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4 lovely historical starsIt was for England in 1947 and the world longed for a bit of time when they could forget their troubles and revel in the beautiful fairly tale wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten Englanders was ready for some happiness, some joy in their lives, and this wedding, this dress, this occasion would be just the ticket for some hours of gaiety after the long hard won war.Told with a well thought out, well researched background, we are led into the world of the designer Norman Hartnell, the man who made and designed clothes for royalty and of course the wealthy We are given an in depth look into the lives of two fictional women who were embroiderers and worked on Elizabeth s gown It was a monumental effort and all the ladies involved were ever so honored to be chosen for this task.The main protagonists are ones who were deeply affected by the war One of them, Miriam Dassin, a French Jewish girl, lost family and everything during the Nazi occupation She immigrates to England and starts her job at Hartnell s The other girl, Ann Hughes, has also suffered the hardships of war, losing her much loved family member is dead, and having her sister in law immigrated to Canada Working at Hartnells, Miriam and Ann form a deep friendship They share their woes and their dreams and memories of the past with hope for the future This job of being embroiderers was indeed, for them, a dream job.The author does a fine job capturing the sentiment of the time and the utter enthusiasm of the British populace for this glimpse of wedding happiness She has the book flip back and forth between time periods, one now in the present and one in the past of the late 1940s She introduces Ann s granddaughter who through an inheritance of embroidered flowers, seeks to find the story of her grandmother that she never knew Interspersed between the stories of these two girls, is the making of the gown The detail, the design, the hours spent working on this dress made one know so well how dutifully these women and Mr Hartnell took their job of making a dress fit for a Princess.I so enjoy historical fiction and this book managed to educate me on many things I was never aware of. such as the ration books used by the people as well as by the Royal Family, even after the war was over, as well as the lovely story behind how each girl working at Hartnell s were able to sew a stitch on Elizabeth s dress thus ensuring their part in its making When you learn something from a book, it ever so fascinating To all of us who so enjoy historical fiction book, this is one I recommend My reviews can also be seen here I had a chance to read this for a cover quote, and devoured it My quote Jennifer Robson embroiders life, friendship, and hope into the somber gray world of post war London every bit as skillfully as her seamstress heroines embroider crystal flowers into the folds of a royal wedding dress Miriam and Ann are both battling inner demons when they meet in the backroom of England s most famous couture house, but the chance of a lifetime the task of embroidering Princess Elizabeth s gown for the wedding of the century will open new doors for both women, and lay the foundations of a mystery to be unraveled seventy years later by their grandchildren THE GOWN is marvelous and moving, a vivid portrait of female self reliance in a world racked by the cost of war. #E-pub ⚽ The Gown ⚡ From The Internationally Bestselling Author Of Somewhere In France Comes An Enthralling Historical Novel About One Of The Most Famous Wedding Dresses Of The Twentieth Century Queen Elizabeth S Wedding Gown And The Fascinating Women Who Made It Millions Will Welcome This Joyous Event As A Flash Of Color On The Long Road We Have To Travel Sir Winston Churchill On The News Of Princess Elizabeth S Forthcoming WeddingLondon,Besieged By The Harshest Winter In Living Memory, Burdened By Onerous Shortages And Rationing, The People Of Postwar Britain Are Enduring Lives Of Quiet Desperation Despite Their Nation S Recent Victory Among Them Are Ann Hughes And Miriam Dassin, Embroiderers At The Famed Mayfair Fashion House Of Norman Hartnell Together They Forge An Unlikely Friendship, But Their Nascent Hopes For A Brighter Future Are Tested When They Are Chosen For A Once In A Lifetime Honor Taking Part In The Creation Of Princess Elizabeth S Wedding GownToronto,More Than Half A Century Later, Heather Mackenzie Seeks To Unravel The Mystery Of A Set Of Embroidered Flowers, A Legacy From Her Late Grandmother How Did Her Beloved Nan, A Woman Who Never Spoke Of Her Old Life In Britain, Come To Possess The Priceless Embroideries That So Closely Resemble The Motifs On The Stunning Gown Worn By Queen Elizabeth II At Her Wedding Almost Seventy Years Before And What Was Her Nan S Connection To The Celebrated Textile Artist And Holocaust Survivor Miriam Dassin With The Gown, Jennifer Robson Takes Us Inside The Workrooms Where One Of The Most Famous Wedding Gowns In History Was Created Balancing Behind The Scenes Details With A Sweeping Portrait Of A Society Left Reeling By The Calamitous Costs Of Victory, She Introduces Readers To Three Unforgettable Heroines, Their Points Of View Alternating And Intersecting Throughout Its Pages, Whose Lives Are Woven Together By The Pain Of Survival, The Bonds Of Friendship, And The Redemptive Power Of Love Jennifer Robson appeals to those who love all things British Royals as well as fans of historical fiction with her latest piece How something like the wedding gown worn by Princess Elizabeth could garner so much attention may confound some, but it all becomes clear by the end of this novel Ann Hughes is employed by Norman Hartnell , a high end couturier that has recently been asked to make some dresses for the Royal Family So busy is the shop that when Miriam Dassin arrives from France, her skills make her a wonderful addition to the group of embroiderers While the group gets to know a littleabout