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I have read this book many times but now after visiting Lowell I have decided to write a review. The author paints a very realistic picture of mill life. Touring the mills I was instructed to wear ear plugs because they still had looms in operation. Even with a percentage of looms running from what they had back in Mary's day I could tell that I would not want to work there. A section of floor on the upstairs even vibrated from the looms below. Seeing, hearing and feeling all of this made me feel closer to Mary. There was also an exhibit on immigrants where I learned not only about the Irish in Lowell but several nationalities and how the immigrants shaped what Lowell is today. There are two reasons why I cannot give this book five stars. The first is that it ends abruptly. Secondly, the epilogue is very unsatisfying (though that is typical for Denenberg's epilogues, this one especially so). Both these reasons are too bad because I truly love the story. A Book Review of So Far From Home
by Saung, Grade 7, Yangon International School

Imagine yourself being a teenage girl who transfers from Ireland to work in America without your parents, to earn money for the family and to stand yourself. How do you pass this life? Can you face these problems like Mary? But Mary did the best for her family although she was a teenage girl. Also she had to work in a spinning room that was noisy and dangerous. The Author Barry Denenberg is the author of several critically acclaimed books for middlegrade and young adult readers. He also wrote about many important areas of American history. In his novel So Far From Home, he represents the troubles and struggles of transferred workers from Ireland to America. This book helps one consider whether he or she could give up a known life for the hardship of unknown.

When Ma and Mary visited Aunt Nora in America, Mary learned about amazing opportunities in America. She took a risk to America for a better job. And then, she worked as a mill girl. Her sister, Kate, who did not care about Mary, worked as a maid in America. Mary lived lonely and felt depression, because she worked tiredly and there was no friend to talk with her. After some experiences, Mary could not see America as the land of opportunity concluded by Aunt Nora.

I thought the title So Far From Home can capture the essence of the book. I also thought the author wanted the readers to know the struggles of transferred workers from Ireland to America. He also described about how they lived poorly in other countries away from the family and how they solved their problems in the works. In this book, the descriptions of the authors were simple and interesting. I like the kindness of Mary upon her family. I liked the character of Mary because she worked hard to earn money difficultly for her family without complaining even though she was a teenager and a girl.

Therefore, every young adult should read this book to emulate the good characters of Mary and to understand the struggles of the world and the troubles of poor family. “On a scale of 1 (low) to five (high), I give this book a scale of three because this book was interesting and sad but in some plots it is kind of boring and not exciting.

A young Irish immigrant tries to make a life for herself after a grueling voyage to escape the Irish famine and to seek new opportunities in industrial Lowell, Massachusetts, despite the prejudice against the Irish, dreary living conditions, and the bad working conditions for women. This book is less focused and compelling than most entries in this series of fictional diaries of young girls in the early days of America. And the epilogue must be shocking and distressing for young readers, because Mary is killed off within two years of the abrupt ending of the story. I would not recommend this book for classroom use, and really only for fans who want to read the whole series. The Lexile measure is 710. I'd like to see a better novel about American prejudice against Irish immigrants from a child's point of view. For a better book about at least the Irish famine part of this story, see the heartbreaking Nory Ryan's Song, by Patricia Reilly Giff. I liked this book,this book was about a girl named Mary Driscoll and she goes to America. I had trouble with the tis' and twas" that was so prevalent in the writing of Mary Driscoll. While I enjoyed reading about Mary in Ireland and even aboard the boat that brought her to America; I did not enjoy the story as much while she was in Lowell. I thought Annie and Aunt Nora were just too out there for me and left things a little unbalanced. It was a good read but not one I would reread. I think the focus of the story was lost amongst the people in Mary's life. The book ended abruptly just as it was getting interesting and then the epilogue was equally abrupt and a little cruel, stating with nary a lick of emotion that Mary died two years later of cholera. Period. The end. A miserable end to a miserable life. And while that is realistic, it's not a fun or enjoyable read. I give it two stars for being educational, unfortunately realistic, and for having a strong female main character. .READ EBOOK ♫ So Far From Home: the Diary of Mary Driscoll, an Irish Mill Girl (Dear America) ♐ So Far From Traduction Franaise Linguee De Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant So Far From Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises So Far From Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisTraductions En Contexte De So Far From En Anglais Franais Avec Reverso Context Many Of You Are Now Working In Distant Posts With Trying Conditions, And The Holiday Season Can Be Difficult So Far From Families And Friends So Far English French Dictionary WordReference So Far Adv Adverb Describes A Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Or Clause For Example, Come Quickly, Very Rare, Happening Now, Fall Down To A Limited Extent Jusqu Un Certain Point Loc Adv Locution Adverbiale Groupe De Mots Qui Servent D Adverbe Toujours Invariable Ex Avec Souplesse Far From Traduction Franaise Linguee So Far Adv Jusqu Prsent Extremely Bright And Talented Younger Researchers In Europe Is Far From Being Exhausted And That The ERC Is Contributing So Effectively Towards Building The Future Of Individual Scientific Careers And To The Growing Excellence Of European Research Institutions Cordisropa Cordisropa Il Est Particulirement Encourageant De VoirParoles So Far Away From La Par Nicolas Peyrac ParolesParoles Du Titre So Far Away From La Nicolas Peyrac Avec Paroles Retrouvez Galement Les Paroles Des Chansons Les Plus Populaires De Nicolas Peyrac So Far Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisTraductions En Contexte De So Far En Anglais Franais Avec Reverso Context So Far As, In So Far As, Made So Far, Achieved So Far, But So Far So Far Idioms By The Free Dictionary Definition Of So Far In The Idioms Dictionary So Far Phrase What Does So Far Expression Mean Definitions By The Largest Idiom Dictionary What Does So Far Expression So Far Definition And Meaning Collins Englishlafur Arnalds So Far So Close Ft Arnr Dan I Don T Own Anything All The Rights Go To The Real Owners Lyrics So Far From Who I Was From Who I Love From Who I Want To Be So Far From All Our Dreams From All It Means From You Here Next To MeSo Far Definition Of So Far By The Free Dictionary Define So Far So Far Synonyms, So Far Pronunciation, So Far Translation, English Dictionary Definition Of So Far Adv Farther , Farthest Or Further Or FurthestTo, From, Or At A Considerable Distance A Cat That Had Strayed Far From HomeTo, From, Or At A Sad sad sad sad sad. Not a livedhappilyeverafter book; which I have no qualms against, but please, with this type of book, you might as well have not written the book in the first place if the main character's going to die it's a bit pointless! A Quickie Review

A bit better than the other Dear America book that I read by this author...but still not as good as usual for this series. Fans of historical fiction can do much better. Wonderful story but fair warning, tis filled with tons of grievances!! Great history information at the end of the story!