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This is the third book in the Ian Ludlow series after True Fiction and Killer Thriller If you have not read the first two you probably should, the events in this book take place after the events in the second In addition, the books are very good Anyway, this book starts where the second left off, Ian and Margo are back in the States and Ian is trying to get his mind on track for his next novel Margo and he decide to investigate the accidental death of two American tourists in a small town in Portugal for inspiration Like the first two, the story is both humorous, over the top, it is highly entertaining, and a quick paced read I look forward to future Ian Ludlow adventures Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Lee Goldberg and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review iLee Goldberg returns with another novel in his off the wall Ian Ludlow series While the story reads as a little less than serious, the tale moves well and will keep most readers entertained As Ludlow is still coming to terms with how his last book predicted a real life event, he has newly defected Chinese Actress Wang Mei with him The CIA are eager to learn a littleand hope that Ludlow can use his astonishing powers to predict yet another international event However, Ludlow seems to be coming up blank, sufferings from writer s block and unsure how to solve it Even some steamy trysts with Wang do not help his writing juices flow any better no comment on any others, though Goldberg does not spare the reader Meanwhile, a conservative talking head has been fanning the flames about Mexican incursion along the southern US border, in hopes of creating something evenchaotic Little does anyone know but Dwight Edsey is actually part of a Russian sleeper cell, trying to create new issues as they infiltrate new fake news When Ludlow stumbles upon what could be a unite story idea, two American tourists falling to their death while taking a selfie, he and his assistant head to Portugal What looks like an innocent accident might havedaunting implications on both sides of the Atlantic, but Ludlow will have to find the thing that ties it all together As he is targeted for what he discovers, Ludlow learns that, yet again, his desire to write a bestseller could have international implications for which he was not aware An interesting piece that entertainsthan it stuns, Lee Goldberg does well to keep he fans satisfied Recommended to those who like a lighter thriller, as well as the reader who needs something with some corny storylines I stumbled upon this series and found it to be perfect for when I need a lighter piece that will still entertain Lee Goldberg does well to keep the reader in the middle of the story, offering both intrigue and some slapstick humour to balance out some of the larger andchilling ramifications Ian Ludlow is again a key character in this piece, finding himself in the middle of a major catastrophe without meaning to His writing skills have garnered him much praise in the past, though he is looking forThe reader can see someof his creative efforts throughout, though he seems also to be tapping into aphysical and superficial side Goldberg does well to offer different facets of the character, though none of them are especially deep Goldberg uses other characters to enrich the plot and the storyline, though most of the them remain at the same caliber as Ludlow This collection of characters complement one another well for this piece, which seeks to tell multiple stories before tying them all together The overall piece was decent, offering the needed entertainment that I have come to expect with this series However, there is a superficial nature to the piece, almost a hokey or corny sentiment While I can only surmise that this is Goldberg does this intentionally, it makes for a harder read at times, as I seek something a little deeper Still, there is an entertaining value to it all and I suspend some of my expectations in order to enjoy this quick read Kudos, Mr Goldberg, for another great piece that fit nicely into my reading journey this week.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge FREE PDF ♞ Fake Truth (Ian Ludlow Thrillers #3) ☨ The Only Thing Dangerous Than Fake News Is Fake Truth In This Exhilarating Thriller ByNew York Times Bestselling Author Lee GoldbergAuthor Ian Ludlow Writes Great Adventures But After Helping Chinese Movie Star Wang Mei Defect To The United States, He Becomes The Accidental Hero Of A Real Life Espionage Thriller Now He S Stuck With The Actress And Suffering A Nasty Case Of Writer S Block When He Stumbles Into A Secret Russian Plot Using Fake News To Outrage Americans Into Believing A Terrifying LieIt S Up To Ian And Margo French, His Researcher Turned Spy, To Discover The Connection Between A Barbaric Drug Lord In Mexico, A Homicidal Maniac In California, A Rogue Citizen Army In Texas, A Raging TV Pundit In New York, And Two Dead Tourists In Portugal Before The President Of The United States Makes A Catastrophic Mistake That Could Resurrect The Soviet UnionThe Only Weapon Ian Has Against The Global Conspiracy, And The Assassins Who Are Closing In On Him, Is His Vivid Imagination If His Story Isn T A Killer Thriller, He S Dead I received an e ARC of Fake Truth from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Fake Truth is the third in the series of Ian Ludlow Thrillers Ian, Margo French, and Wang Mei are back in the U.S following Mei s defection from China and Ian and Margo s foiling of an assassination attempt Now Ludlow is dealing with a case of writer s block and Margo is bored, waiting for Ludlow s next brilliant discovery of a secret plot In brainstorming for his next novel, Ludlow stumbles over a story that leads he and Margo to the discovery of a Russian spy plot Goldberg s Ludlow thrillers are formulaic and outrageous like the Bond novels they harken back to, but they are always a fast paced and fun read I look forward to the next in the series. I m just a writer trying to put words on a page Fake Truth by Lee Goldberg3.5 stars I have enjoyed this series from the start and this continuation of the capers of Ian and Margo and sometimes Ronnie is such fun to read.Ian is now kinda sorta working for the CIA as well as trying to write his next Straker novel Ian s imagination continues to be the most dangerous part of him and useful too since he keeps having to renovate his house Margo is as badass as ever Ronnie is still crazy or maybe we are I kept expectingsecret agent things from Mei but none yet so far.Lee Goldberg is the writer behind Monk, the TV series Did you know Anyway, why don t some arcs have book covers in the ebook copy So hard to take a decent picture of it now.Thank you Thomas Mercer for the advance copy of this book I enjoy this