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Have you ever wanted to be the star of the show Allie Finkle wants the same Mrs.Hunters class is doing the relam of recycling play and allie wants to be the star princess Penople but when her plan but when that dosen t hapen will Allie execpt her character the evil queen FYI READ THE THE ALLIE FINKLE SERIES IN ORDER. Cute book My daughter, who is Allie s age exactly, enjoyed it, as did I, although my daughter s opinion was that the play sounded a bit silly, and she could not imagine her classmates being excited to put it on I think Uncle Jay should get his degree in child psychology He always knows what to say to Allie to help her figure things out herself.One little thing bothers me about these books Allie s mom is a chair of a department at the college, and now she s taken on a second job as a movie reviewer, yet she is always home when Allie comes home for lunch, and she s there after school, too Super mom indeed. Originally posted on Beauty and the Bean BootsLights, camera action Allie Finkle takes the stage in the fourth book of the Rules for Girls series.In Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls Stage Fright, Meg Cabot s middle grade heroine auditions for a role in her class play about recycling Every girl in the class covets the main role, Princess Penelope, who wanders through the recycling forest while hiding from the evil queen Much to Allie s dismay, Mrs Hunter casts her as the evil queen.Last read, I read the first Allie Finkle book I expected a cute book with a nice message for young readers I was surprised to find myself laughing out loud at Allie s crazy antics Even though I didn t like the fourth book as much as the first book, Stage Fright offers a lot of laughs and good messages for younger readers.I think the best aspect of this book is Allie Finkle s attitude Unlike many novels featuring characters of the same age, Allie does not disrespect her parents or incite petty drama between her friends Allie acts extremely mature and supports her friends even when one of her friends gets the part she wanted in the school play and acts mean towards her Many of her rules are extremely relatable and useful for readers She also provides many witty observations about the other students in her class.Another aspect I enjoyed about this book were Allie s rules A lot of books for this age range also utilize rules within their books However, I think Allie s rules stand out from the other similar books All of Allie s rules, which are listed at the end of the book, are extremely useful and relatable for readers I especially liked the rules in this book because they encouraged readers to be nice to others, do the best with what you are given, and to support your friends.Overall, Stage Fright is a nice addition to the Allie Finkle series While the beginning was a little slow for me, it really picked up in the middle and end I rate Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls Stage Fright as four out of five stars. Stage Fright comes out strong, setting a very powerful and perfect tone to a great story This series really is great for fans of Barbara Park s snarky Junie B Jones It s the same brand of humor, and fans who may have outgrown Junie and are looking for something new to read will definitely find the same type of honest outlook on the world from Allie Cabot is really good at keeping up with current pop culture and putting in age appropriate references, which would make the books all the appealing with her target audience This book is not only adorable and kid friendly, it also contains simple environmentally friendly facts for them to learn and hopefully adapt in their own lives We need books telling our children how to be environmentally friendly in this day and age, so kudos to Cabot for blending it in with the plot so well This book, like its predecessors and sequel, carries out fantastic characterization and is just as humorous, too The ending s a little anticlimactic and predictable, and I do not think the title fits even slightly, but it s a cute read and I m sure kids would really enjoy it. I actually liked the part where Allie was assigned the part as the villain, because the villains have to be played by really good actors, to make the drama better Of course, Cheyenne throws a fit and begs for the princess part While Sophia, one of Allie s friends, gets a little bit arrogant over the fact that she is the main character But I think that the best part about this book is that no matter how much Cheyenne whines, she has to be the part she was assigned to. This was the first book of Meg Cabot and now I like her as an author because she is very descriptive and funny In this book, Allie Finkle really wants to get the main part in the class musical, Princess Penelope and the Realm of Recycling, that her favourite and pretty teacher, Ms Hunter wrote, but her best friends don t know, so they encourage Allie s friend Sophie to audition for Princess Penelope But Allie will do anything to make sure the new mean girl Cheyyene doesn t get the main part.Go through an amazing adventure of Allie, Cheyyene and Allie s friends. Allie is soo into her PENELOPE PRINCESS, that she forgets about everyone s feelings She broke her friendhsip with sophie , because she didn t care of sophie s feelings she rather cared of her ways, and her feelings But after the auditions, Allie got the part of EVIL QUEEEN, and was soo depressed and sophie was Penelope Princess But then she found out found out that the EVIL QUEEN, was an excellent PART All the fourth grade girls want to be Princess Penelope but only one girl can A girl who is from Canada thinks she should be the princess because she has always be the lead star in every play she has been in Allie, her friend Sophie, and Cheyenne the girl from Canada are trying to win to play Princess Penelope. In this fourth volume of Allie s rules, there are fewer new rules It is the time of year for class presentations, and Allie s class is going to put on a play, Princess Penelope in the Realm of Recycling Of course, Cheyenne wants to play Princess Penelope, but so do all the other girls in the class There are great and entertaining scenes with Allie and her best friend competing for the Princess role, but there is also an overload of ridiculous green characters compact fluorescent bulb fairies, recycled paper dragons, public transportation elves, water conservation mermaids, unplug when not in use unicorns, and reusable water bottle wizards All these characters teach Penelope about ways she can save the environment so that her father s kingdom, which has begun to be destroyed by pollution, will be able to be enjoyed by many generations to come Although amusing, it seemed rather heavy handed.With all these unusual characters, it is no wonder that Allie and all her friends want to be the princess Who would want to be the fairy godmother of reusable cloth shopping bags if you could be a beautiful princess Lots of social situations and friendships for Allie to balance, not to mention a case of stage fright For girls aged 7 to 10. `Free Epub ⇥ Stage Fright ☊ Allie Finkle Is Back With A Whole New Set Of Rules Mrs Hunter S Fourth Grade Class Is Putting On A Play But Allie S Theatrical Hopes Are Crushed When She Doesn T Get Cast As The Princess The Part That She Wanted Instead, Allie Is Cast As The Evil Queen But As Opening Night Approaches, Allie Learns It S Not The Size Of The Part, It S The Size Of The Heart That Really Matters