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A great book it shows people that being pretty fancy, and super cool doesn t always do the trick of earning yourself true friends This book shows how a simple girl like Allie Finkle can stop Cheyenne taking control of the fourth grade with her friends. 3.5 StarsAllie Finkle loves her new school, new friends and most of all her fourth grade teacher Mrs.Hunter Mrs Hunter even told Allie s grandmother that she s a joy to have in class So after winter break, Allie is really excited to return to school Her excitement builds when she learns a new girl from Canada will be in her class To assist the new student with adjusting to a new school, Miss Hunter asks Allie to give up her desk, which is next to her best friend Erica, for a desk that s in the back of the room where the bad boys sit Not wanting to say no, Allie reluctantly agrees.Unfortunately for Allie the new girl, Cheyenne O Malley thinks she s immature for playing the pretend game of Queens Instead Cheyenne wants to chase after the boys so she can kiss them Cheyenne also wants every boy and every girl to go together , which Allie and her friends aren t sure where they are to go to.Allie knows she s not ready to be as mature as Cheyenne After all she s in the fourth grade and doesn t want a boyfriend There s plenty of time for that Will Allie risk standing up to Cheyenne even if it means losing her friends I finished this book on the 28 last month I like this book and will want to recommend this to the class.I say that because this book has also taught me a lesson.Like when your having trouble then you can just write your own rules.like one character in her book name Allie Finkle.She had troubles with her old best friend named Mary kay.The second reason i would recommend this book to someone is because it COULD BE A GOOD BOOK IF YOUR HAVING trouble with your friends because it sseems important This book was kind of challenging because of it taught me how to become a better friend to your friends.Also the thing that i didn t like was that Allie went to her best friend party and got bullied by her best friends The character that i mostly liked was Allie because she was the importing on e in the book.Also she had a problem in the climax Then bye the end she solved her problem betweeen her new best friends in her new house where had moved Also at the beginning she like her new house because she taught it was a very creepy looking because there were tree branches and twigs all in the front of the but as she started getting use the house and started makin new friends she started liking her house. the book is called best friends and drama queens allie finkle s rules for girls, 3 and the book is by meg cobot i chose this book because its about drama and new people and its about boys and how they sometimes could mess up your friendship in the beginning allie finds out that there s this new girl and that she was the new girl till the new came from canada and in the middle the new girl starts to make friends and that allie still misses being the new girl at the end the new girl has friends and then when they went out side when the new girl was mad she sprained her ankle and then the next day she was in cruches the most intersting part of the book is when they all were arguing and they were all in iti like this book because its about what happens when you have a boy friend and that you start aguing with your friends because of one boy i recommened this book because it teaches you what will happen when you have a boy friend i think my cousin should read this book beacause she has alot of boy friends i want to read books about boys or comics Allie at first was so excited about a new Canadian girl name Cheyenne coming Because then she won t be the new girl any But then she had to move her seat near to very nasty boys Also, Cheynne thinks that they play babyish games So she started playing Kissing game which made EVERYONE play it I can relate to Allie because I also had this kind of situation Allie Finkle s world could not possibly be true to life I feel like Meg Cabot must have a fourth grade girl advising her The four friends playing an ongoing make believe game called Queens behind some bushes on the playground during recess That absolutely gave me flashbacks It s all that dead on, too their ways of interacting with each other, their interests concerns Allie deals with a bossy new girl who is trying to make everyone in their class go with boys to prove how mature they are But Allie doesn t want to go anywhere with the boys she knows, she doesn t see what s so great about maturity anyway, if it means she can t play fun games with her friends or have sleepovers with stair sled races Cute, fun, with a nice message. I used to read this book series and I loved it It was amazing and part of my childhood 2,5 starsI mean, if dressing up in someone else s mom s clothes and makeup is babyish, well, then I didn t want to be grown up Allie FinkleIn Best Friends and Drama Queens, Allie is now settled at a new school and is excited when she hears that there s going to be a new girl in her class However, she s a little upset because now she has to move to the back of the class and sit with the boys Also, the new girl, Cheyenne, is mean and bossy and considers herself to be extremely mature Cheyenne and Allie don t get along and Cheyenne becomes Allie s enemy Meg Cabot excels at writing from the PoV of a 9 year old girl While Allie has many childhood fears, doubts and insecurities, she s extremely brave and bold and stands up for what she believes in I don t remember having Allie s bravery when I was 9 years old and if I had her bravery, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and hurt.I also liked reading about the strong friendship that Allie and her friends have and the subplot involving Uncle Jay s romance I also enjoyed the overall messages of Best Friends and Drama Queens, which are standing up for what you believe in, saying no to peer pressure and not being in a rush to grow up too fast However, I didn t really enjoy the whole popular mean girl drama and Best Friends and Drama Queens isn t as good as Moving Day and The New Girl. This book is about a girl named Allie Finkle who has three friends Caroline, Sophie and Erica When they all come back to school from winter break, a new girl named Cheyenne joins their class Allie can relate to Cheyenne because she had just moved to this school at the beginning of the year Later in the day, at recess, Allie, Caroline, Sophie and Erica see Cheyenne sitting alone on the cold swings and they ask if she d like to play queens with them queens was a made up game that Allie and her friends liked to play They pretended they were queens Instead of being grateful that someone asked to play with her, Cheyenne said No we re in 4th grade That s a little old to be playing babyish games, don t you think I liked this book because I couldn t believe how mean Cheyenne was in it It was kind amusing Every chapter of this book has a rule For example chapter 6 is lying doesn t solve anythingSome rules are good advice and some aren t. ^Free Ebook ⇞ Best Friends And Drama Queens ⇱ Pine Heights Elementary School Has A New Student, And Nobody Is Happier Than Allie Finkle In Her Mind, The Arrival Of Cheyenne From Canada Means That She Will No Longer Be The Fourth Grade Class Dolt That Bright Prospect Fades, However, When Cheyenne Suddenly Becomes The Dismissive Standard Setter For Allie S Closest Friend What Is A Girl To Do A Solid Series About Real World Problems