in the middle.Good luck, dude This was a pretty cool story I m not sure I was into it enough to seek out the rest of the story, but I did think it was interesting while I was reading it This one is pretty much universally well liked, so if you think this sounds like something you would dig, check it out. I have a lot to say about this I have basically two feelings, two minds and two reviews The short, part of me was very entertained by this and part of me kept screaming this is stupid.I actually wrote a story on this subject obviously not published a few years back with something just like this premise I didn t know this existed so I have thought a lot about this There is a lot of questions about what is going on in the story and there are many answers to be had so I don t understand what is really happening The story is very well written, well scripted and the artwork is nice It is doing it s job well.Here s the thing Women hold life as sacred They are not going to try and wipe out the species They would not be trying to kill the last man Women usually rule in groups in a matriarchy They aren t as power hungry though that is there There would be general bitchy ness, but the roving groups of man hating women bent on killing off humanity That is absurd So the story is extremely entertaining yet stupid Women would not be bent on self destruction The man hating in the book is ridiculous Especially since all the men are gone but one or so There is no reason for that anger any.Women would come together and help each other out There would be little reason to compete with each other They would be in danger of killing the man trying to get his attention and fall in love with him That is like it This telling is silly and I don t think Brian is writing women well in this story Too much physical conflict Women s conflict is passive aggressive and emotionally abusive I know there would be women who were mentally crazy and they could cause harm and danger, but women would come together and bond I believe.So, this novel is able to bring all this out and cause me to think, so it s doing it s job I think it is very entertaining and I gave it a high score even while thinking the author has it all wrong and this is all wrong I still got my money s worth, so I am excited to read and see why the women want the last man dead and end the human race I doubt he will be able to sell it to men, but it will be entertaining in the process.The prostitutes and strippers were all out of jobs Isn t that interesting to think about.