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I received an ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review This was a perfectly nice read and passed a couple of hours but I did not get excited by it The hero, Derek, sorry but whilst I am sure there are lots of nice Dereks in the world, it is not a name I would think of as heroic in any way, shape or form , and the heroine Alice come together because Alice has discovered an inexplicable error in her customers accounts Derek s firm incredibly successful and wealthy provides help to small entrepreneurs Turns out that the software is designed by Russians and is intended to rob users The villains are one dimensional and pretty boring Derek s partners look they might be interesting so perhaps there s going to bebooks Derek and Alice are attracted to each other, succumb very quickly, have lots of hot sex in between acting as private investigators who ultimately get caught and nearly murdered by the baddies This should have been an exciting, fast developing story, but it just plodded along Sorry but I didn t find it exciting at all Derek and Alice were a nice couple and they got their happy ever after Fabulous The best thing was the author s homage to Georgette Heyer one of my very favourite authors of all time As I said, a perfectly pleasant read but somehow it just misses the mark. The Money Man by Nancy HerknessA self proclaimed nerd Alice Thurber is living a simple life embracing her role as a crazy cat lady and bookkeeper when she discovers some discrepancies in the new accounting software several of her clients are using Searching the internet for help with her problem, she happens across KRG Consultants small business initiative Derek Killion wanting to help give a leg up to small and struggling business takes on the challenge of Alice s problem Believing it will be a quick and easy fix, something he can while he is starting a large consulting project It very quickly becomes clear to Derek it isn t as easy a fix as he thought He decides to meet with Alice face to face to see if he can come up with a solution Derek quickly realizes Alice is so muchthan the average bookkeeper Alice and Derek quickly conclude that their problem is a lot bigger than either even thought This story really has it all hot steamy attraction, Russian hackers and 2 uninterested cats Alice knows she is smart well rounded character with just enough self doubt to believe she isn t desirable to someone as worldly and successful as Derek You are rooting for her to see her own beauty from the beginning Alice is very likeable, and her self doubt doesn t come across as over the top or a hindrance to the story I did like the trip to Dallas and that to help strengthen the hacking story line Derek having in the past a failed relationship does show strength by not allowing it to control him or his desire to pursue Alice Derek s business partners are wonderful characters in the story I cannot wait for their stories The love scenes between Derek and Alice were just enough not to over the top and not to dominating with in the story If you are looking for a story with action and a mystery to solve with the strong silent type for a hero, you should totally check out Money Man What I thought was going to be a basic office romance gave me so muchThe pace of story line was great and very plot driven Alice was not your typical simpering heroine she is just as interested in getting to the bottom of her problem and asking questions even when she shouldn t This is the first book by Nancy Herkness that I have read It was wonderful and I will absolutely be reading her other works. Oh my goodness Nancy gives you everything in this new series Love, giggles, espionage, danger, thrills and oh the heat I love the characters and the way they blend so well together I so enjoyed the building romance between Alice and Derek The friendships they both have are steadfast and solid Alice s dilemma becomes Derek s mission and he takes his partners in with him for the hunt I could almost see the wheels turning in all of their heads as they put the pieces together There were hang onto your seat moments that had me gritting my teeth but this was followed by some major fist pumps The epilogue is going to make you misty eyed and swoony Loved that part Regency I ve found this gem on Netgalley and requested the arc based solely on the blurb It seemed like my cup of tea, and I wasn t wrong I loved it As you might know already, this is the story of a bookkeeper who finds some issues with her clients finances Desperate to find the root of the problem, she stumbles upon a program offered by a huge company in their field, meant to help out small CPAs like her Only it appears the problem isn t so easy to fix or to figure out, so when one of the founding members of that big company takes an interest, well, let s just say that there will be a lot of balancing. This is how Mrs Herkness managed to spark my interest and get me hooked on her book I was desperate to turn every page, as for the life of me I couldn t put it down It was incredibly exciting to see what was happening next My only issue with the story was the heroine s passion for Regency romance novels, something is in a galaxy, far, far away from my liking Those of you who know me will understand this, as historical romance is not something I ll ever stomach So every time the heroine will compare the hero with a Duke or mention the word regency i ll shudder Besides this, I liked everything Well, maybe not the descriptions likeher insides turned liquid with pure want , but again, I truly enjoyed the whole story and the characters when they found sexual innuendos in mathematics Highly entertainingARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewIt would be an absolute honor to have you as my guest on my blog too Stop by anytime you want This is my first read from the author and I wasn t disappointed First of all that cover Alice is a self employed bookkeeper who works from home and keeps her little world well ordered and for good reason Reasons you find out as her backstory unravels throughout the book When she finds several discrepancies is several of her regular accounts, she s befuddled She likes her books to balance right down to the penny The amounts are so small, the business owners are not concerned however it bothers Alice to the nth degree, so much so when she finds an online site offering help to small businesses she sends an e mail to them KRG is a large successful money handling business owned by three friends This little business site was Dereks idea as a way to give back to small businesses because they too had their share of issues when they started up Derek takes on this request from Alice thinking it would be an easy fix, while he s also trying to stay on top of a very large account they just acquired, one that demands his full attention He contacts her, the two go back and forth on problem solving and what looked like an easy fix becomes a lotcomplicated when the issue seems to be with the newly acquired bookkeeping software each of the business owners are using, including Alice When one of Derek s partners who does the IT aspect of their business discovers some serious problems and who may be behind it, the issue involves all three partners now Add to that is keeping Alice safe, not easy for someone who needs her well ordered world to survive.This book was just enough mystery to keep me interested, and flipping those pages and over well written, fully developed characters All were interesting and I am