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Simple Short Funny for my 4 year old. What kind of person thinks to make dust bunnies the heroes of a picture book The kind I wanna hang out with, I m thinkin Jan Thomas is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors of books for children, and I d never heard of her before this year What Will Fat Cat Sit Onkills me one of my favorite super fast read alouds, The Doghouse is a crowd pleaser when read with the right intonations, and now we have rhyming dust bunnies Seriously Yep Well, except for Bob, who is much interested in personal safety than rhyming skills You go, Bob, I m right behind ya I haven t had the chance to read this aloud yet, but I m betting it will have the kids in stitches Can t wait. READ DOWNLOAD ⚆ Rhyming Dust Bunnies ♴ Bug Rug Mug Hug These Dust Bunnies Love To Rhyme Well, Except For Bob Much To The Other Bunnies Frustration, Bob Can Never Get The Rhythm Right Then He Saves Everyone From A Big, Scary Monster Wielding Gasp A Broom, And They All Breathe A Sigh Of Relief But Can Bob Save Them From The Big, Scary Monster S Next Attack Vrrrrrroooommm I love this I love the bright colors, the humor, the rhymes, and that there is a dust bunny named Bob Julie read this to us when the new books came in and I smiled with every page Definitely a great lap read, and could probably work well in a storytime perhaps a school age one, maybe also preschool.And now I wish I had a few stuffed dust bunnies sitting around Can I really be pathetic and silly Don t answer that I know the answer already 3 27 13 3 28 13 Used this to begin my preschool Bunnies theme ha ha The larger group on Wed totally got the rhyming part, but not quite the broom and vacuum So the irony is that the Thu group didn t really get the rhyming, but smiled over the broom and vacuum.7 13 16 Used for Literacy Moment in V is for theme I printed out words that rhymed with various words in the book Putting two words down, I had the kids figure out which word did NOT rhyme with the word from the book Then they vacuumed it up putting it through an unstrung slinky we had, and into a container I was going to have them use my dust buster, but I forgot to bring it in.7 6 17 Used for Literacy Moment in U V theme Did the same as last year, but I got the janitor s vacuum out this time having forgotten my dust buster AGAIN They loved it.7 11 18 Used for Literacy Moment in UV theme again I remembered to bring in the dust buster It worked really well on the words Because I had an unusally large crowd, I had kids pick a partner They came up together to figure out the rhyming word, then one vacuumed the rhyming word and one vacuumed the non rhyming They loved it. Love this book HILARIOUS Very cute Read it to your kids or give yourself a three minute break to enjoy it on your own Good call, Bob.Used for TT silly storytime on 1 24 18. I love every single book by Jan Thomas Can t go wrong rhyming Four bright colored, hairy dust bunnies introduce themselves as Ed, Ned, Ted, and Bob They rhyme together all the time What rhymes with car The first three bunnies join in merrily rhyming together, but Bob has other things on his mind Ed, Ned and Ted are oblivious to what Bob is trying to tell them, chiding him for not rhyming Their continued rhyming and Bob s refusal to play mixed with his growing desperation for them to understand will have everyone laughing Classic vaudeville humor in a picture book.Thomas has this book paced exactly right It is a joy to read aloud, the words and the jokes hitting with a rhythm that is written directly into the text Add to that the muppet like bunnies with their buggy eyes and grinning mouths, and you have a winner of a book Put this on the top of your school visit books, tuck it under your arm for your own children, just share it whenever possible Even better, it can work as an easy reader with its rhyming words and brief text This one you just have to try. Very cute, very humorous