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As brilliant this time as it was the first This is probably the most exciting and page turner Victorian books out there, and is highly worth everybody s time. Okay, I am turning into a major E Gaskell fan I absolutely loved this book It was her first, and got a bit melodramatic in places, but I think she made it work North and South was definitely better crafted, but this was just as good a story Gaskell wrote at the same time as Dickens, Industrial Age Britian She lived in Manchester trade town and knew the condiditions there very well She does a great job at describing the real living circumstances of the rich and poor The book is absolutely gripping in its portrayal of the very poor working people Loved it Will buy it. Mary Barton is a wonderful failure of a novel, in all of the classic Victorian ways the love plot is overwrought, the ending is melodramatic, the moralizing is far too heavy, and the epigraphs are obnoxious But, somehow, in the middle of all those problems, Elizabeth Gaskell manages to capture perfectly something important Mary Barton is a Condition of England novel, a meditation on the plight of Manchester cotton weavers in the depression of the early 1840 s This is the Manchester of Freidrich Engels, where people live in squalor so deep that it surpasses comprehension Engels, however, in what I ve read from his account, utterly dehumanizes the people he examines The citizens of his Manchester slums almost literally become their own excrement Gaskell, on the other hand, has faced an onslaught of criticism for her tidy Manchester Her very tidiness though, makes her messageeffective She cuts away the filth, but not the starvation or disease that haunted Manchester She suppresses the reality only enough to draw out sympathy from an audience who understood child mortality, say, in a way that they didn t understand inadequate sewage systems She denies the terror of Manchester life only enough to make itimaginable Gaskell s Manchester is, at its surface, a relentlessly didactic world a constant circle of learning one s Christian Duty but the didacticism is founded on something that, somehow, seemsgenuinely human than anything Dickens or Eliot ever manage to find. Mary Bartonis the very first novel written by Elizabeth Gaskell Living in the industrial city of Manchester and having first hand witnessed the poor living condition and suffering of the working class, Gaskell was inspired to write a novel bringing to light their poverty and suffering.InMary Barton,Gaskell gives a true and heartfelt account on the lives of these working class men and women The suffering they undergo due to want of the basic needs for human survival such as food, proper clothing and other basic facilities to warm them against the chilly English weather, and the sicknesses and death which are so common due their unhygienic living conditions and lack of nutritious food is sympathetically and almost passionately portrayed that it was a pure emotional struggle to read of them One can only imagine how keenly the author felt on these matters having personally witnessed their lives and living conditions.Amidst this dire setting, Gaskell weaves a beautiful story of love and loyalty When Mary Barton, a working class girl, is pursued by two lovers, one being a mill owner s son Harry Carson and thus above her class and the other being a family friend James Wilson of her own class, this young vain beauty prefers the former But soon she understands that her heart truly belongs to James and is determined to win him back But when her true love is accused of the murder of Harry Carson, her loyalty, courage and strength is tested And the accidental discovery of the true culprit makes matters worse as Mary realizes saving her lover may also lead to losing another too dear to her heart.The character of Mary Barton was not likable at first She is vain and is driven by an ambitious heart Her beauty being her only asset, she makes conscious use of it hoping to remove herself from the class to which she belongs and to step in to the world of the rich Many a times I felt that she needs a good shaking to make her see her foolishness However, Gaskell lifts her up from there and slowly and steadily develops her character from the vain and silly young girl to brave and courageous young woman who, armed with love and loyalty, walks through a difficult path to save the life of the man she loves, making her yet another lovable Gaskell heroine.Most of the rest of characters of the novel were chosen from different sections of the working class Gaskell s reason behind this choice is to show to the world the different sides of men and women belonging to this class, their talents and their interests She wanted the world to know that these are human beings, equally worthy of recognition.In addition, there is also a sub plot developed on the relationship between masters and the workers Working class laid all their miseries on the doorstep of the masters They were of the opinion that the masters didn t do enough to alleviate their suffering This settled idea was one major reason for the constant rift between the two sides This led to many forceful demands being made by the workers on their masters which were proudly and indignantly met and ignored And the lack of proper communication and the ego of both sides led to some detrimental actions being made by both sides with certain dreadful consequences Gaskell presents all this through her sub plot earning major criticism in her day that her portrayal of the matter was far fetched However for author s part, she firmly believed the lack of communication to be a major barrier for the peaceable relations between the two fractions.InMary Barton,Gaskell tells her tale with so much feeling Her sympathy towards the working class is obvious The beautiful and passionate writing of hers pours this sympathy in to the hearts of the readers connecting them with the story and the characters and through them, with the working class The writing is also full of suspense as a murder takes place and a race against time was made to clear the falsely accused before his innocent life is taken All in all, this was an excellent read I was really surprised by the outcome, for I was not expecting it given this novel being a less popular work by the author And I also