definitely interested in getting to know Derek s two partners Nicely done twists and turns and a great ending Yes I wantI m ringing in with a 4.5 on this one arc from NetGalley and publisher The Money Man by Nancy Herkness is a captivating, thrilling read following Alice Thurber, a humble bookkeeper and Derek Killion, a temptingly handsome financial wizard and their battle against what at first seems like a simple fifteen minute numerical error, but turns out to be so muchThrowing the two together inthan on way.As an avid reader, I have come across many books which have often followed along the lines of one of the two main characters usually the man coming from a wealthy background or high status line of work, so as such I was hesitant to begin this read, thinking that I could easily predict the storyline or pinpoint Derek down from the beginning I m happy to say, I was wrong We are introduced to who we think we assume he will be based off his job, though as the story progresses, the layers fall away from the wealthy stereotype and we see the vulnerability and emotions beneath, which we see through the eyes of Alice as both her as the character, and us the reader, get to know Derek.The plot, although not entirely a brand new concept, is still very much engaging and keeps you guessing as you ll discover, what Alice and Derek are searching for is not revealed until the end so as such, you ll find yourself trying to guess and figure out the answer before the characters do The only thing that I would criticise about the overall storyline, is that at the beginning I felt it was hard to get into but once you get past the first few chapters and into the core story andis able to happen beyond describing professions and love for numbers A brief mention of that passion would suffice, rather than pages of explanation where other subjects could be focused on.Overall, despite the occasional over explanation about a topic here and there, The Money Man was a different and refreshing read, which I would highly recommend to anyone looking to read something outside of their comfort genre Derek Killion definitely won me over with his underlying genuine care for another human being, outgoing nature and passion which is neatly hidden under a form fitting suit. This book was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.What a great book I expected your avarage love at first sight and dive into bed time and time again kind of book I was happily surprised by the fact that it wasn t.Writing style There often were a lot of long paragraphs to get through where nothing useful was being said, and it was often repetitive and could have definitely been edited better Overall the writing was just fine, but it definitely wasn t impressive or something that kept me interested in reading.Characters There wasn t much personality in the characters, but for once I didn t mind They were at least consistent in their behavior and with the things they said and the way they would say it.Story This was definitely a plot driven story and I didn t mind one bit It was interesting, fun, suspenseful and I flew through the book because I had to know how things ended Herkness kept me intrigued throughout the whole story and she build up to a great conclusion and she delivered with the awesome conclusion too.Romance This was so tastefully done Alice and Derek really build up their relationship from scratch Yes, there was immediate attraction but they both kept things professional They didn t ignore what they were feeling and made the adult decision to see where things could go They didn t jump each other immediately and they were building a solid relationship and not just having hot steaming sex and then suddenly deciding to marry, which was great and after reading many disastrous romance novels I thought reading about a good solid romance blooming up wasn t gonna happen any.I ll stop talking now The Money Man gets three and half stars from me. This is my first romance novel by Nancy Herkness and she will now be an author that I follow and keep track of This is the first book in The Consultants Series and it did not disappoint This is the love story between Alice and Derek Alice is a bookkeeper who is well known for always finding discrepancies in her clients books When a few of her clients decide to try out a new software system she is quite impressed at first After a little while though the books are not balancing and she is not able to find out the reason why She enlists the help of the KRG Consulting Group to help her find the error in the software Out of the three consultants Derek is the financial guy Leland is is the computer genius and Tully is an ex FBI agent who deals in security Together they form a highly sought after consulting firm that was started by an idea they had in college Derek is out to prove to his father that he did not make a bad decision by starting his own business with his 2 friends When Derek and Alice meet you can feel the instant chemistry jump off the page at you I think one of the main reasons I really enjoyed this novel is because I am an accountant so a lot of the language was easy for me to grasp and understand what they were talking about For some though who have never taken a business class they might have a hard time with some of the accounting references Overall if you don t understand some of the terminology you can still follow the suspense and love in the story Thank you to netgalley and Montlake Romance for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review {FREE} î The Money Man (The Consultants, #1) ¹ She S Small Town Business He S Manhattan High Finance Together They Ignite In A Novel About Unexpected Love And Danger By Nancy Herkness, Award Winning Author Of The Wager Of Hearts SeriesNew Jersey Bookkeeper Alice Thurber Has A Carefully Constructed Risk Free Life Everything In Perfect Balance Until Little Discrepancies Show Up In Her Clients Accounts Most Would Ignore It Not The Impeccably Precise Alice In Desperation She Reaches Out To A High Powered Consulting Firm For Help New York City S Movie Star Handsome Financial Wizard Derek Killion Reaches Back All He Has To Do Is Smile And Alice S Fantasies Stir A Girl Can Dream, Can T She A Cofounder Of KRG, Derek S Promise Is To Advise Small Business Owners In Trouble He Never Guessed That Assisting The Diffident But Sexy Alice Would Be So Captivating And Make It So Hard To Keep His Desires In Check But Just As Intriguing Is The Alarming Puzzle Behind The Computer Glitch That S Unsettled His Client As The Investigation Unfolds, They Must Also Confront An Attraction Too Palpable To Ignore Every New Dark Twist They Follow Is Only Bringing Them Closer Together In Passion And In Danger For a book about two accountants this was wayexciting than I was expecting The intrigue behind the discrepancies and the investigation had me pretty hooked to the story The characters were a bit of fresh air as well Despite both main characters being accountants, we didn t get the typical nerdy characters I really liked that They both still displayed some typical characteristics,in the heroine than the hero but it was nice to see that they weren t a copy cat Derek is portrayed as very good looking but he didn t have the typical playboy behavior that came with that Alice did have a big passion for regency romance and had two cats, but she was also not shy and had girlfriends she hung out with Plus we got a few side characters that added interest to the story I liked them enough that I would love to see a story for each of them Overall, a fun read