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!Book ♌ Ghosting ☪ LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS TO BREAK ALL THE RULES Online Dating Ghostwriting Rules To Live By Dumped By His Fianc E, Not Only Is Miles Couch Surfing Across New York City, But Downsizing Has Forced Him To Set Up Shop At A Caf Also, He No Longer Believes In Love Not A Good Look In His Line Of Work Do Not Present A Perfect Image No One Will Trust It Nor Should They Zoey S Eccentric LA Boss Sent Her Packing To New York To Grow But Beneath Her Chill Cali Demeanor, Zoey S Terrified To Venture Beyond The Caf Across The Street Think Of Your Quirks Such As Cosplaying B Movies From The S As A Future Honesty Save These As A Reward Only For Those Who Prove Worthy The Only Thing Miles And Zoey Share Is Their Daily Battle For Caf Crudit S Last Day Old Biscotti They Don T Know They Re Both Ghostwriting Authentic Client Profiles For Rival Online Dating Services Nope, They Have Absolutely Nothing In Common Until They Meet Anonymously Online, Texting On The Clock Never Remind The Client You Re Their Cyrano Once You Ve Attracted A Good Match, Let The Client Take Over ASAP Soon, With Their Clients Headed For Dating Disaster, Both Miles And Zoey S Jobs Are At Stake And Once They Find Out Their Lines Have Crossed, Will Their Love Connection Be The Real Thing Or Vanish Into The Ether