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To me, Batman is kinda like Pizza By which I mean that even bad pizza is still pretty good But for me, the best Batman is written by Miller Maybe it s because I like his writing style, or maybe it s because his fairly dark writing style really suits Batman Or it could just be that the very first comic I read as adult was Dark Night Returns That s the comic that made me realize that comics weren t just a bunch of silly bullshit stories for kids Whatever the reason, this comic is in that fine Frank Miller style Showing Batman and Gordon at the beginning of their lives Both of them making mistakes Both of them learning about their city Both of them paying for their mistakes Yeah If you re into Batman and you haven t read this one, you re missing out You should try it. (((Book))) ⇮ Batman: Year One ☂ Amazing Book, Batman Year One By Frank Miller This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Batman Year One, Essay By Frank Miller Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I would have loved it if graphics were the work of nowadays technology. I am planning to read my favourite superheros origin And I have started with my absolute favourite superhero, Batman I knew about his origin before But reading it was a good experience also.There was also an appearance of Catwoman a.k.a Selina She didn t appear much There was just a brief intro of how she became Catwoman She seemed to me an anti batman.Lt Gordon was a good character But his affair with Sarah seemed pretty much a filler I highly recommend this comic if you wanna know how Batman came into being I loved this comic 2 December, 2017 When James Gordon joined the Gotham City Police Department, he had no idea of the cesspool of corruption it was Fortunately, there are a few good cops left in Gotham and Gotham has a fledgling protector of its own, Batman I m three decades late to the party but I m glad I showed up Batman Year One has been hyped as one of the definitive Batman stories ever since it was published Is it No It s the definitive James Gordon story and it s spectacular Batman Year One is told from the point of view of James Gordon, the man who would later be Commissioner Gordon This Jim Gordon isn t the buffoonish commissioner of Batman 66 either He s a good cop and a good man, surrounded by bad cops and bad men in the worst city in America And there s this vigilante running around in a bat suit who may or may not be Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy who recently returned to Gotham after thirteen years abroadSo fucking good David Mazzucchelli s art had to be an inspiration for the feel of Gotham Central decades later The gloomy, Mignola esque feel is perfect for this gritty tale Frank Miller was yet to enter his prime and his writing was pretty crisp, although I wasn t crazy about him making Catwoman a sex worker The bad guys are the worst kind, corrupt men in positions of power I couldn t wait for Gordon and Batman to take them down While this book was one of the ones that ushered in the era of the grim and gritty super hero, it feels authentic here and isn t grim for the sake of being grim like a lot of books that came after.Whole swathes of this book used in the Nolan trilogy Much like the Nolan movies, this would have been a great comic even without Batman in it.Great stuff Batman Year s One is one book that definitely lived up to the hype and deserves its reputation If you re only going to read one Batman comic in your entire life, you could do a lot worse than this one Five out of five stars. Gotham City Maybe it s all I deserve, now Maybe it s just my time in Hell One of my absolute favorite Batman comics ever It s quiet, subtle, realistic, noir This is probably the most accessible Batman comic ever and where new readers should start, because while The Dark Knight Returns is Batman s omega, Batman Year One is his alpha David Mazzucchelli is sublime He illustrates with pure balance minimal while detailed, bright yet dark, bold yet subtle His characters are incredibly emotive, his splash pages and large panels iconic This wouldn t be the same, especially with Miller s illustrations, if Mazzucchelli hadn t illustrated This is a stylized and expanded origin story, not a retelling, as Dennis O Neil tells us in the introduction Jim Gordon arrives in Gotham, while twenty five year old Bruce Wayne returns after being abroad Harvey Dent leads a crusade, Commissioner Loeb and Detective Flass corrupt, and Selina Kyle steals as Catwoman There s plenty to see from a wide array of characters Interestingly, this isn t your typical Batman versus Villains book But rather Batman and Jim Gordon versus Gotham Apart from Geoff Johns Batman Earth One, this is one of the rare stories where Batman is an amateur Initially without a disguise, rules or purpose He gets hurt and shot