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My favourite author is releasing a new book My favourite series is BACK Am I dreaming Is this real Brb, happy crying and re reading this series for the 100th time I ve already put in my leave request for the 20th of April, 2020 so I can sit and read this book in peace and die because my heart is going to explode Omg it s read now on netgalley I can t wait to start it sigh First read of 2020. March 21, 20204.5 starsEven after all these years, and all the novels, novellas, and all the short stories, I still drop everything to read the new book in The Original Sinners series.And even after all these years and all those stories, Tiffany Reisz still surprises me.When I first read The Siren, I was left speechless So many surprises held the chapters of that book Then I thought I knew what to expect from The Angel I was so wrong, I couldn t have been wrong With two books read, I once again thought I knew what to expect, this time with The Prince Cocky youth I was wrong I was wrong again with The Mistress I think that was when I learned my lesson Always expect the unexpected It s served me well By the time The Priest came around, I knew better than to try to answer the question What will happen in the bookI expected the unexpected, and the unexpected I got It says this is the beginning of a new era in The Original Sinners series It felt that way Our Sinners are in a new place, geographically and mentally After all the ups and downs, the fights, the drama, the life threatening situations, they are living new lives Happier lives Calmer lives How weird it was, after everything, to read about Nora and Kingsley arguing about paint colors It was nice Sweet But still weird Also nice, sweet and weird was Nora and S ren s relationship Now that S ren is suspended, he and Nora were spending time together, and they weren t doing it in hiding It was like a normal ish relationship And I can t say sweet without thinking of Kingsley s fussing over the people in his life He was adorable I was somewhat disappointed there wasn t of him in the novel, but I understood it Since it says this is the beginning of a new era, I m hoping there will be books focusing on him in the future Keeping with the theme of good stuff from the book, when I started reading The Priest, I was reminded of The Siren The Siren started with Zach, then introduced us to Nora, and we learned about their complicated lives, and we got to meet her kinky world through both of them In the later books that were solely from the Sinners perspectives, I admit I missed reading about them and their world from an outsider s perspective Well, The Priest introduces us to Cyrus Tremont with a happy love life, as opposed to Zach s when we met him Cyrus s private life filled him with joy His work as a private detective helping women and children was satisfying Then and now we re heading into murky waters a priest committed suicide.Cyrus was asked to investigate further, because the police wasn t going to The officials were to rule it a suicide caused by depression and be done with it One officer sensed there was to the story, and asked Cyrus s help His investigation led him to our very own Nora Sutherlin, as she was the last person the priest had called before he killed himself That fact was enough for Nora to join Cyrus on his mission They were fast friends I loved their interactions His and Nora s, his and S ren s Plus, it was interesting reading about them uncovering clues The people they met along the way were even interesting Then it got sad Horrific, really The truth Cyrus and Nora uncovered was horrific See, you can never guess where Tiffany Reisz s story will go After the discovery of what led up to the priest s suicide, surprises didn t stop Nora s decision S ren s decision S ren s something else The talks they had The huge question marks about things I held up at the end Well, this can t be THE END, right It s THE BEGINNING I m holding onto those words and not letting go The Original Sinners New Orleans has only just started What can I say in the end I loved reading something new about the Sinners Next time, about Kingsley, please I loved meeting new characters And I loved that the story had it s twists and turns, though some of them hurt There s a quote in the book Here is the world Beautiful and terrible things will happen Don t be afraid. You could easily sayHere is the world of the Original Sinners Beautiful and terrible things will happen Don t be afraid Just read I started with And ended withARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review March 16, 2020Two reasons to bust out the dancing Ron GIF 1 This is what it says about The Priest The Priest is the beginning of a new era for Reisz s Original Sinners series, and the perfect jumping on point for new readers A new era That is all I see.A NEW ERA 2 Lately I ve been obsessively checking NetGalley expecting hoping for The Priest It s there It s Read Now It s in my Kindle library Good things are happening these days too October 6, 2019The Original Sinners book 9 Oh, I love the sound of that ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ⚆ The Priest (The Original