Miriam, they learn that she is quite tight lipped about her life before coming to England, as though it is all a major secret Soon thereafter, Hartnell is told that his shop will be making Princess Elizabeth s wedding gown, creating a buzz amongst the embroiderers As Ann and Miriam work, they grow closer to one another, slowly divulging secrets about their respective pasts When not working on the gown a top secret project they find themselves discovering the allure of the opposite sex As both Miriam and Ann are young and unmarried, it only makes sense that they turn a few heads The story tells how both women discover love amidst the backdrop of the most sought after social event of 1947 Speed ahead to Toronto in 2016, Ann s granddaughter, Heather, makes a discover she will not soon forget Learning that her grandmother worked on the current Queen s wedding gown, Heather rushes to England to discover a little , knowing little about her grandmother s past before arriving in Canada It is there that she learns that the famous designer, Miriam Dassin, not only knew her grandmother, but worked alongside her As Heather makes meaningful connections in England to better understand the life her grandmother left behind, she is touched beyond belief to better understand the life Miriam lived before making it to England to work on the project of a lifetime Uplifting and heartwarming, as well as full of historical anecdotes, Robson dazzles readers with this piece that is sure to create quite the fanfare Recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction, as well as the reader whose interest is piqued by talk of royal events.While I tend not to read stories with strong romantic undertones, I could not help but want to read this piece I noticed its premise the wedding gown to the current Queen of Canada and could not help but wonder if the threads of historical fiction would counterbalance the amorous themes Robson not only details the characters, but creates a persona of the gown as it is being created Ann Hughes is a young woman whose life has centred around her sketches and ability to embroider Given this chance to work on the gown, she puts her all into it, perhaps blinded by the world around her and those seeking an early peek at this most talked about piece of fabric Miriam Dassin has been through so much even before she graces the pages of this book, showing how her backstory helps push her into a world of excitement and secrets, all of which are slowly revealed Heather s revelations about her grandmother exemplify for the reader just how little was know about Ann before she arrived in Canada, leaving her family in the dark As these three women grow in their respective storylines, the one thing tying them all together is the wedding gown, whose importance pales in comparison to the life lessons discovered, but seems to be something about which all three women can use to grow in their own way The story proves strong and lasts, keeping the reader hooked through the various shifts in time While there is a regal theme throughout, this does not drown out some of the other narratives that blossom as the story getsintense Robson has a way of keeping the narrative flowing without the need to spin the reader in circles While this is the first piece of Jennifer Robson s that I have read, I hope it will not be the last Kudos, Madam Robson, for a piece that entertained me throughout, while keeping me wondering what awaited around the next corner You deserve all the praise you receive and I am eager to explore what else you ve written in your career.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge The Hook I was going to skip this as I thought it was a story about the younger generation of the royal family but when I realized it was historical fiction about Queen Elizabeth s wedding gown, I decided to try it The LineThe Queen gave you a pot of heather The Sinker The Gown A Novel of the Royal Wedding is told in dual timelines, 2006 in Canada, and 1947 in Great Britain as the Princess readies to marry In 2016, Heather Mackenzie s grandmother dies, leaving her a box of embroidered pieces of cloth which leads her to England and secrets in her Grandmother s past A realistic blend of fact and fiction build as we join the excitement of the British public as the wedding approaches in these hard times with the ravishes of the war being felt Isn t it interesting how historical fiction comes to root In this case, Robson s last book ended on VE Day and she was looking for something new to write about In her wordsI was really interested in delving into the contrast between the very grim reality of ordinary life and the glamour and stardust of this royal wedding It was the contrast between the two I was interested in, but I also wanted to get as close to the royal wedding as possible to go behind the scenes We love going behind the scenes of these things I think everyone does The dress, designed and sewed by Hartnell became the focus yet Mr Hartnell had died in 1979 and his archives were not public Robson finally found a woman who had worked on and shared her memories of the embroidery on the royal gown It speaks to the love, patience and craftsmanship of the women who worked on this beautiful gown, each stitch, each pearl done by hand Highly recommended and well loved by this reader. Thanks to Goodreads Giveaway, author Jennifer Robson, and HarperCollins Publishers for a print copy of this book Jennifer Robson rarely disappoints me and I always look forward to seeing where she is going to take her readers nextThe Gown is referring to the wedding dress of the young Princess Elizabeth that she wore when she wed Philip Mountbatten in 1947 But this is not told from Elizabeth s point of view, rather, Robson, decides to focus on the women that worked on the young royal s dress So we are introduced to Ann, an English woman working for Couturier Norman Hartnell and new employee, Miriam, a Frenchwoman who survived the horrors of Ravensbruck