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I finished reading the book Ashes of Roses This is another book i enjoyed reading alot I finished reading this book in 2 weeks Every time I would read a page, I would never want to finish Sometimes i would even get in trouble for reading in class.This book is all about an Irish girl named Rose who plans on living in America to start a new life Throughout the book,andfamily members start going away and she ends up alone with her little sister Mauhreen This book helped me understand how immigrants had to go through immigration process, and how they had to live in America to support themselves or their family Also, the tragic accident that happened in the Triangle Factory Now I have a better sense of what had happened and how so many workers were killed. 3.5 STARS @DOWNLOAD BOOK Ø Ashes of Roses ⚻ Sixteen Year Old Margaret Rose Nolan, Newly Arrived From Ireland, Finds Work At New York City S Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Shortly Before TheFire In WhichEmployees DiedSixteen Year Old Rose Nolan And Her Family Are Grateful To Have Finally Reached America, The Great Land Of Opportunity Their Happiness Is Shattered When Part Of Their Family Is Forced To Return To Ireland Rose Wants To Succeed And Stays In New York With Her Younger Sister Maureen The Sisters Struggle To Survive And Barely Do So By Working At The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Then, Just As Rose Is Forming Friendships And Settling In, A Devastating Fire Forces Her, Maureen, And Their Friends To Fight For Their Lives Surrounded By Pain, Tragedy, And Ashes, Rose Wonders If There S Anything Left For Her In This Great Land Of America I couldn t put this book down It was beautifully written The protagonist Rose is a very relatable character This is a wonderful book for girls in middle school It was very empowering for young women. This is a children s story I happened to pick up in a random selection at the library I read it without reading the back or knowing anything about it If you want the most impact from this book then do the same However it is for an older child who has some maturity.Spoiler alert ahead I thought it was an informative story about immigration to America, in the early 1900 s It would be hard to be treated like cattle as you came into Ellis Island, families were sent back or split up if someone was too ill to enter America This is what happens to her family Later her mom gives up and goes back but because the two girls are determined lets them stay I read it and thought about it and thought it was about the early workers strikes etc never even connecting the title to a deeper ominous meaning Oh my goodness when tragedy spoke I was stunned, horrified and I cried This is why I gave it 5 stars Few books recently have moved me like this one It would ve made me think and feel if I d realized what it was about BUT not knowing made it hit me so much harder had a much deeper impact on me I felt anger over the employers lack of responsibility in the situation And even though I haven t given it all awayI m close the back cover does give evenaway Caveat Children who read this need to be able to process a horrible tragedy It s a little intense The reading is simple but some caution is in order as to the tragedy and the slimey advances of her first boss.Oh as to the writing I m not sure the mom s character development makes it believable she just let her girls stayBut the main characters development was done well, I became really interested in her story. An immigrant story that highlights all the hardships of coming to America, that culminates in the notorious Triangle shirtwaist factory fire.It s well written and would be a useful teaching tool for the time period and learning about the immigrant experience as well the rise of unions The central character is a 16 year old Irish catholic girl, Rose, who immigrates to America with her family From their very arrival there are problems, her baby brother doesn t pass the Ellis Island medical eye exam and her father opts to travel with him back to Ireland The uncle who was supposed to meet them at Ellis Island never arrives, and when they manage to sneak past the guards un escorted women are not allowed into the country and find his home, they discover not only that he did not know they were coming but that his new wife a German Lutheran does not want them there and considers them an embarrassment The Uncle is heavily involved in city politics and his wife considers her own family to be middle class, and her greenhorn Irish relative to be lower class In attempt to be less of a burden, and to earn enough money to find housing away from her aunt, Rose manages to find a sweat shop job, further embarrassing her German Aunt.At about the 1 2 way mark Roses mother decides enough is enough and asks the Uncle to buy them tickets back to Ireland, only at the last minute Rose and her younger sister both refuse to go Rather than return to the Uncle s home as promised, they decide to try to survive on their own, and opt to move into a room in the lower east side From that point on we begin to learn about the struggles of young girls who worked in the sweat shops of New York, the rise of unions, and finally the we live inside Rose s head as she struggles to survive while locked inside the burning triangle shirtwaist factory where she works. If you liked the movieBrooklyn you will probably like this book The title, Ashes of Roses, refers to the lovely color of the special dress Rose Nolan s mother has made her for her trip