Sinners, #9) ♫ New Orleans, Four Months After The Events Of THE QUEENS Ren Has Been Suspended From The Jesuits For A Minimum Of One Year After Confessing To Fathering A Child To Say He S Struggling With His Newfound Freedom Is An UnderstatementKingsley Is About To Be A Father Again And Is Convinced Something Very Bad Is About To Happen Nerves Or Is He Right That The Time Has Come For The Sinners To Pay For Their Sins And If Things Couldn T Get Worse, A Handsome Private Detective Shows Up And Tells Mistress Nora That A Priest Has Just Committed Suicide, And She Was The Last Person He Tried To Call He Would Like To Know WhyShe Doesn T Know, But Nora And Her New Detective Friend Will Turn Over The City To Find Out, Meeting Liars, Vampires, And Witches Along The Way When She Finds What She S Looking For, She May Wish She D Never Stepped Foot In New Orleans Full review to come but this installment was absolutely amazing 10 stars 4.5 stars I don t really know how to feel about this Almost everything I want to say would be a huge spoiler.For the most part, I loved it It was Nora, S ren Kingsley and that s always my ideal Nora seems to be happier and settled as much as she ever is, LOL into her life There doesn t seem to be any turmoil about where, and with who, she belongs But Nora is still Nora, and I m always vastly entertained by that Kingsley seems to be semi retired from the kink scene He still has a club but most of his time on page was with his family, waiting for the birth of his Juliette s second child S ren, unusually, is the one with some difficult decisions to make, due to the fallout of informing the Jesuits of the existence of Fionn A priest is dead, having committed suicide The police department was warned off investigating further by the Church, so a PI was engaged on the side to dig a little deeper One of his last calls minutes before his death was to Nora, a call she never received No one knows why, as Nora didn t know him Cyrus Tremont is the PI investigating the death of Father Murran He questions Nora about the phone call to her, and of course Nora has questions of her own She ends up sort of helping Cyrus in his investigation, since she can go places in the kink world he can t, and they become friends I really liked Cyrus and I liked the friendship they formed I think a real friend, outside of her family, is something Nora needed, and so did Cyrus The terrible result of this investigation causes Nora to question some things that are a large part of the foundation of her life and it shakes her up badly, so badly it really scared me for what the consequences might be And Nora does make a huge decision, one that I m sure will have impact somewhere down the line But thank God she didn t make the change I thought she was going to make, because that might have been the end of me, though if you d told me that at the beginning of this series, I d have told you to quit smokin that crack Because at the end of The Siren, I was kinda all WTF O.O I had no idea how far this series was going to take me or how much I would come to love these characters, all of them, so much.And that brings me to the reason I didn t give this 5 stars, though I did love it Spending time with these book people is always pure win, the plot was interesting, engaging, and in the end, brutally painful On the bright side, getting such an intimate look at S ren and Nora together was amazing However, this ended on of a HFN, because S ren still has to make his decisions And I can t stop worrying over what the final one may be Still, this world is much loved and time in it is always my favorite Here s hoping there s to come That aside, this book was a joy just for the fact that I got of my favorite Sinners when I didn t think there was going to be any 3 This book was both fun and thought provoking Fun in Nora s antics with a PI trying to figure out the reason why a priest was calling her five minutes before killing himself that wasn t the fun part though, her antics with the PI were She didn t get the call since it was to her old New York number from an old business card from before moving to New Orleans So the mystery was why did this priest call her, and how did he get her card, and who gave it to him She didn t pass out that card when she was in New Orleans 2 years prior when she was in town to buy her home It was from that time since it was the old number She can t figure out why some random priest she never heard of or met would have her card and be calling her So she joins up with the PI tasked with answering those questions and away they went.Meanwhile Soren is making the most of his sabattical and Kingsley is going slightly crazy as Juliette is weeks away from giving birth to his third child There were some big paradigm shifts that happen in the final few chapters Be prepared to see the characters in a new light There are some dark themes, and heavy conversations about Soren and Noras relationship origins Some realizations that maybe Soren wasn t such a good priest towards a teenage Ellinore Nora comes to some realizations of her own The mystery is the backdrop to the conversations that happen in the book It is the catalyst of the changes made Nora