series a lot This is the second book I ve read in the three book so far series featuring writer Ian Ludlow and his research assistant Margo French, and it s every bit as delightful as I expected As with the previous one, I chuckled my way through with a couple of outright guffaws here and there Most of those chuckles came by way of ripped from the headlines timeliness, although the author insists it wasn t intentional and he really made this stuff up Funniest to me, though, were the references to things gone by like James Bond movies and especially TV game show Match Game First aired in 1962 the year my husband and I got married and soon thereafter became regular viewers the fill in the blank answers from celebrity panelists were borderline risque, generating feigned shock and raucous laughter from the audience In today s world Well, if you want to know how far we ve come, just watch a couple of episodes of Family Feud Yowser Back to the story, Ludlow knows the difference between fact and fiction, but somehow the plots he concocts for his series character, freelance superspy Clint Straker, manage to come true in real life That hasn t gone unnoticed by the CIA, where the powers that be see great potential in tapping Ian and Margo as resources At the beginning, the pair meet Wang Mei, a Chinese actress who claims to want asylum in the United States Meanwhile, the Russians are busy running a troll farm to spread propaganda online in an effort to manipulate Americans.Ian takes Wang on a TV show blitz that ends on a very conservative news show, where snarky host Dwight Edny hurls insults that, let s say, don t sit well with the Chinese beauty When Ian falls victim to a bad case of writer s block while trying to conjure up his latest Straker book plot, Margo decides an investigation of the accidental death of a couple in Portugal may be just what the doctor ordered to kickstart Ian s creative streak Following in the dead couple s footsteps brings some unexpectedly dangerous revelations if not a spark or two of that aforementioned creativity Meanwhile, back in the US of A, trouble is brewing on the illegal immigration front as Texas ranchers take up arms to stem the tide in true vigilante fashion making a Mexican drug lord very unhappy see what I mean about current events Throughout it all, Ian and Margo try to avoid getting killed before he can finish his next book Since this is a series, I don t think I m letting the cat out of the bag by saying they make it to the end, but the devil is in the details I will say, though, that I enjoyed every page and, in addition to thanking the publisher, via NetGalley, for a pre release review copy, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes Question Is there nobody left we can trust Answer Not on TV. The Ian Ludlow books are action packed, fun, and fluffy reads Fake Truth, like the two earlier books in the series, are basically silly action movies in novel form, so if that sounds terrible then these books are not for you This book picks up right where book 2 left off Ian, Margo, and Wang Mei are in the U.S after pulling off Mei s defection from China It turns out she smuggled out an SD card with sensitive info the Chinese government doesn t want revealed Ian is trying to figure out a plot for his next novel, so he goes to Portugal to look into the deaths of some American tourists and while researching he figures out a real Russian conspiracy to plant fake news in the U.S media The story is fun and interesting and Ian and Margo continue to be great characters.I received a free ebook ARC from Thomas Mercer via NetGalley This is my honest review. Fake Truth, number 3 in the Ian Ludlow Thrillers solidifies itself as a solid series in this latest installment from Lee Goldberg Ian and Margo have returned stateside with their Chinese defector actress Wang Mei She s taken a shine to Ian that he can t understand but can t resist either His partner in crime saving Margo is her usual sarcastic strong self and keeps Ian focussed and alive Presciently stripped from recent headlines Ian stumbles onto a nefarious plan to generate fake news that will jeopardize the US This fast paced, humorous thriller is a great break from thedystopian and true crime thrillers on the best seller list So, take a break and enjoy this rollercoaster ride. Fake Truth is a tongue in cheek mock thriller Third in the series, it features a thriller writer whose real life adventures parallel his stories Unfortunately, this never really captured my interest. One could simply write, Lee Goldberg does it again And that would be as succinct and accurate a review as one could post about Fake Truth But allow me to elaborate, as I agreed to do when NetGalley kindly provided me with an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review.Clint Straker returns as bestselling author Ian Ludlow s James Bond like protagonist in the third entry of Lee Goldberg s series about the writer whose fictional imagination always seems to presage real life scenarios.Well, to beaccurate, the whole thing about fiction presaging real life is part of Goldberg s fictional world centering on the fictional Ian Ludlow But in this case, with all that is going on in the real world, where politics and truth are being subverted by purveyors of fake news, some from abroad, Goldberg s imaginary scenario is running parallel to reality.And also in service of accuracy, Clint Straker isn t actually back in Fake Truth he is conspicuously MIA, as Ian is suffering writer s block and doesn t know what to do next His sidekick Margo, now a CIA agent, is likewise stymied by Ian s writer s block, since his Straker plots are supposed to uncover actual plots.So she comes up with a brilliant idea take Ian to Portugal to investigate the apparently accidental death of a pair of American tourists and see if that leads to a a Straker story, and b a plot against the U.S And that s as far as I ll go plot wise Except to add that Ian i.e Goldberg inventively integrates James Bond movies and the original Mission Impossible TV series into his scenarios.The result is a fun, fast read, relevant to real world events, with good pop culture references, a worthy entry into Goldberg s impressive and prolific canon It s better than it s immediate predecessor, Killer Thriller, because Ian s nut job actor friend Ronnie is back his absence was my one beef with that book He s not as pivotal as he was in True Fiction, but that slack is picked up by the entertaining Chinese actress defector Wang Mei.You can t re capture the revelation of the original idea introduced in the first entry of a series, but in Fake Truth, Lee Goldberg turns the prism to find a new angle into that original idea If you ve read the first two entries, you will not be disappointed if you haven t, start at the beginning and work your way here.