emigrating from Ireland to America but also Spoiler Alert to the loss of Rose s best friends, also named Rose, in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire This tragic ending follows a few weeks of anguish as Rose encounters one difficulty after another in New York, from an employer who won t keep his hands to himself to the humiliation of being so obviously a greenhorn to the return of her mother and little sister her father was already forced to return to Ireland because the youngest Nolan child is infected with trachoma , leaving Rose and sister Maureen to cope on their own My one problem with the book was the distracting removal of the final g in verbs and gerunds talkin, workin etc., not just in dialogue but in the text of the narrative I don t want to discourage people from reading this well written historical fiction, hard to find in the YA genre The author has researched the subject well The book could be used in a junior high school unit on immigration in U.S history. I recently read Ashes of Roses It was exciting and interesting Ashes of Roses, which was written by Mary Jane Auch, takes place on a ship that left Ireland where Maragret Rose Nolan and her family travel to America to start their new life Maragret and her family all have to pass an inspection in order to get into America If they don t pass then they are sent back Everyone except Joeseph, Maragret s younger brother, passes the inspection Joseph can t cross the ocean by himself so his Father has to go with him So Maragret Rose and her mother and younger sister all go to live with their uncle until her father gets back Maragret has to support her family I like Maragret because she is very brave and hardworking for her age Like some familes today, a father is not there to help support and a teen has to make sacrifices This book draws you in because you never know what is going to happen to young girls who are in the city by theirselves In my opinion, I really liked this book I think it would be a great book for anyone I give this book an A, a 9 out of 10 Go read Ashes of Roses now This is probably one of the few times I will ever say this this book was too short I could have used maybe another hundred pages This book isn t normally the kind of story I would read, but for some reason cover, maybe I m not sure I picked it up and began reading it It begins with an Irish family making the crossing into America The author s descriptions of their arrival on Ellis Island really made me feel as though I was there But after this, events happen at a rapid pace and are never really settled to my satisfaction The first thing to go wrong is that the baby brother of the heroine, Rose, is not allowed to come into America because the medical examiners tell them he has an infection in his eyes After brief discussion, the father decides to be the one to go home with the baby and the mother is left with her three daughters, Maureen, Rose, and Bridget, in the overwhelming city of New York Do we ever hear from the father for the entire remainder of the novel No So there s no real resolution to this problem.And then the mother, who is homesick and tired of living on her brother in law s charity, decides she wants to return home, but allows her two elder, though still underage, daughters to remain behind Apart from seeming very unlikely, we also never hear from the mother again after her departure So for all the reader knows, these characters may never even have made it home.The last thing is that, after there is a fire in the factory where Rose works, she decides to remain in America where she can fight for workers rights But we have no idea what happens to her after this decision.That being said, the book is still pretty good We get to see Rose grow some as a character as she becomesaccustomed to living in America I just wish the book was longer so we could seesatisfying character development There were nuggets of great characters in here that needed a littleshine so they could become gold And the fire seemed to come up pretty abruptly I hadn t even become used to the idea of Rose s working in a factory and earning her own money and doing things with her new friends I wasn t ready to let go of those happy moments so soon But this book was a nice glimpse into life in this time period and the problems surrounding workers of the day. Sisley really wanted me to read this book I bought it about two years ago Finally after me asking Sisley to read some of my favorite books she reminded me that I still hadn t read her recommendation This was a sad, sad book I had read some things about the shirtwaist fire so I knew the premise of the story It made me ponder if coming to America really did make better lives for most people I value my family and those relationships high above everything else I couldn t imagine being separated from any of my kids or husband to make a few extra dollars It wouldn t be worth it to me These poor young girls who worked so incredibly hard in filthy, dangerous, unhealthy and labor intensive jobs I kept wishing I were the owners of the shirtwaist company and could really change the situations of these poor young women and make it a place where the environment had mutual respect and humane working conditions The fire made me sick to my stomach When the book was describing the circumstances and details I was left stunned and sickened Reading and trying to understand the lives my ancestors had to endure by leaving their beloved countries makes me so grateful and proud I am humbled by their sacrifices, courage and forward thinking.