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This is essentially a narrative encyclopedia of the sea, strung together in an entertaining mix between a coffee table book and your middle school biology book Some of the information is noticeably dated I read the 1985 edition , but this didn t detract from the read as much as it led me to consider what has or hasn t happened over the last 25 years Cousteau filled this book with projections and predictions I really enjoyed the mix of science and adventure, which seems to be the essence of Cousteau s books He was both the world s most recognizable ocean explorer and a bona fide marine biologist A third of the book focuses on the specifics of interesting species, from whales to cuttlefish to starfish Another third focuses on man s interaction with the sea through science, fishing, transportation, and pollution The final third focuses on legends of the sea, exploration, adventure, and a historical look at man s interaction with the oceans The narrative is definitely science and preservation heavy Cousteau basically summarizes stories like Shackleton s adventure and the Titanic, but seems most comfortable in connecting the workings of the ocean world through explaining the science behind it all At 427 pages, the book reads faster than you might expect due to the many illustrations and photographs A page turner only for the science savvy, but a stimulating educator for the rest of us. We had the whole Cousteau encyclopedia Fantastic book All you need to know is that it s Jacques Cousteau Read it Every page I ve learned something new and amazing about the ocean Not just a category of species and their lives, it s really a witty and easy to understand work about the ocean s role in the global environment I had no idea that coral cleans the air Cousteau stresses again and again the ultimate destruction of the world if the oceans should be poisoned I appreciate the strong emphasis of the fear of poisoning the planet as opposed to it warming a few degree over the next thousand years which seems to be what many environmentalists are stuck on about now a days.These volumes are great, also full of science fictional inventions and dreams of mankind mastering both deep sea and space exploration Cousteau predicts and hopes for a future where man regains his balance with the environment and also masters technology I also look for the day where Cousteau s inventions and suggestions will be dated.These volumes are perfect for both adults and children, fans of science, the ocean and technology alike Full of a variety of pictures and information which has already made me appreciate slugs and fish a thousands times over Never mind the envy I feel for the crew of the Calypso as they indeed blazed the trail of marine biology sciences. The universe far transcends what man can sense, what he can organize into thought, what he can assign a purpose to Man receives into his brain only a few narrow bands of the gigantic spectrum of messages dispensed by the cosmos Outside these narrow bands, only slightly widened by technology, man senses nothing and understands very little 61 Modern man s devices for attack and defense seemelaborate than animal systems In reality, however, they are all inspired by nature, with the erratic exception of the nuclear bomb One wonders if with this invention man has not dissociated himself from nature forever 122 Odi et amo may well be the confession of those who consciously or blindly have surrendered their existence to the fascination of the sea Joseph Conrad 289 Man as a species has progressed to this point only because of his ability to keep written records The wheel does not have to be reinvented every few generations A young scientist can rely on the work of the past, on basic principles that need not be proven again he can pick up where his predecessors left off 338 Published 40 years ago, this book is still relevant Jacques knowledge, insight, and love of the sea are infinite His hopefulness that we can solve our environmental problems is very heartwarming Had we listenedto him, we would have a better chance at recovering our oceans and our planet.The photographs, anecdotes, science, history, variety of subjects, and philosophy mean that this book has something for everyone, but read it cover to cover and savor the words of one of the ocean s greatest friends. This book is a general overview of the ocean world It s worth a look if you re interested in the ocean and the life of Jacques Cousteau It was copyrighted in 1979, so the science and some of the ideas are out of date, but there is still good information to learn The pictures, some spanning two entire pages, are inspirational and are worth viewing even if you don t read anything One of the underlying themes is the harm mankind has done to the environment through ignorant or intentional pollution of the oceans and exploitation of the sea life Jacques Cousteau was passionate about taking care of the oceans It s a shame that pollution and exploitation are still going on today. *Ebook ↟ The Ocean World ↟ The Late Undersea Explorer Sets Out The Fascinating Story Of The Oceans In Fact, Lore, And Legend An Eyepopping, Beautifully Designed Volume, Brimming Over With Glorious Full Color Photographs Of The Ocean S Bounty And Its Most Secret Underwater Habitats, This Book IncludesLively Chapters Covering All Aspects Of Life In The Sea Evolution, Reproduction, Foodgetting, Motion, Communications, Attack And Defense, Legends And Tales, Life In The Polar Regions And In The Abyss, And The Future Of The Oceans Even Out Of The Water, The Reader Feels Immersed In The Intoxicating Rapture Of The DeepNewsdayX Great reference material for anyone that dives, enjoys biology Marine Biology specifically , or is interested with the sea I have had this book for many years and it is a heavy coffee table tome but full of Cousteau s observations and opinions on ecosystems and the impact we have had on them Unfortunately this material would be dated for anyone doing serious research on the subject but there is still good material to read and review. No human can resist a lust of the sea Monsieur Cousteau has immortalised the true final frontier that is the sea in this remarkably detailed book I will love this book until I die, I first read it in grade three and continually reread it.