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!Read Ebook Ë The Caretakers Ò In The Isolated Estate She S Found The Perfect Getaway But There S No Escaping The Past In This Chilling Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The Unremembered Girl Filmmaker Tessa Shepherd Helped Free A Man She Believed Was Wrongly Imprisoned For Murder When He Kills Again, Tessa S Life Is UpendedShe S Reeling With Guilt, Her Reputation Destroyed Worse, Tessa S Mother Has Unexpectedly Passed Away, And Her Sister, Margot, Turns On Her After Tensions From Their Past Escalate Hounded By A Bullying Press, Tessa Needs An Escape That S When She Learns Of A Strange Inheritance Bequeathed By Her Mother A Derelict And Isolated Estate Known As Fallbrook It Seems Like The Perfect RefugeA Crumbling Monument To A Gruesome History, The Mansion Has Been Abandoned By All But Two Elderly Sisters Retained As Caretakers They Are Also Guardians Of All Its Mysteries As The House Starts Revealing Its Dark Secrets, Tessa Must Face Her Fears And Right The Wrongs Of Her Past To Save Herself And Her Relationship With Margot But Nothing And No One At Fallbrook Are What They Seem Such an amazing book It was suspenseful and had some twists and turns I thourougly enjoyed reading it and I hated to put it down I highly recommend it Though I ve been a gothic fiction junkie for years, The Caretakers is the first Eliza Maxwell novel I ve read This suspenseful, intricately plotted novel weaves together multiple interrelated storylines seamlessly than I would have expected, considering the number of characters and events involved The present day chapters focus primarily on documentary filmmaker Tessa Shepherd s attempt to escape the media circus surrounding the meltdown of her most famous subject the wrongly convicted Oliver Barlow As the victim of police misconduct, Barlow spent years in prison for a crime he may well not have committed think Making of a Murderer When his conviction is overturned and he walks free, however, things don t proceed the way Oliver or Tessa envisioned.and that leads to some fairly dark developments Not only is Tessa shocked, but she is also implicated as a suspect in a new murder Barlow may have committed Instead of facing up to the consequences of her actions, Tessa flees to a dilapidated mansion she s just inherited But how long can she hide from the police and the man who blames her for everything that s gone wrong since his release The other chapters in The Caretakers focus on another killing, the slaughter of a family in a single day decades earlier Like Barlow, the man convicted may not have been guilty Told mostly from the point of view of the elderly Kitty Donnelly, these chapters give glimpses into the past but truth is as clouded as Kitty s mind Was it her brother who actually killed the Cooke family Is his ghost real or just another sign of Kitty s dementia As is usually the case in gothic novels, the past and present are inextricably linked but the true extent of this only becomes clear at the end of the book.I ve spent a good chunk of this review explaining the plot, but I ve hardly touched on the novel s key points This is also a story about sisters past and sisters present, about love triangles, betrayals, secret adoptions, madness and an evil stepmother to boot Which brings me to my only caveat at times there is almost too much going on in this book I would also have liked a little less of the Barlow story and details about the historical tale That said, I enjoyed this story and will definitely be reading of Maxwell s novels One thing I especially liked was the relationships between both sets of sisters Tessa and her twin Margot and Kitty and her sister Deirdre I don t know if Maxwell has a sister, but she captures the bonds, the rivalries and the rifts between siblings with great humor and skill I also love the irony that the two elderly sisters Kitty and Deirdre aren t actually caretakers they ve spent their lives ensuring that the mansion aka the murder house falls further and further into disrepair Much thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 3 4 stars The Caretakers has two seemingly unconnected storylines The first is that of Tessa Shepherd a TV documentary maker and how her life unravels 18 months after making a programme about the false imprisonment of Oliver Barlow The second concerns the caretakers of Fallwood House, elderly sisters Kitty and Deirdre Donnelly Fallwood is now very dilapidated and has not been lived in since a terrible event happened there many years ago What unfolds is a dramatic collision between past and the present First of all, the writing is high quality and there are some really good descriptions, some creepiness and moments of suspense Some of the characters are well crafted especially the elderly sisters You get a real sense of the atmosphere of Fallwood, it s occupants and what happens in the past There is a sort of ghastliness to Kitty s story which I like very much However, I feel there is far too much going on in the story and sometimes the switching of storylines is confusing There are a couple of scenes that I feel are very over the top, stretching credulity though they are certainly dramatic Overall, I did enjoy it particularly the storyline from the past, it s that one that intrigued me the most and the one I will remember I think Tessa s story works less well and ultimately I would have liked the book to be pared down After much internal debate I m giving the book the 4 stars rather than 3 because it is so well written and enjoyable.Thanks to NetGalley and Publishing for the ARC ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review I have read every book that Eliza Maxwell has published, and I am a big fan of her stories She just has a way with words and knows how to create a mysterious and creepy atmosphere You can t help but be sucked in and try to figure out what is going on I love stories that can keep me guessing until the end, and this was definitely the case with The Caretakers The story is told from Tessa s, and the caretakers Deidre and Kitty s POV I am going to be pretty vague with my review, because I don t want to spoil anything I just want to say that nothing is as it seems Make sure to keep track of all the small things I loved discovering new things throughout the book, which had me changing my theories about what was going on I loved the twists and turns, which of some really surprised me There is a lot going on in this book but everything fits really well together There was no dull moment and I was hooked until the end This book was heartbreaking but also heartwarming in a way I loved seeing the main character Tessa find peace and mend her relationship with her sister I also enjoyed seeing Tessa learn the truth about her family The cover of this book is gorgeous, and it really fits with the vibe of the story I highly recommend this book if you are intrigued with what you read in the blurb my review, or if you have read books by this author before I think Eliza did a great job with this book, and I already look forward to the next one.