see this novel as a sort of a prequel to herpopular work,North and Southwhere the theme of master worker conflict was taken up and developed. After having read North and South quite a long time ago I had forgotten why this woman was a master in storytelling.Because it seems impossible that a novel written in the classic way, with long sentences and a stiff structure with ancient vocabulary and dealing with the pros and conts of the revolutionary working class in the industrial England of the late XIXth century, might engage the reader the way that Mary Barton does.Even with all these formal constraints Gaskell manages to transmit such contained emotion that sometimes I didn t realise I had stopped breathing with anxiety.Mary Barton is a working class girl, daughter of an impoverished widowed man Her pretty face catches the attention of Mr Carson one of the wealthy lads of Manchester and the possibility of seeing the end of their meagre existence leads her to dismiss her true love, Jem Wilson with dreadful consequences for all of them.Partly historical and sociological thriller which portrays the situation of a whole generation and the start of what we call progress in the working system Deeply meaningful characters who will stick to your mind long after you have closed the book.Loved it This was Elizabeth Gaskell s first novel and it shows It s signficantly less assured than her better known works, North and South, Cranford and Wives and Daughters The eponymous heroine is at times annoying although she grows in stature as the work progresses and the narrative has a number of those features which make some readers avoid Victorian fiction a leisurely pace, wordiness, preachiness, sentimentality and melodrama The novel starts very slowly At the half way mark the pace picks up and it turns into an interesting court room drama, which would be eveninteresting if the outcome had not been predictable The last quarter of the novel falls off somewhat, as Gaskell s preaching kicks into high gear That said, Gaskell writes well and is a good storyteller, notwithstanding the signficant implausibility of some parts of the narrative, such as view spoiler the fact that all it takes for Mary to realise she is in love with Jem is to reject his proposal of marriage hide spoiler I have never understood why Elizabeth Gaskell is not better known She was a contemporary of Dickens and a much better writer Both HARD TIMES by Dickens and MARY BARTON by Gaskell deal with the terrible plight of the working poor during the 1840s and 1850s Gaskell s characters are realistically drawn as opposed to Dicken s exaggerated comical characters Mrs Gaskell shows how factory workers lived in terribly squalid conditions and the affect this had on Mary Barton s father There is a murder which leads to a thrilling trial The suspense was skillfully done, leaving me unwilling to put the book down This novel should lead to an interest in the social and economic realities of England in the mid 1800s An even cursory investigation will reveal that Mrs Gaskell did not exaggerate the conditions or the squalor of that time There are many deaths in the book, but that was the reality for the factory worker and his family. Primer contacto con Elizabeth Gaskell superado Y con nota La historia es muy buena y sus personajes tambi n.Si bien al principio me chirriaba un poco que intentara influir tanto en mi concepci n y pensamiento sobre los personajes, luego me di cuenta de que simplemente se trataba de una amiga que me contaba una historia, con sus peque os parones para comentar y juzgar a sus protagonistas, como si estuvi ramos tan a gusto con un t deshilachando ese relato entre las dos cada una con su opini n, a veces coincidente y a veces no Pero ambas disfrutando de nuestra interesante charla As que, gustosamente, seguir con el resto de andanzas de la Gaskell, of course In the grim industrial city of Manchester, England around the latter part of the decade, of the 1830 s, people are actually starving to death, especially the little ones the poor parents cannot feed thoseMurder follows as naturally as water flows to the lowest level A love triangle ensues between the amorous competitors , Jem Wilson a working class engineer and Henry Carson, the son of a wealthy businessman for the affections of the delightful Miss Mary Barton , she has high ambitions but will not end well Her father s feelings of great hatred , keeps the secret second man, a secret Still the most weak and vulnerable, the children continue to succumb quietly in their small beds, as the mothers and fathers look helplessly , and slowly the shrunken bodies, fade away Trade brings prosperity but when there is none the opposite arrives bleakness Elizabeth Gaskell gives light to the dark and confronts the establishment , who don t want the rays to show the ugly YET IT EXISTS, nobody cares , parliament kicks the can down the road, since the members have a full stomach, let others interested take the initiative, citizens die everyday, so what is the problem This novel about the Barton and Wilson families, drab lives, revealed to the public the suffering of the wretched to a society that did not want to know Mary Barton the pretty daughter of a radical union organizer, John Barton, who blames the rich bosses for the many deaths, that have occurred beloved wife included , is in the middle of an unending struggle, she must take sides, love or family As politics rears its head, the truth vanishes too, as is always the custom If your beliefs are not correct then change the factsafter a while you will not notice the difference, anything of blackness, as the town s air usually is A splendid book for those who like to visit the not always great past, a joyous experience it isn t to be sure, but a necessary one Be warned though, the story like other Victorian novels is quite hard going, painful in spots for the casual readers, than again life is the same ^DOWNLOAD KINDLE ↬ Mary Barton ☔ This Is Elizabeth Gaskell S First Novel, A Widely Acclaimed Work Based On The Actual Murder, In , Of A Progressive Mill Owner It Follows Mary Barton, Daughter Of A Man Implicated In The Murder, Through Her Adolescence, When She Suffers The Advances Of The Mill Owner, And Later Throughlove And Marriage Set In Manchester, Between, It Paints A Powerful And Moving Picture Of Working Class Life In Victorian England