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FREE DOWNLOAD ☹ Glory Roslyn and the Heart of Universe ⚖ Glory Is An Eleven Year Old Orphan Who Has A Beautiful Heart That Never Allows Hate And Anger To Step In Her Adoptive Mother, Myrtle Willis, Died When She Was Six Glory Lives In Painful Conditions With Her Adoptive Father Who Keeps Himself Drown In Liquor All The Time, And With His Cruel Son Who Never Misses A Chance To Torture Her In These Painful Conditions, She Has A Mysterious Companion A Tiny Dragon Faced, Red Snake That Has Bat Like Wings And Green Pointed Horns It Appears From Nowhere On Her Palm And Absorbs All Her Pain Whenever She MournsAnd One Day, She Finds Another Mysterious Companion Who Leads Her To The Hidden WorldsThis Is A Legend Of War Between Gods And Ill Dwellers To Control The Greatest Power Of The Hidden Worlds, The Heart Of UniverseThis Is A Legend Of Ambitions And ConspiraciesThis Is A Legend Of Those Whose Hearts Are Filled With Sacred FeelingsThis Is A Legend Of Hope