Soon realizing fear is the element he lacks and must instill in his enemies There s one particular scene which shows Bruce in an armchair in his study in moonlight, with a bat breaking through the window Essentially the pivotal scene where he decides to become Batman I ve seen this in several other comics, including Snyder s and Morrison s Batman runs So it s great to know where it comes from, assuming this scene isn t referencing some other Silver or Golden Age comic I haven t yet read This is legendary It s a small book, a short story There s no Rogue Gallery, no nuclear missiles, no huge international conspiracies No time travel or multiverse Just noble Batman, a hard boiled Jim Gordon, and Gotham on a rainy night. This was good I see a lot that Tim Burton pulled in for the 89 Batman movie This is also strangely centered on Gordon and his life Usually Gordon is not a focus like here There are some interesting and different ideas about the origin story, but I guess that is from someone who is going backwards and has seen the movies after this was written The art is gritty, but not as dark as it gets The story is sound and Batman has a realism here that the new DC comics have lost trying to make him so ultra dark It was a good read. Meh It was alright It was sort of cool to see things from Gordon s perspective I still would have liked to see a little Bruce I don t feel like I gained any new insight into his origins or his character It wasn t awful, I was just hoping for. You know the classics of literature War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, Middlemarch There are aspects to them to appreciate and patient readers can be rewarded greatly with those books But let s be honest most of us view classics as a bit of a chore But what about classic comics Kind of the same thing, but not for so many Some classic comics, Marvel and DC especially, are tough to read because the stories from the 40s and 50s are so badly written and cheesy, and the art is hit or miss, though most of them possess a guileless charm to them that makes them easier to stomach When it comes to comics, no character stands taller than Batman, and no Batman book has of a reputation than Year One Is it a chore to read No Has it aged poorly Not even a bit Does it deserve it s title as a true bona fide classic Austin Powers voice Yeah, baby Year One is Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli s retelling of Batman s origin and through their retelling they set the tone and standard for all other Batman books that followed A 25 year old Bruce Wayne returns to a nightmarish Gotham City riddled with crime at the same time as an older but still young James Gordon, recently transferred to the GCPD and entering Gotham City for the first time Both men have a clear mission to clean up the streets of crime and make Gotham habitable for decent, hardworking folks.Some readers have wondered why Gordon gets as much space maybe as Bruce Wayne in this book and the answer is simple they re both two sides of the same coin The very first Batman story opens with Bruce and Jim sitting, talking about crime, and Jim is arguably Batman s best friend Batman s origin would tie in with Gordon s as their lives will be linked forever once they dig their heels in and bring justice to Gotham.It s been a few years since I read Year One and I really hoped it would hold up and it did Whatever your feelings are about Frank Miller today and he has unfortunately gone from genius writer to crackpot old man , his work in the 80s ranks amongst the best the comics medium has ever produced, and Year One is arguably the pinnacle of that work He went from telling the last Batman story ever with The Dark Knight Returns to, with his next book, going back to the very beginning and telling the first Batman story ever and both are masterpieces.In just four issues, we see Bruce get into his first fight as an unmasked vigilante, to realising he must don a disguise, to the famous Yes Father I will become a bat scene, to his fledgling first missions to clear up corrupt police, mob bosses, and the iconic dinner party scene where he appears to Gotham s most powerful and evil to inform them they have eaten well but from now on none of them are safe And the scene when Batman takes down the SWAT team Brilliant Still tense, exciting, and fantastic to read.It s a testament to Miller s writing that he s able to take Gordon, who for many is little than a one note background character, and makes you care about him as much as you do Batman Gordon becomes Gotham s first non corrupt officer, fighting his own colleagues literally and figuratively to uphold the law and become better than the criminals they chase, while his wife is pregnant with James Jr see Batman The Black Mirror for what happened to James Jr when he grew up and the stresses of the job leading to him make some bad