concentration camp Robson also inserts the 2016 storyline of Canadian Heather Mackenzie, who is left something by her Nan that sets her on a course to uncover this little known wedding story I absolutely adored all three of Robson s characters and she presents her readers with a vivid depiction of post war London, still on ration cards and rebuilding after the war It stands to reason that a royal wedding would have so much excitement around it and we certainly can feel that especially from Ann s persepective Given the fact that Netflix s i The Crown has made a new generation of people fascinated with the life of Queen Elizabeth II, this book serves as a tempatation that is difficult to resist Just an absolutely beautiful story that is certainly going to be on my favorites list for 2019. FIVE GLOWING STARS Let me start by saying I m a devoted, Royal Watcher It all started when I was 11 years old and saw Lady Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles Watching it felt like a fairytale coming true The beautiful, young, bride with the long flowing Princess gown displayed in its full glory along the steps of St Paul s Cathedral took my breath away That started my interest and it grew into the whole British Royal Family and then eventually to all European Royal Families Princess Grace and the Monaco Royals were another favourite of mine too So, when I won this book on a Goodreads giveaway you can imagine how ecstatic I was Well, this book did not disappoint me I did not know that much about Queen Elizabeth s wedding gown but the cover was beautiful Her gown was exquisite First off I loved the writing style The words just flowed beautifully and I was immersed fully into another time Jennifer Robson has a way with words.The story is told in Post World War II time 1947 and present day.The 1947 story revolves around 2 characters Ann Hughes, and Miriam Dassin They are fictional characters who work for the famous Norman Hartnell Fashion Design House in London They are embroiderers who are working on the wedding gown of the then Princess Elizabeth The wedding brings an excitement to England after the War As the women work on the famous wedding gown their own stories start to enfold The third story of the journalist named Heather begins in Canada in present time She begins to unravel the story of Ann and Miriam in England.This book was written and researched very well I so loved that part of the story took place in Toronto, Canada It was a pleasure to read about local areas and attractions The stories of all 3 women were equally enjoyable I was captivated from beginning to end I would highly recommend this book for Historical Fiction fans I admit that I requested The Gown because I was struck by that stunning cover and the title I m admittedly an enormous anglophile and lover of the British monarchy so when I saw the picture of the then Princess Elizabeth in her gorgeous wedding gown, I knew this book would blow me away Did it ever But not for any of the reasons that I thought it would I expected to mostly read about the young lovestruck princess and her handsome soon to be husband but instead, Jennifer Robson has carefully crafted a very accurate, detailed, engrossing, and often poignant novel about the lives of three fascinating women one living in 2016 and the other two living post World War II in 1947 The novel is told from the different viewpoints of the three very incredible young women and Robson skillfully intertwines their stories together into one beautifully depicted and outstanding story of family, love, loss, pain, but most of all the importance of friendships and the amazing power of resilience during difficult times In 2016, Heather Mackenzie s beloved Nan, Ann, has just died and left her a box filled with lovely, embroidered flower motifs As far as she knows, her Nan couldn t sew, so how did she have such gorgeous embroideries in her possession Heather, a journalist, knows there is a mystery behind the embroidered flowers and about her Nan s past which she knows so very little, so she begins to research both As Heather begins to unravel her grandmother s secrets, she is shocked to discover the embroidered motifs match the ones on Queen Elizabeth II s wedding gown from 1947 Not only that, she finds old pictures that suggest her Nan worked for Norman Hartnell, Britain s leading couturier and designer of the Queen s wedding dress, and that she was friends with famous artist and Holocaust survivor Miriam Dassin Heather s discoveries take her on a journey from Toronto to London where she learns about her Nan s past with the help of a new friend who helps her connect with someone special from Ann s old life In 1947, London is still reeling and recovering from WWII Ann Hughes has lost everyone she s loved to either the war or sickness and is completely alone in the world She s a proud, smart, kind young woman and has been working as an embroiderer at Norman Hartnell s Mayfair fashion house since she was a very young girl She s extremely talented and now one of the top embroiderers at the shop Still, she s lonely with no family or close friends, and money is very tight since rationing is still a part of British life even two years after the war, yet Ann doesn t complain and makes do with what she has.Miriam Dassin newly immigrates to London in 1947 from Paris where she lost her entire family to Nazi persecution during the war She s a brilliant artist and embroiderer with references from Christian Dior, so its no wonder that Mr Hartnell immediately hires her and she s put to work alongside Ann, who she becomes good friends with and soon becomes Ann s roommate However, Miriam is still haunted by what she endured during her imprisonment at Ravensbr ck and is terrified to tell anyone, even Ann, because she is frightened of anyone knowing she is a Jew.The announcement of the Princess engagement and Hartnell s commission to design and create her wedding dress is very exciting for all the seamstresses and embroiderers at