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I was a teen and I was loving The Far Side, but then I found Calvin and Hobbes, and it was like going from sociology class to philosophy I m not saying one was better than the other I m saying I felt like I was taking college classes, and I was loving it These strips weren t about hitting you over the head with gags They were nuanced takes on life Watterson took a subtle approach to pointing out people s foibles If you were the least bit reflective, you could see yourself in Calvin Some probably intentionally deflected any self recognition in Watterson s work, because what you saw wasn t always pleasant.As a book, The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes allowed Watterson to carry a topic from one strip to the next without preamble This meant that not every page was hilarious or even had a point to make Some pages were just bridges, and that s okay, because as a whole that series of strips gained a certain gravitas that created of a solidified book , which these comics collections often lack.Earlier I said that I didn t think Watterson was necessarily better than Larson, but I d have to hand it to Watterson over Larson when it comes to drawing Watterson had a steadier hand, better technique But who cares You don t read either of these comics for the artwork Having said that, Watterson did flex his muscle occasionally, especially when he would let us enter Calvin s dreamworldOften times the Calvin and Hobbes strip had a sarcastic edge or left you soured on humanity Watterson clearly felt mankind needed improving and he used his strip to convey those feelings However, kindness, the ray of light, and a general sort of sentimentality sometimes crept in and would make you sense that there was hope and a reason to fight on Maybe I m reading too much into all of this, but that s what the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip meant to me. I love, love, love Calvin Hobbes Reading this, seeing the expressions on Calvin s face or the grimaces scowls on his parents faces just makes me all kinds of happy It s going into that world that is Calvin s imagination that takes me back to my own childhood years where everything was possible that makes me happy glowy Bill Waterson s a genius He captured what it s like being a kid with an overactive imagination expanded on the idea with his own imagination talent got this gem I m not ashamed to say I got teary eyed when Calvin lost Hobbes, the look on his face The huge watery eyes You d have to be made of steel not to say awwwwwwww dab at your eyes The performance reports Calvin gives his dad along with the progress charts of his overall evaluation as dad the droll slightly annoyed look on his dad s face as he receives these reports are some of the funniest moments ever Read it Enjoy the illustrations Smile Laugh You can thank me later. If I d have met Calvin in second grade, we d still be married It s really hard to find a good boy with a tiger. The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was, and continues to be, like the best gifts, unexpected and undeserved It touches all the bases, from highbrow, considerably exclusive wit, to pricelessly rendered slapstick, to flat out potty humor, to laugh out loud loud knockout punchlines, and then every now and then for good measure it would either make you cry or question your very existence It s impossible not to adore Calvin, a true testament to Watterson s characterization skills when you consider that the kid is essentially a composite of nearly all of humankind s least attractive traits One suspects that he s probably going to have a hard time in high school Cannily lending the voice of relative sanity to a talking tiger, Watterson has created the ultimate cool older brother in Hobbes, skeptical but fascinated, indulgent but wary, amused but easily fed up, and above all, always baiting, baiting, baiting Nothing delights Hobbes like getting Calvin all riled up over something stupid, and no one is easily riled than Calvin These are brothers.Fans of the series tend to hold dear one plotline in particular, wherein Calvin stumbles upon an ailing baby raccoon, and enlists his long suffering mother in helping him nurse it back to health With the funny pages historically providing a reliably benign atmosphere for ones Sunday donut and coffee, it s always affecting when strips tackle heavy material, no matter how ham fisted the approach Watterson, no surprise, handles it with aplomb, and one of my favorite moments from this series is a rare Calvinless strip, which finds the mother sharing a quiet moment alone with Hobbes, amused to be genuinely confiding in what is ostensibly a stuffed toy The parents alone could have sustained an excellent comic, with the father s always hilarious methods of education through outright lying providing some of the highlights of the strip.The culmination of the raccoon story is unforgettably cathartic The baby raccoon has, unavoidably and without much fanfare, died Calvin is devastated, and his equally distraught mother comforts him as best she can Given some time to reflect, Calvin accepts the animal s death with a few quiet comments Then, in my favorite panel in the history of comics, the two are hugging But don t you go anywhere says Calvin, and Hobbes response of Don t worry is a rare and beautiful funnypaper acknowledgement of love and need It s enough to make anyone forget years of Beetle Baileys and Cathys and Marmadukes, all of whom might catch you off guard with a begrudging chuckle every now and then, but few would champion them as art, and I can t think of anyone familiar with Calvin and Hobbes that wouldn t heartily proclaim these flawless cartoons to be twice as enjoyable as any old painting or sculpture Timeless and wonderful and absolutely a classic. 5.0 stars Second only to Gary Larson s The Far Side as my favorite cartoon series of all time Always clever, always funny and always leaves you in a better mood. This gets 4 stars, not because the content is bad but because there s quite a bit of overlap between this and the last Calvin and Hobbes I read, i.e the Tenth Anniversary Book But there was still much to amuse and delight. I needed something to clear my head after way too much research This was perfect. Classic Hilariously Intelligent Comic Strip Collection. (FREE DOWNLOAD) º The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes Ø Best Book, The Authoritative Calvin And Hobbes By Bill Watterson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Authoritative Calvin And Hobbes, Essay By Bill Watterson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Calvin a little boy with his stuffed animal the tiger Hobbes, they experience many adventures in the fantasy of that little boy I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep my expectationsTheir adventures are in space, vacation, camping and on school Hi s fantasy and philosophy are perhaps very recognizable to young adults and adults alike when they remember back to their young days when life seemed much easier and uncomplicated.I did show a few of the comic slides to a few younger colleagues who were surprised the kid has so much fantasy and noticed he had no cell phone, and why not It did show a generation gap, perhaps a gender gap as well or I am just too old to remember a world when fantasy was CGI free 254 pages of fun and hilariously funny entertainment for those who read books instead of Facebook and such.