decisions.We also meet Selina Kyle for the first time, working as a dominatrix in Gotham s red light district, as she decides to become her own costumed character, Catwoman, after first seeing Batman Mazzuchelli s art in this book is flawless but my one criticism of the book is Catwoman s outfit I hate the whiskers and tail What use are either to a cat burglar And it just looks stupid.Anyway, Year One is a must read for all Batman fans as if you didn t already know Everyone who has even a cursory knowledge of Batman comics knows Year One is one of the first to read And it is but it s also one to re read and come back to again and again because there are a LOT of Batman books, but few of such high quality as Year One A great beginning for the Dark Knight and the man who would be Commissioner Just don t read Year Two I ve never been much of a super hero fan And to me, Batman will always be Adam West s campy TV show of my youth Bap Zammm Kapow BUTthere s something about beginnings that appeals to me I like watching a guy discovering and honing his powers I m remembering my favorite parts of two super hero movies I was forced to sit through Spiderman on a rooftop, trying to figure out how to get his web thingamajig to work Um, Shazam and Iron Man crashing through his grand piano Once they ve got the kinks worked out, it basically becomes a guy in a costume fighting another guy in a costume and I quickly lose interest This book covers the early years of not just Batman, but Cat Woman and James Someday He ll Be Commissioner Gordon as well Gotham City is a sin infested cesspool with enough vice and corruption to keep these three in business for years to come I might hang around for a bit, even if the sound effects are not like I remember Glurpp Thwack Flrbbbbb I received this one as a birthday present around five months back and never got round to reading this In fact, it has been almost a decade since I last picked up a comic book Somewhere around moving from one place to another, sorting life after graduation, this one found itself buried and waiting Two episodes of the new Flash down and one of the Arrow, then a few of The Walking Dead, and I hate this waiting I prefer my comic manna to be delivered in a line, to be downed one after the other in quick intense sessions That left me elbow deep in the still unopened boxes occupying almost half my room procrastinator alert and I finally fished this one out I took the picture below for my Instagram account months earlier. This is a perfect introduction to the character of Batman and while I say that I realise that there probably isn t anyone who requires an introduction to this character But this book is full of nifty little titbits.The story traces from the beginnings of the dark hero As the title suggests it begins the origin of batman, the origins which fork into two different timelines A gritty and acidic side to the hero as foreseen by Frank Miller and then, the famous generic doppelganger.The comic is a character study, and weirdly as I have come to associate with Miller, not a study of our Knight himself, but rather of the Police Commissioner Gordon who is then Lieutenant Gordon Whereas the bat inspires fear, Gordon lends a relatable and humane taste to the story It is weird, because it being a story of the origin of Batman, would treat him as a garnish, but it works Those familiar with the Tv series Gotham, could find this in the same alley A corrupt city decaying and retching from its own stench, and an even corrupt police force and our one man army fighting to survive against it and overcome the odds This is Gordon But he isn t heroism personified He is a deeply flawed character and as often found battling against himself as he is found avenging the city. Contrary to the Tv, the Bat isn t a kid here He is grown up and is the shadowy figure who serves the vigilante angle, a little less cocksure of himself, and sometimes stumbling on his feet He has just returned from training and we get to see him on his first night out as a vigilante He is not yet a bat The inspiration is yet to strike him And he fumbles Here we are introduced to the hero who is yet in the making and is a long long way to being the person who will eventually face Ra s al Ghul or even Bane.Catwoman makes an appearance here as a prostitute, although her story is redefined in a later issue as a thief who pretends to be a prostitute in order to steal As far as covers for crime go, I am not sure I follow this one as thoroughly A classic story with a very distinct goth feel This one was reminiscent of the old superhero movies The artwork left a lot to be desired And I missed the emotional connection with this There was no black hole left behind after the final page was turned It was power packed but not packed enough Still, it was an enjoyable read and should definitely be counted as a must read.