Hartnell s Both Ann and Miriam are given the job to embroider the most important and delicate parts of the dress and the train, not only an honor but a job they must never talk about with anyone since the dress design must remain secret until the Princess wedding day The meticulous research and attention to detail in The Gown makes this book well worth the read Any historical fiction worth reading should be well researched, and Robson raised the bar here I love how real characters and facts are interwoven with her fictional ones, and it was amazing to read about how the dressmakers worked so hard to create the Queen s famous and oh, so gorgeous wedding dress I go gaga over these gowns, but I don t think that I ve ever once stopped to think about the work that has gone into making one of them It s amazing how hard the work was and how dedicated these women were in not only making this gown but keeping the gown s design secret from spies and journalists who were offering bribes in exchange for the dress pattern I didn t realize they had crazed paparazzi types back then Very crazy I love historical fiction, and The Gown is truly an excellent work of historical fiction It captured me from the very first page and never let go As I already said, it wasn t what I expected and for that, I m so very glad because it was so muchI loved the friendships that Robson depicts in the novel because they are meaningful and true For me, she shows how women s friendships are meant to be trustworthy, healing, nurturing, and to lift each other up instead of using and hurting one another, and I loved that so much.Obviously, I m highly recommending this book You don t have to love the royal family to enjoy this one since they only play a very minor role If you like historical fiction, then this is a beautiful novel that will sweep you away with its affecting story of courage and friendship It publishes December 31, 2018 Thank you Edelweiss and William Morrow for an ARC to read in exchange for my fair and honest review. Even though this historical fiction book revolves around the making of Queen Elizabeth s wedding gown, there surprisingly is a fair amount of depth to the story I actually picked this one up because I thought it would be a nice escape from some stressful life events and while it certainly provided a welcome distraction, I did find myself feelingemotionally invested in some of the characters than I initially had predicted Sometimes a book finds a way into your hands at the perfect time and that certainly was the case here.While World War 2 was over, life in London in 1947 was pretty bleak but the country did have the upcoming wedding of Princess Elizabeth to look forward to Ann Hughes and Miriam Dassin are part of a team of embroiderers and seamstresses that have been tasked with the making of the wedding gown Fast forward to 2016 where Heather has found a set of embroidered flowers in her late grandmother s possessions Not knowing why her grandmother, Nan, had them to begin with, Heather embarks on a quest to find outabout Nan s mysterious life when she lived in London decades ago as it was a topic that always seemed to be off limits in the family In regards to the historical accuracy of the book, this is a case of the author taking some known facts about the making of the wedding gown but also largely using her imagination in regards to the story The main characters in the book do not exist in real life which might disappoint some historical fiction fans but I thought what the author came up with in terms of a story still makes for a compelling read I highly recommend reading the author s note at the end as it provides a good context into her writing process.I like how the novel touched on what life was like in London a few years after the war as it s not a topic explored nearly as much as it could be in books Miriam s backstory brought a lot of depth to her character But for me the most meaningful part of the story was the special relationship between Heather and her grandmother and how fortunate I was to have that same connection with my grandmother I don t think you necessarily have to be a fan of fashion or the royals to enjoy this book It s just a good, solid read with strong female characters and I don t hesitate to recommend giving it a chance. 5 stars to this story of strength and friendship Happy New Year to all my Goodreads friends Told in three voices over two time periods, The Gown is a stunning story In 1947 London, knee deep in a harsh winter with heavy rationing, the war has left its indelible mark Ann Hughes and Miriam Dassin are embroiderers working at the famous Mayfair owned by Norman Hartnell Why is Hartnell famous For designing clothing for the princesses And what is the assignment of the 20th century that has befallen them Making none other than future Queen Elizabeth s wedding gown In Toronto present day, Heather Mackenzie has found a set of embroidered flowers passed down from her beloved late grandmother Heather discovers the flowers look much like those on Queen Elizabeth s gown, and she wants to know why She also uncovers a connection between her grandmother and Norman Hartnell who was known to have designed the Queen s wedding dress The Gown is a well researched work of historical fiction The detail kept me entranced and also had me googling and yearning to knowThe friendship that forms between Anne and Miriam is tenderly drawn, and the emotional bonds and healing that resulted from that relationship is awe inspiring I didn t expect to be as absorbed in The Gown as I was It can be hard to focus during the holidays, and my mind was in so many places It served as a wonderful reminder of why I read historical fiction to be transported to a different time and place and to learn The Gown is an exquisite story of strength and friendship from start to finish Highly recommended Thank you to the publisher for the complimentary copy All opinions are my own.My reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com