makes new friends and Soren seems happy to be right at home with her Although he ends up getting his own home, a gift, a trifle from Kingsley.However, I will spoil this everyone is still together in the end Soren makes his appearance early on and stays throughout the book Lots of him and Nora action.This book reminded me of The Siren in that Nora and Cyrus have the most screentime and Cyrus and his own fiancee have screentime away from the unholy trinity Unlike the Siren, Soren is no longer a mystery and he isn t hiding Nora away He is out and proud It was a bit odd hearing him talk about being in love with Nora and having a child while he was a priest read the series to figure that out if you haven t alread with an almost complete stranger Cyrus In the previous books Nora and Soren had to sneak around, Nora s biggest wish was for her to be able to fix Soren s morning coffee In this book they are walking down Burbon street together and going into bars It basically answered the question of What would they be like if Soren wasn t a priest Although it wasn outright said, it s pretty apparent in the end that when the year is up, Soren will be going back to the Church again and taking up his collar Read the book, you know you will You just read this review to make sure Soren and Nora are in it together, that they still have sex and they are happy Yes, Yes, and Pretty much Now, can we please get a book with Nora and Nico 4.5 starsThis is one series that I will never tire of, the perfect mix of lovable characters, detailed and highly erotic scenes, along with some well placed humor Oh, and I can t forget the religious history.This ninth installment was a bit different than the other books in the series, focusing on the death of a priest All indications are that Father Ike committed suicide But why And why did he try to contact an author known for her erotic romances Enter Nora, one of my all time favorite heroines Initially, she is just a person of interest, as a Private Investigator, Cyrus Tremont digs into the questions above But Nora being Nora, she can t help but become involved and partners with Cyrus to find out answers.The mystery of the Father s death becomes intriguing as it appears, he has a dark secret, that ties to Nora s worldIf Father Ike was kinky, he was one of us, she said, pointing to herself Somehow we failed him if he thought the only way out was suicide While this story includes some of the other favorites, Soren and Kingsley, the bulk of the story focuses on Nora and Cyrus I liked their partnership and how their friendship extended to their personal lives, offering advise as needed And when the truth about the Father was revealed, it was striking to see how deeply it impacted Nora She doesn t show that type of emotion often, making it that impactful.This was a great addition to the series, and one every Original Sinner fan should check out An ARC was received via NetGalley for an honest review.For reviews, visit Book F ing 9 in this series If you follow me and my reviews, you know my ETERNAL love for Tiffany Reisz I like many readers ASSumed that after she wrote The End of The Queen, that we would get the occasional novellas and or Christmas stories of our beloved characters from the OS Original Sinners for you newbies Then one day scrolling through IG and FB I see this author dropped a bomb in the form of The Priest to be released in April This author gave it to us two weeks early due to the upheaval that is Corona Virus So here I am thinking, well what can this author deliver that she hasn t done in her previous books Will be stilted, boring, is S ren going to join the circus None of the above And true to Tiffany Reisz fashion, the mind fuck will always be there.Ms Reisz introduces us to a brand new character, Cyrus Tremont, former cop turned PI and who is his likely sidekick, none other that our favorite Domme, Nora Sutherlin Our favorite sadistic Priest, Soren, well he took a month long journey after being suspended by the priesthood King and Juliette well they are awaiting their second baby and true to King s paranoia, on lock down When the charismatic PI comes knocking on King s door looking for the infamous Nora.So many questions as to why a priest, who killed himself would have Nora s old business card and hers is the last number he calls before he kills himself Oh let s not forget the witch, Mercedes that causes a lot of tension as well Is she a good witch or a bad witch That my friends I will let you determine for yourself.So many unexpected twists hello this is TR we re talking about A lot of surprising moments that you will NOT expect Hot sexy times, but damn it, the water works will come into play while reading Of course, towards the end, the author will still keep you wondering will there be a 10th book I say yes If you are home because of this pandemic and need an escape from reality, and have read the other 8 books in this series, do yourself a favor, READ THIS BOOK For those new to Tiffany Reisz, yeah, you all need to start with The Gift, that will be your introduction, from there go read The Siren.I love this series and I love this author An ARC was provided via Net Galley for an honest review